Thursday, August 31, 2017

Larry Amero's drug trafficking charges stayed

AYFKM? Kim Bolan is reporting that "a judge in Quebec stayed organized crime and cocaine importation charges against the prominent B.C. gangster. Prosecutor Philippe Vallières-Roland confirmed to Postmedia News that the charges were stayed because of the length of time the case took to get to trial." That is the most defiant form of corruption known to man.

I'm all for the Charter of Rights. I support every person's right to a fair and speedy trial. I agree there has been delays in the trials but someone f*cked up. This is not right.

Larry was first busted November 2012 for his role in a huge cross border drug ring in Montreal that was importing and distributing 75 kilos of cocaine a week. This was another huge Hells Angels cross border ring. Letting him off for that is obscene.

November 2013 Larry Amero and Shane Maloney were busted in another massive drug ring where 650 kg of pseudoephedrine was seized as that drug ring was suspected of importing two tons of precursor chemicals for making crystal meth into Australia. Those two cases were a year apart. Staying the charges in both cases at the same time is a criminal act.

40 years old. The clock is ticking in more ways than one. Jonathan Bacon, Randy Naicker and Jeremy Bettan. What do these three individuals have in common? They all sold drugs for Larry Amero and they're all dead. 40 years old and Larry is still playing Russian roulette with his life and with the lives of those who work for him. Some people never grow up.

For those of you who don't live in Surrey let me explain why Larry is hated so much here. First is the obvious. He was directly involved in the Surrey Six murder where two witnesses were executed for simply being witnesses. That heinous act outraged all of us. That's why everyone and their dog flipped on them in court and no one called those who testified rats because the people involved in that murder were the real rats not the ones who testified against them.

Jamie Bacon tried to tax Corey Lal for selling drugs on "his" turf. Only the three little piggies weren't from Surrey they were from the suburbs in Abbotsford. Surrey was the Hells Angels turf not the Bacon brothers. That's why Jamie Bacon didn't dare try and tax long time Surrey crystal meth cook Ryan. Ryan already worked for the Hells Angels. John Punko to be exact.

Jamie Bacon was not the brains of that operation. Jamie has difficulty tying his shoes. His dead preppy brother Jonathan was the brains of that operation and they were collecting the tax for Jonathan's personal friend Larry Amero and the Hells Angels. People in Surrey hate Larry Amero because he was the driving force behind the Surrey Six.

There's actually a long list of murders Larry has been involved with. All in relation to obtaining a monopoly on the drug trade. In the words of the prophet Tupac Shakur somethings will never change. Yet after someone dies, things will never be the same.

Larry is not from the hood. He's from the suburbs. He went to High School at Walnut Grove which is in the heart of suburbia. His father was a longshoreman. When Larry was in highschool he got a sweetheart job with his father at the docks. He got his first aid ticket so he'd get paid an obscene wage for sitting on his father's boat waiting for someone to fall overboard. Since he had money he got a car before most of the other kids so the rats used him to drive for their B&Es. One time he got caught at school with a car load of stolen goods. That is the epitome of a rat. Stealing from others when he already had more than most. It's pure greed.

There's a lot more I could say about Larry's dirtbag actions but out of respect for his Godson I will refrain. Suffice it to say that Larry Amero is a piece of garbage. In the words of Linkin Park in the Jay Z remix, the more I find out about Larry the more I want to be like me and the less I want to be like him. Actually I'm kind of worried about Larry. His prognosis is not good. I don't see a happily every after in his future. Some things needs to change.

I'm not entirely opposed to him going back to work on the docks but how in god's name can he get a port pass with a criminal record for drug trafficking? These charges were stayed but he has other convictions. He should not be given a port pass. So how's he going to earn an honest living? Enough never seems to be enough for him. They all want lots of money without working for it. These plastic parasites have no concept of work ethic. They all want something for nothing.

