Monday, June 18, 2012

Durham police officer busted in drug sweep

Durham Region dot com is reporting arrested after a raid on Sarasota Crescent in Oshawa Tuesday night was Tara Kramp, 38, a constable with Durham police since 1998. She is charged with trafficking, conspiracy to traffic, attempt to obstruct justice, possession of stolen property, fraud, and breach of trust. She claims she was a "beautiful but deadly" personal trainer and police officer who "lives her life on the edge as a homicide and narcotics officer."

A narcotics officer in Oshawa charged with trafficking. Isn’t that special. Oshawa is where that UN affiliate from North Van was just shot. Who controls the cocaine in Oshawa again? I wonder... Jeremy RUSSELL, Gailanne DUVALE, Roderick AYRE, Stephen FROST and Keith HATCH are charged with trafficking and robbery related offenses.


  1. Yeah but will she even lose her job as a cop?

    1. Knowing Durham Regional Police Service, they will probably promote her to S/Sgt.

  2. Dear agent K, I've been reading way too much gangsters out. While following the armored guards inside murder and robbery that light went on in my head and BINGO I started seriously thinking that the HAs set up the whole deal and have most of the money in their pockets even as we speak. Just putting in my two cents from the sunny pacific nw

    1. lol perhaps. Unfortunately I think he’s more in line with the last two nutbars that just flew out of the coo coo’s nest. But I am getting my podcast about the Hells Angels connection to the Canadian drug trade ready. Come to think of it there was an armored car robbery tied to the Hells Angels back east quite a while ago. I’ll have to look that one up.

  3. Better be careful what you guys write here Durham Region Cops are the mightest because they dont have much to do so they have lots of time on their hand and they will read these stuff and might just hunt you down and decide to start harassing you and put you in jail for shit all nothing,anyway i hope we come to realize that cops arent cops anymore its just a well paid job that also allows you to be an abuser of some kind or the other with no consequences to pay for their action,why should she even be given pay while suspended her pay should be suspended too and if she is not found guilty then she receives it, i guess they will just move her to some where else at the end of the day it is do as i say and not as i do,lol

  4. I've heard complaints about the Durham Region Cops just as I've hear complaints about the Edmonton PD. Somewhat ironic when here on the West Coast everyone is trashing the RCMP and calling for a Regional Police force. I do think there are good cops out there. Obviously there's the egomaniacs but the idea of putting your life on the line to support law and order is noble. Yet corruption like this case is indeed disappointing.

  5. As I have said before, the bigger problem is the culture of policing in Canada, and this is unfortunately tied directly to the larger culture and other specific aspects of it. There is a saying that people get the government they deserve. I think this is somewhat misleading, it should IMHO read, "People get the government they are willing to tolerate". And we could easily insert the word policing in place of government.

    The people of Canada are not united. Not in religion, not in ethnicity, not in common experience, and therefor not in common outlook. It shouldn't be a surprise. Whatever the upsides of multiculturalism and socialism, this is the downside. Yeah, I know, you were told there wasn't one. Well, that was BS, everything on this plane of existence demonstrates the principle of duality. People not liking that changes nothing.

    Are you really surprised then, when you consider that unity is required to competently oversee common affairs that things are where they are? Leaders who desire power rather than having the good of the country and it's people as their focus do NOT want unity, it is in fact the last thing they truly want. They want control. And control is achieved by having many groups rather than one, the better to play the one against the other.

    Canada is no longer "The True North Strong and Free". Hasn't been for a while, and maybe it never was. It's probably more accurate to say that in the past there were more CANADIANS who were strong and free, and while there doubtless still are some, I think we can safely say that their numbers are much fewer now. Strength and freedom are not in fashion these days, if they were we would not be having this discussion.

  6. Multiculturalism and Socialism? lol Multiculturalism is good. It represents a free republic. The Canadian Mosaic admits we have differences and different heritage that we can celebrate and be proud of. That is a fundamental element of a free and democratic society. Freedom of religion, freedom from racial discrimination, freedom of association, freedom of the press. I think the problem is con men in politics that say one thing and do another. That leaves people bitter and discouraged if not apathetic.

