Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Young Humpback Whale dies on White rock beach

It’s not every day you see a whale on White rock beach. At high tide the water isn’t very deep there. We’re used to seeing crabs and clams but not whales let alone a humpback wale. Today a juvenile humpback whale was beached in White rock but despite community concern died shortly thereafter. It was tangled and cut from fishing nets.

II realize this has nothing to do with gangs but it does has something to do with the environment and sustainability. It’s very dramatic when a young whale dies right on the beach in public view. Yet how many die in the ocean unnoticed. It’s like buying tuna that’s dolphin friendly. Bottom trolling drift nets that clear cut the ocean are still a huge concern. They take everything including coral and leave a barren wasteland in it’s wake and contribute to the ocean’s dead zones. Significant because we get most of out oxygen from the ocean not from the forests.

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