The problem is that Kling Klung took the fall for shooting Larry in Kelowna but he certainly didn't make the call. They might have let him drive the car but I wouldn't even stand beside that clown at the gun range. It's not that he's reckless, it's just that he's stupid. Which just goes to show you any idiot can pull a trigger. Kling Klung killed his fiance. He threw her out of the car. Then he tried to commit suicide by walking into traffic. The guy's an idiot. Which just goes to show you if an idiot like Kling Klung can shoot Larry, anyone can. Steroids don't make you bulletproof.

Clearly this world is full of good and evil. The world is also full of good and bad examples. Larry Amero is a bad example. We all have been given a brain to discern right from wrong, good from evil and we are all free to chose which side of that line we will live on. Just remember what we do in life echos in eternity. Karma's a b*tch so it is. Choose wisely. Peace.

BTW Putting a sheet over your head or a patch on your back does not make you bulletproof.

We're not afraid yo. We never were. Right is right and wrong is wrong. You or I can't change that.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Man shot dead in Surrey - Update

The Peacearch News is reporting that "Police have identified a 22-year-old Surrey man as the victim of a targeted shooting in Cloverdale Tuesday evening. Pardeep Singh was found dead in his driveway in a residential area near 166 Street and 63B Avenue. Team news release issued just before noon Wednesday, Singh was known to police and had gang associations." Multiple shots fired 8:30 PM. The victim was found dead in the driveway of his own home.

"Brun wasn’t terribly surprised. She’s not happy with the direction the neighbourhood has been heading. 'We know that there are drug houses in the area, there were halfway houses in the area,' she said. She doesn’t attribute the increase in crime to an increase in population, but says it’s the people who happened to move in." Imagine that. Drug houses in the area but the police and city hall don't do anything about it until there's a fatality. More halfway houses in Surrey that are just drug houses for addicts to use drugs.

The Peacearch News is also reporting that "The 22-year-old man shot dead in his Cloverdale driveway Tuesday had been involved in shootings as far back as 2015, police revealed on Wednesday. At an Integrated Homicide Investigation Team press conference Wednesday afternoon, Cpl. Meghan Foster said that Pardeep Singh had been offered RCMP protection in the past after he had been involved in four shootings in less than 24 hours. Foster told reporters that Singh was an unco-operative victim in 2015.”

I will however say this: every crime has a means and a motive. This guy was killed because he sold drugs. He wasn't killed by his employer he was killed by a rival. Something tells me this guy didn't work for the Hells Angels. That made him a rival who they terminated just like all the others.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Vancouver Province Nails it once again

Well this is rather shocking. Once again the Vancouver Province nails the real problem facing Surrey. The front page of today's Vancouver Province ran the headline A Crime Shame then went on to explain that "Businesses near the notorious Whalley Strip lost an average of nearly $100,000 to break ins and theft last year, and some have given up the fight."

Small businesses in the area are dying from theft related to the open drug trade on the Surrey strip. Not just small businesses either. Safeway was brought out by Sobeys and the employees faced serious roll backs to wages and benefits. The whalley location of Safeway deals with massive theft on a daily basis. No business can survive that.

This is what Catherine Austin Fitts describes as the Tapeworm Economy. Everyone thinks laundering drug money is a good investment but it's not. It sucks the life out of business like a parasite. So what happened? How did this story end up on the front page of the Vancouver Province? Is Wayne Moriarty covering for Harold Munro while he is on holidays?

The last time this happened was when the Vancouver Province exposed the City's refusal to arrest drug dealers selling drugs in front of businesses in Newton which lead to the murder of the Hockey mom. Police protection of the drug dealers on the Whalley strip needs to end.

Linda Hepner plans to build a road through an elementary school soccer field

We've talked about the City of Surrey's obsession to build a road through the best playground and water park in Surrey. We also need to mention the fact they they also plan on putting that same stupid road right through an elementary school soccer field. People need to see what is actually happening here. Take a look at Hjorth Road elementary school on 104th avenue and 148th Street. Some schools have several playing fields. This school does not. It has one small grass field beside a small all weather field. The proposed road goes right through both.

If you live in Metro Vancouver you need to drive down to the location and see it for yourself. 105th Avenue can't go straight because it would run right into an apartment complex on the other side of the school. So they start in the middle of the field and cut across both fields right beside the new playground volunteers made. This proposal is insane, There is no logic in it.

