Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Odd Squad video of a gang members regrets

The Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province both reported on a video put out by a police agency known as the Odd Squad about a gang member sharing some of his regrets before he was gunned down in Metrotown October 2010.

It’s a video of Gurmit Singh Dhak who states: “If I could turn back time, I would never join a gang. I would have just finished off my high school, got a better job, anything else. Anything is better than joining a gang. It is useless. You are going to get killed,” he said. “I want to get out. It is too late now to get out. I have too many enemies.“

The Odd Squad puts out some good videos. I’m less excited about the Joe Calendino one. The guy was kicked out of the Hells Angels for his crack addiction and was busted selling crack at Surrey central. He served on day in prisons. One source claimed a police officer who sponsored him was trying to get in on some movie rights and greatly embellished the story. The guy from you can’t reset this game seem a little more credible.


  1. All these guys regret is getting caught.

  2. I'm not a gang member and I've never been in one. Please excuse what I'm about to say if it comes across as ignorant. Couldn't he have moved to another town in another province and just started over? Stay off the grid, live a quiet, simple life?

  3. Good question Hope...Sadly, most lack the type of fortitude to bring themselves to "start over". They look at their meager cheques (assuming the get a "real job") and the lure for the fast / easy money is just too strong. For most of them, it's their identity. It's all they know...or ever wanted to be. All their friends, associates, and respect comes in that world...Sadly, few will ever make it out, and if they do... they'll always be watching their backs.


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