Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tyrone McDougall is a flaming idiot

Here's another flaming idiot from Surrey. Tyrone McDougall is on the Dirty alright. Twice. Seems like even the police don't recognize the empire gang as legitimate because in two bit Tyrone’s latest arrest they said it was drug related not gang related. Our Gang’s little rascals known as the empire gang are just a couple of Surrey crack head car thieves.

He wants to be friends with little white rock Ryan and the chipmunks alright. Wait a minute isn't that Larry Amero in little Ryan's display pic? Didn't Larry get shot and isn't he in hiding? A Surrey punk ass car thief crack head using the Whiterock Hells Angels name and reputation to kidnap, torture and rip off a rival crack dealer in Surrey. Imagine that. Perhaps those kids should just go play in traffic.


  1. Agent K, here's some real people in Surrey; The Grim Reapers are here now; big time; at least, my friends & I have seen them, at least two or three times a week, riding on King George Ave.

    What do you think about that...?...They are real 1%-er's. My buds say their colours are way better than HA colours. They are allowed to show their top
    & bottom rockers in Surrey? That means ONE thing, and ONE thing only; and you know what that is! They are paying big, big time for THAT privilege!

    Too bad to see organized crime greatly expand in Surrey. The RCMP has zero to say about The Grim Reapers, maybe you should phone 'em up & ask why the RC's aren't hassling pulling them over all the time. Also, they MUST have a new Surrey Clubhouse, I wonder where it is, they must now have a Surrey based Chapter.

  2. I haven't seen that patch to my knowledge but you're right it only means one thing. I see a few people coming and going from the Shadow club.

  3. The Dirty, how scary is that site? I've had friends delete their FB and Myspace pages in fear of their photos getting submitted by someone to that site.


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