We need a court injunction protecting the school from Linda Hepner's insanity and we need to elect a new mayor. It's as simple as that. Save Hawthorn Park and Hjorth Road elementary.

Kim Jong-un is a terrorist supported by China

The New York Times is reporting that North Korea launched a missile over Japan today. That is an act of terrorism. Here we have a crazed dictator threatening nuclear war launching over 80 test missiles in open defiance of world peace. He threatened to nuke Guam and sent them into panic releasing public bulletins about what to do in a nuclear attack.

Japan needs an Iron Dome Missile Defense system. So dies Guam and Canada. That is the most logical and peaceful solution to the bold defiance of a raging terrorist. Economic sanctions are also in order. China's objections is evidence of their criminal culpability.

Update: North Korea earthquake suggests 6th nuclear test. Canada needs to cease and desist selling Communist China Canadian reactors. We are the ones arming North Korea with nuclear weapons.

Edmonton police seize homemade machineguns

The Firearm Bog is reporting that "According to Edmonton police A Parkland County machine shop was being used to manufacture MAC-11 type machine pistols for the criminal underworld. The examples seized appear to be entirely handmade including the magazines and are each fitted with a silencer." Wow, who knew you could do that in metal shop.

Edmonton Police seize cocaine and cash

Speaking of cocaine seizures, Global reported that "A man is facing a drug trafficking charge after Edmonton police seized over $122,000 worth of drugs and cash on Aug. 14. At around 11 p.m., officers stopped a vehicle near 64 Avenue and 172 Street after “observing suspicious activity in the area,” a Friday news release said. Police searched the 2011 Volkswagen Jetta and reportedly found 1.8 kg of cocaine and 1 kg of buffing agent. The street value is estimated to be $108,000. At around 4 a.m. the next day, a search warrant was executed at a home in the area of 172 Street and 63 Avenue where officers seized $14,800 in cash. Fareedullah Attai, 33, was arrested without incident and has been charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking."

Not to sound overly critical but I find it surprising to hear the EPS made a drug seizure since everyone seems to think they are compromised and share intel with the Hells Angels. I guess as soon as they hear seizing cash is on the table they're all for it. It's nice to see the drug seizure but I can guarantee you if it's the EPS it wasn't a Hells Angels bust. ALERT is the only one in that area not compromised enough to bust Hells Angels drug trafficking.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Police seize 1,000 kilos of cocaine in Montreal and southern Ontario

CBC is reporting that "Ontario Provincial Police have seized more than 1,000 kilograms of pure cocaine in what the force is describing as the "largest single drug seizure in OPP history." The seizure took place in the course of a multi-jurisdictional investigation that followed the cocaine from Argentina to the Port of Montreal, where it was sent to Ontario to be distributed."

"Police say various caches of cocaine were found at the Port of Montreal and in Stoney Creek, Ont. As a result, three Canadian men are facing charges of importation and possession with the purpose of trafficking. Luis Enrique Karim-Altamirano, Mauricio Antonio Medina-Gatica, and Oban Orozco-Lomeli, the three men facing charges, are all originally from the Greater Toronto Area."

May of this year, Luis Enrique Karim-Altamirano, 52, of Vaughan and Mauricio Antonio Medina-Gatica, 36, of Brampton were charged with importing cocaine and possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking after police caught them with 142 kilos in their car.

OK the cocaine was coming from Montreal to Ontario. That makes more sense. Didn't think the Ontario Village idiots wanted another cap in their ass from les frères dans Quebec. You dont think the Ontario Village Idiots ratted them out in retaliation do ya?

Police called the operation Project Hope. A thousand kilos is massive.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Impersonation of Satan's Choice MC in Ontario

A lot of people have been talking about the Satan's Choice remix in Ontario. The Toronto Star reported that "Ontario police can be forgiven for doing double takes this summer at the sight of bikers wearing the grinning devil patch of the Satan’s Choice Motorcycle Club on their backs. Once the second largest outlaw motorcycle club in the world, the Satan’s Choice club folded in December 2000 when it was absorbed by the Hells Angels. This summer, a group of Durham and Ottawa-area bikers have re-invented the Satan’s Choice club, which will likely upset Hells Angels bikers, said Det. Sgt. Len Isnor of the OPP Biker Enforcement Unit."

