Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vatileaks Continues

Earlier this month it was announced that the police raided the home of the Vatican's recently ousted bank chief and discovered 47 binders containing private communication exposing the opaque inner workings of the secretive Holy See. They included financial documents, details of money transfers and confidential internal reports – all prepared by Gotti Tedeschi to build a convincing expose of corruption in the Vatican.

Kinda makes ya wonder about the credibility of a psychologist report leaked to the media criticizing the mental health of Tedeschi. It also makes you wonder about the credibility of the Vatican Banks recent press conference pretending it’s trying to fight it’s history of money laundering. It also kinda makes you wonder why JP Morgan really fired the Vatican Bank after JP Morgan was fined for 'wash trades' on oil markets that had driven oil to $147 a barrel.

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  1. I hope that one day people realize who the real criminals are. It's not the guy selling crack on the street corner, it's the guys in the suits stealing our children's future. It's a big machine and it'll take a serious attitude change and awakening for things to improve. Unfortunately it is the nature of those in power to step on those in a weaker position.


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