  7. And this is the main difference between America and Canada.

    Multiculturalism encourages people from third world shit holes to come to Canada and continue to cherish and practice the same outlooks and attitudes that made the place they came from suck ass.

    The Melting Pot says, "Don't forget where you came from, sure, but you are not there anymore, you are in America now and are expected to become an American and learn to speak English, adopting the mores, values and outlooks of Western Civilization that the country was founded on".

    Of course, multiculturalism has unfortunately made inroads in American outlook of late, so theory does not mirror present practice. And guess who we find (politically) who supports this kind of "change"? That's right....the same party that kept the black man down for decades (that's right, all those Governors and Senators who were Klansmen were democrats) but somehow managed to become viewed as the party which supports the rights of minorities. It's a crazy world...

    The flip side of freedom is responsibility. And for the last 50 years the idea has been successfully sold that it is possible to have freedom without responsibility. You can see the result.

    A country which celebrates multiculturalism will never be united as a people, with all the negatives that this entails.

  8. I think that's pretty bizarre. I heard someone once saying multiculturalism doesn't work and I was wondering what on earth he was talking about. Multiculturalism is just another word for respect for cultural diversity as opposed to racial discrimination.

  9. Yeah, that could have been pretty much any head of state in the EU, because all of them have said that in the last 2-3 years, after decades of trying to make it so. France, GB, Germany, all 3 have said that recently. Poor Brit's, they are on an island. They are so screwed.

    No, it's not just another word for that. Respect for cultural and ethnic diversity is respect for cultural and ethnic diversity. Multiculturalism means exactly what it says, multiple cultures in one country. And since human beings are in many ways defined by their cultural values, you have just sown the seeds of conflict and competition to see whose culture is going to be the dominate one. A disunited people is easy pickings for those they elect to rule them whose motives are less than pure. Surely some of this is seeming to be familiar?

    No one cares where people come from, or what their ethnicity is. The point being that they come to Canada, or America, or wherever, because they are attracted by the chance of a better life there and want to adopt that to better their lives. When you allow people to immigrate who have zero desire to assimilate, seeking only economic benefit, you are weakening the national identity of Canada. Can you seriously argue that the population of Canada has the sense of national identity it once had? No. A country and the people of a country should be at least somewhat cohesive and united. Any country that is not is ripe pickings for a number of problems which threaten it's quality of life. Look at all the negative changes in Canada since the point where unrestricted immigration was allowed starting after Expo '86.

    Somalians running drug operations in Ft. Mac, LOL seriously?? They wouldn't have lasted a week back in the 70's when I was growing up there, the population would have driven them out of town at gunpoint. Yeah, that's right, Canadians owned guns back then. When we moved there my parents had to buy me a .22 rifle just so I fit in with the rest of the kids my age. But I digress....

    Multiculturalism DOESN'T work. Integration DOES. But, we don't do that much anymore. It works out a bit better south of the border because of the sheer weight of the culture, but it's an issue on both sides. And if you think WE are getting our asses kicked by this, look at the EU.

    My wife and I actually considered moving to Canada. She is a European trained R.N. who passed her NCLEX (US) certification exam the first time around. Canada has a nursing shortage, but you can't imagine the roadblocks they threw in her way, even though she already had a job offer. They prefer some ignorant third world savage who doesn't speak English and will kill his own daughter for not dating who she's told to. You don't see a problem here? Thankfully it worked out for us, she would not be making $42/hr up there and I would not be making 6 figures plus working overseas if we'd decided to make our home in BC. So, thank you Immigration Canada and the BC College of Nurses....

    You have to allow people to immigrate who bring something to the table and whose background is not a conflict with the values and mores of Western Civilization. Otherwise you are asking for trouble. You cannot jump 800 years of social and cultural evolution by bringing such a person from their world into yours.

    Never forget that in most of the world, kindness is often thought of as weakness.....


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