Michael Green from TBM Scandinavia brought the matter to my attention. They have guys in Canada confirming the credibility gap in the new group. The Rock Machine in Canada was reinvented. The original members crossed over to the Hells Angels when Mom Boucher went to prison to support his interests while he was away. Yet the new group has carved out a place for themselves internationally. This new Satan's Choice group doesn't look quite so fortunate.

TBM is a support group for former gang members based in Scandinavia and were getting many mixed reports of trouble in paradise for the new group in Ontario with regards to their credibility. So Monica contacts them and says what's the deal? Are you guys real or fake? Then they reply with some silly youtube video saying it's none of your business. Obviously they had no idea who they were talking to. TBM aren't cops. They're the real deal. They are the only support group for former gang members that is run by former gang members. They have credibility and have carved out a place for themselves in the MC world.

Monica isn't just a steamy hot Swede in a committed relationship. She has credibility in the MC world internationally and stands on her own with the support of the TBM group in Scandinavia. She certainly is not a cop. She could destroy these finger puppets credibility with one snap of her fingers. As Coolio said in Gangsters Paradise "Ya better watch how ya talking and where ya walking or you and your homeboys might be lying in chalk."

Wayne Jesmer was the president of Private Army then started and registered the trademark for Satan's Choice MC July of this year. He registered the old trademark he had no claim to. Jason Redmond is the ex cop. I'm not even going to get into the stupidity of grown men calling themselves Devil's this or that. The whole thing is a farce which confirms my previous observation. The MC movement never really caught on in Ontario. They have always been the village idiots. That's why the Quebec members started putting caps in their ass and sent the Ontario Nomads running for the hills.

The French HAs in Quebec have always been the real deal. The English members in BC have always been the backstabbing businessmen killing their own for the almighty dollar.

Shots fired in Surrey

The Cloverdale Reporter is stating that there were shots fired at 3:00 AM this morning in the Port Kells area of Surrey. No Injuries were reported.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Mayweather vs McGregor

Live updates on the Mayweather vs McGregor fight. I'm surprised McGregor is lasting this long. In the UFC he would kick Mayweather's ass but in boxing there are so many rules and the ref breaks them apart every time they get in a clinch. Mayweather's had time to run away from him and tire him out first. Like the Muhammad Ali rope a dope.

Mayweather ran away from Pacquiao that whole fight. On Twitter Mayweather said talking doesn't win fights. Pacquiao stepped in and said but running does. The comment has been deleted so it may have been fake but is funny nonetheless.

Mayweather wins by TKO in the 10th. That's a long haul. Now for a rematch in the cage. I will however say this: Hats off to Mayweather. The Muhammad Ali strategy of tiring your opponent out first requires patience and a colossal amount of cardio. Mayweather won the fight fair and square. Yet McGregor shocked us all for holding his own and lasting as long as he did. I didn't like the trash talking between McGregor and Mayweather. It may have just been WWF nonsense but it lacked class. Both opponents are accomplished athletes and both deserve respect.

Save Hawthorn Park and get rid of Linda Hepner

This is astounding and is the perfect example of the level of arrogance, stupidity and corruption we are dealing with at Surrey City Hall. This is a matter for the New York Times. Christy Clark had nothing on Dianne Watts and Linda Hepner.

People have been talking about Save Hawthorn Park and I haven't really paid too much attention. I assumed they simply wanted to shave a slice off the edge for road expansion. Not so. They want to build a road right through it. So I looked at the map and said OK where do they want to put the road? I look at the map and said that's right through the kids water park and playground. This is the best kids playground in the city tied with Beer Creek. Putting a road right through that playground and waterpark is sheer stupidity. Then comes the reason why. There's actually two.

