Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wally Oppal seen with Hells Angel Member

Come on guys, give the guy a break. Wally says he didn’t know the guy was a member of the Hells Angels. He was probably just collecting his fee for banning any evidence about the Hells Angels from being admitted into the Inquiry.

For an eminent jurist, Mr. Oppal can be remarkably insensitive. In 1992, when he was a B.C. Supreme Court justice, he appeared at a boozy, men-only dinner hosted by members of the Vancouver Police Department, an annual fund-raiser called the Gentlemen’s Regimental Dinner. He cracked wise about an alleged rape victim, a woman who had come before him at trial.

“In my business, one of the great benefits is that we get to listen to a lot of great cross-examinations,” Mr. Oppal told his audience. “You get a lot of seedy and scintillating material. I want to give you a sample…”

Mr. Oppal then described, in great detail and to much laughter, what the alleged rape victim said she had experienced. The event was tape recorded and was later recounted in the pages of Saturday Night magazine, which also published a reaction from then-VPD chief Bill Marshall, who had attended the dinner. “That was a really difficult night for me,” the chief said. “I’m trying to deal with those attitudes, but I need time. We just can’t have that kind of stuff any more.”

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  1. "boozy, men's only dinner..."

    When do we hold our top public officials to account for their excessive drug-use?

    Alberta was governed by Ralph Klein, an alcoholic, at the SAME time we were governed by another alcoholic, Premier Campbell. All of western Canada, in the hands of serious drug-abusers, NEITHER of whom would man up to their addictions.

    I'm an alcoholic, and I faced right up to it; and quit dead-cold over a decade ago, and I hold only my Fire-Boss position. Quitting changed my life.

    What on earth is the matter with our leaders...?

    1. Hey Freddie, if you care to remember Klein was a well loved and respected man despite his booze problem so what's the problem? Do you actually believe a saint will one day rule us?

    2. lol Ralph Klein? Did ya hear his joke about Belinda Stronach right before he retired? Rob Ford's an abusive drunk and I think they key concern there is abusive. Some people are nasty when they drink.

  2. Could be they are ego/greed drive sociopaths who mistake the fact that they got elected for affirmation that they are someone special and know what is best for us....


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