The first phase is Campbell heights dejavu. The second phase is even worse. Phase one includes a plan to put in a couple of high rise towers in the park. Big surprise. This is yet another case where they sell public land to private developers that contribute to their campaign at a firesale price. Then rezone the green space into industrial or in this case high density housing so their campaign contributors make a fortune. This is insider trading 101. They put Martha Stewart in jail for less than that. The second phase involves a proposal to put LRT in Surrey.

So I ask, what, they want to extend Skytrain again? Nope. They want to put an on ground rapid railway from Guildford to Surrey Place Mall. That is the stupidest idea in recorded history. The bus system from Guildford Mall to Surrey Place is perfect. It' a short quick trip along a simple direct route. There is nothing wrong with the status quo. Putting an on ground railway through the middle of the city is insane. Waiting for trains in a city is painful at best. Forcing all traffic crossing the line to wait for trains to pass with completely disrupt traffic and totally screw up the traffic light synchronism. Traffic will be at gridlock.

Skytrain for Surrey states that "One of the first major victims of Surrey’s shortsighted and problem-riddled plans for street level Light Rail will be Hawthorne Park." Street level Light Rail going through the middle of the city will create chaos for cross traffic and is without question a shortsighted and problem-riddled plan for Surrey. So let's follow the money. Or should I say let's follow the misappropriation of tax dollars.

Phase One: Why do they want to put a road right through Hawthorn Park? So they can let their dirty developers put in two towers on green space and make a fortune then get a kickback in campaign contributions just like they did at Campbell Heights Industrial Park.

Phase Two: Build a short sighted and ill planned on ground rapid rail we do not need that will throw traffic into chaos so they can give the contract to SNC-Lavalin the most corrupt construction firm on the planet just like they did for the Evergreen Skytrain line.

Sign the petition yes. Join the facebook group but more importantly we need to elect a new mayor. That is the only thing that will stop the insanity. Doug McCallum suports saving Hawthorn Park. Imagine that. He also suports a safe Surrey. Only unlike Linda Hepner and Dianne Watts he's not all talk no action. He took an aggressive role against crack houses in Surrey when he was mayor. I saw it. This is what we need to address the crime on the Surrey Strip.

Print and sign the new form

Save Surrey Parks is reporting that "The city is determined to build a road through Hawthorne Park despite wide-spread opposition. To do this, they need to pass a bylaw removing the park’s protected status. For now, this campaign is about saving Hawthorne Park. However, if council succeeds in removing its parkland dedication they will set a precedent for future park development. Surrey Mayor and council have launched the Alternative Approval Process, allowing them to avoid a referendum. By signing this Electoral Response Form you are telling council that you are opposed to the removal of Hawthorne Park’s protected status."

For residents of Surrey, this is a copy of the new form the city is requiring people to print and sign. This is the address of the office where the form needs to be dropped off at which is also on the form. It's in the new ivory tower at Surrey Central: 5E 13450 104th Avenue Surrey, BC.

Linda Hepner is transforming Surrey the City of Parks into the City of Insider Trading.

Here are three businesses in Surrey you can drop off signed forms at:

You could still build a couple of towers on 104th Avenue without putting a road right through Hawthorn Park. Saving the park and playground would be a selling feature for the condos. If you sell the land at a fair price instead of giving it away for free to your campaign contributors you could use the profit from to deal to help pay down Dianne Watts record debt she left us with and help pay for that Ivory Tower you built for yourselves. However, building an on ground railway through the middle of the city is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. It would be an insane waste of money. Stop burning tax dollars are start being fiscally responsible.

Watch the Video on

Turns out their stupid road is going to go right through an elementary school soccer field.

I'm having a hard time understanding why Hjorth Road elementary needed volunteers to install a new playground that was donated by a US non profit organization, when the Dianne Watts kabal spent an obscene amount of money for a new Ivory tower City Hall that same year.

Sikh Motorcycle Club wants Surrey City Hall and the RCMP to wake up and tackle crime

Well this is refreshing. CBC is reporting that "Riders with Sikh Motorcycle Club want city hall and the RCMP to wake up and tackle crime." On Wednesday the group went on a public protest confronting Surrey City Hall and the Surrey RCMP for their inaction dealing with drug trafficking that leads to gun violence. How come the Vancouver Sun/Province didn't cover this?

Sikh Motorcycle Club organizer Azad Sidhu says gang violence and drugs in the community have him worried about the safety of his university-aged son, and he's not the only one. He said there have been forums in the community and many have participated, but he's seen no positive outcome. "This is basically another means of protest we're doing. We want to wake up city council and we want police to do strict measures to take care of this."

Exactly. There have been public forums where the community has participated complaining about the open drug use on the Surrey strip and absolutely nothing has been done about it. In fact the city did the exact opposite of what the public asked for at that meeting. Providing police protection for the drug dealers on the Surrey strip is an abomination that needs to stop.

Unrestrained public drug sales increases crime exponentially and kills local business. The highest crime areas in Surrey are where the police allow crack to be sold publicly. This increases gun violence. Whenever you let that much criminal activity continue unbridled, there will be criminals fighting over those profit. The Quebec biker war had nothing to do with riding motorcycles. It was a fight over a monopoly on the drug trade. That is what we are seeing in BC. To stop the violence you must stop the drug trafficking. Then crime will reduce. Whiterock gets it. Why doesn't Surrey?

Two busts in PEI keep the pressure on the Hells Angels

This post is going to clearly demonstrate the polar opposites in how the Maritimes are dealing with the Hells Angels compared to how BC generally and Surrey specifically is. They represent two opposite extremes. We are now forced to ask why has BC dropped the ball?

The Guardian is reporting that "Police arrest members of Hells Angels hangaround club in Charlottetown for allegedly running illegal lottery." Oooo scary. An illegal lottery. What will they think of next? "Members of P.E.I.’s Organized Crime Task Force (OCTF) hope they’ve shut down the Hells Angels hangaround club in Charlottetown for good." Clearly P.E.I.’s Organized Crime Task Force is going after the Hells Angels while BC's Gang Task force is not.

"OCTF arrested who they believe are all nine members of the Charlottetown club (affiliated with the Woodbridge hangaround chapter in Ontario) for allegedly operating an illegal lottery." OK so the HA puppet club in PEI is afilated with the Ontario Hells Angels, specifically Woodbridge where all the mob violence is currently under way.

Nobody cares about illegal lotteries. That does not devastate communities like crack, fentanyl and crystal meth. Yet this appears to be a proactive approach in dealing with the plague before it cripples PEI like it has Surrey and Vancouver. Linda Airhead Hepner says gang shootings affect business. No they do not. Letting them sell crack in public does and she STILL refuses to do anything about that. She cries about the symptom while she refuses to address the cause. In fact she is actively involved in promoting it just like Dianne Watts was.

Police raid two Charlottetown biker clubs and seize liquor

The Guardian is also reporting that "Members of the Organized Crime Task Force, which included Charlottetown, Summerside and Kensington police officers as well as the RCMP federal investigation unit, executed search warrants at the Harley Club at 352 University Ave. and a Hells Angels hangaround club at 205 Fitzroy St. throughout the late morning and early afternoon on Saturday. RCMP Cpl. Andy Cook, who is also provincial outlaw motorcycle gang (OMG) co-ordinator, said the warrants were served under the liquor control act."

Wow, PEI has a Motorcycle Gang Unit and BC doesn't imagine that. That is the root of the problem rght there. After the OMGU did such a great job in Kelowna busting David Giles and Johnny Newcome, the corrupt Christy Clark government disbanded the OMGU.

Nobody cares if the Hells Angels sell liquor in their clubhouses. People care about the Hells Angels selling crack and fentanyl in their community. In Surrey the RCMP are providing the Hells Angels drug dealers police protection on the Surrey strip. In the Maritimes the police won't even let the Hells Angels sell booze in their own clubhouse. From one extreme to the other. The bottom line is that we should not be letting them sell hard drugs on the Surrey strip in public. That is killing businesses in the area and Linda Airhead Hepner is still refusing to do anything about it. Just like her predecessor Dianne Watts she is all talk and no action.

In PEI they are even going after the Charlottetown Harley Club for selling booze. Bobby Falls son Cory was hanging out with s drug dealer in PEI but so was the Vancouver Mayor's son. Nailing them for drug trafficking and prostitution would be in order but for selling booze in their own clubhouse is a bit extreme. Yet us going to the other extreme and providing their drug dealers police protection on the Surrey strip is simply bat sh*t crazy.

With regards to selling booze “The Charlottetown Harley Club has been doing this for a long time, the Hells Angels Club has not since they’re fairly new…. So it’s the oldest club on Prince Edward Island and the newest club.” Clearly the police are rightfully concerned about the Charlottetown Harley Club endorsing the Hells Angels because everyone knows what comes next.

“If the Hells Angels weren’t in the ACC, would things be what they are right now? They talk about biker respect, biker rights and motorcycle safety but when the Hells Angels are in your group, it automatically taints you,” said Cook. Indeed it does. So why are we providing police protection for their drug dealers on the Surrey strip? The Surrey RCMP letting the Hells Angels in their group has indeed tainted them. We need to bring back the OMGU in BC. It's as simple as that.

Friday, August 25, 2017

22-year-old Abbotsford woman murdered

Global is reporting that "A body that was found in Mission on Aug. 16 has been identified as Chelsey Gauthier, a 22-year-old Abbotsford woman who hadn’t been seen since July 27, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) said Friday. Gauthier had been reported missing to the Abbotsford Police Department (APD) on July 30. The APD searched the area near Dale Road and Sylvester Road on Aug. 16 and found the body; the cause of death was consistent with homicide, police said. The investigation was later turned over to IHIT."

An innocent young girl and a hearbroken father. Tragic.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Fredericton Hells Angel charged with possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking

CBC is reporting that "A Fredericton man, identified by RCMP as a full-patch member of the Hells Angels, has been charged with drug and firearm offences in connection with a joint-police investigation that resulted in a heavy police presence in the city's downtown this week. Robin Moulton, 48, was arrested on Tuesday at around 7:20 a.m. while driving on the Trans-Canada Highway near Woodstock, RCMP Cpl. Jullie Rogers-Marsh said late Thursday afternoon."

"Outlaw motorcycle gangs are a national priority for the RCMP," said Rogers-Marsh. Evidently not. It certainly does appear to be a priority for the RCMP in the Maritimes but it sure doesn't appear to be a priority for the RCMP in British Columbia. After the Kelowna Summer Jam that saw David Giles and Johnny Newcome busted the RCMP in BC stopped targeting the Hells Angels. Instead they are providing police protection for the Hells Angel drug dealers on the Surrey strip. Perhaps we should bring some of the RCMP from the Maritimes here.

CBC is reporting that the trial has been relocated from Woodstock to to Saint John, NB. Turns out that a hunting rifle with a silencer was also seized.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Communist China and the Clintons threaten World Peace

The Washington Post is reporting that "China demanded the United States immediately withdraw a package of sanctions on companies and individuals trading with North Korea on Wednesday, and said the decision by the Trump administration will damage Sino-U.S. ties. The Treasury Department placed sanctions Tuesday on 10 companies and six individuals from China and Russia that it said had conducted business with North Korea in ways that advanced the country’s missile and nuclear weapons program."

Once again Communist China is caught in it's own web of lies. China supplies North Korea military equipment including its nuclear missiles. This is why Canada needs to cease and desist supplying Communist China with Canadian Nuclear Reactors. When we do that we give China the technology and the materials to make and export nuclear missiles.

Canada’s reactors are great at producing weapons-grade plutonium. India conducted it's first nuclear test thanks to Canadain nuclear reactor technology. The test was called the Smiling Buddha and used plutonium from the Canadian reactor.

SNC-Lavalin to build Candu nuclear reactor for China. WTF?

Miss Canada speaks out about China's Organ Harvesting.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn: Warning to the West

Gary Allen None Dare Call it Conspiracy

Just to clarify Donald Trump was correct in that the Clintons sold Russia weapons grade Uranium for nuclear missiles. That was reported in the New York Times. The fake news threw out a couple of false headlines claiming he was wrong when he said they sold Russia 20% of the US Uranium deposits implying that they didn't sell Russian any Uranium which is exactly what they did do.

The fake news spins the story with the headline Trump's claim is "mostly" false hoping people will brush it off without reading the article and sluff it off as another one of Trump's rants. However, this rant has merit. The fake news spin states "the claim that Clinton gave 20 percent of America’s uranium to Russia is incorrect and clearly misleading. Trump is referring to Russia’s nuclear power agency purchasing a majority stake in a Toronto-based energy company between 2009 and 2013." They are splitting hairs over the 20% claim and trying to defuse the world form the seriousness of the allegation on a technicality.

The New York Time Times reported that “Few could have imagined in the past that we would own 20 percent of U.S. reserves,” Mr. Kiriyenko told Mr. Putin. The fake news spin doctors claims that "The mines, mills, and land the company holds in the US account for 20 percent of the US’s uranium production capacity, not actual produced uranium.

The fake news is splitting hairs over the claim 20% of the US Uranium by stating production capacity is not actual produced uranium. Like WTF? They throw in some other absolutely ridiculous false claims to distract the public from the truth. The Clintons sold Russian a sh*t load of weapons grade Uranium which is illegal. They had to use a Canadian shell company in Toronto to sneak the deal through. This is why the Clinton cult's claim that Trump was in bed with Putin is absolute hypocrisy since Hillary sold them weapons grade uranium which could in fact end up in the hands of North Korea. Spinning the story knowing that fact is pure evil.

Swedish journalist Kim Wall found dead

BBC is reporting that "A headless torso found in waters off Denmark has been identified as missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall, Danish police say. Ms Wall was last seen alive on 10 August as she departed on a submarine trip with inventor Peter Madsen. The submarine sank hours after the search for Ms Wall began, after her partner reported that she had not returned from the trip. Mr Madsen, who designed and built the submarine, was charged with negligent manslaughter. He initially said he had dropped her off safely near Copenhagen, but has since said she died in an accident and that he had "buried" her at sea."

The Independent is reporting that "The mother of Swedish journalist Kim Wall has told how her daughter "gave voice to the weak, vulnerable and marginalised" in an emotional tribute after police identified her remains."

Police bust a couple of drug dealers on the Surrey strip

The RCMP is reporting that they busted a couple of drug dealers on the Surrey strip. This sounds good and it looks good but I am inherently skeptical. Why send out a press release to tell the public you busted a couple of drug dealers on the Surrey Strip when you have police officers on the ground providing them police protection on a daily basis. It is suspicious to say the least.

Obviously something like this can't just be a one time publicity stunt. It has to be a consistent ongoing effort. White Rock has sent out a message claiming that they are targeting street level drug trafficking. That is a good message to send. As always actions speak louder than words. Surrey however has not sent out that message despite years of complaints from the community.

This is the reoccurring problem we keep seeing in Surrey. Residents and businesses call the police about public drug trafficking while the police and City hall refuse to do anything about it. That is not going to change until we get a new mayor or until they bring back the OMGU. Doing one undercover sting is good but not very effective when you have plain clothes officers watching the drug dealers sell drugs on the Surrey strip and refuse to do anything about it.

Update: I'd like to confirm that these guys were actually selling on the Surrey Strip and that the police haven't simply arrested Hells Angel rivals again. Fraser MacRae was a Rock Star. Bill Fordy was an idiot. How will history remember us?

Thousands in cash seized from road rage incident

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "A Saturday confrontation outside a McDonald’s at the southwestern end of Williams Lake led to a pair of a arrests and a lucrative discovery. Police say they were called just after 8 a.m. Saturday morning to the restaurant at 1323 Broadway Avenue South where they found two men involved in “an escalating road rage incident.” The Mounties were told one man may have brandished a knife. The men were arrested and after a search of a vehicle, police say they found “a trace amount” of marijuana as well as $19,200 in cash. Police seized the money as they believe it was earned through criminal activity. “Some illegitimate cash-flow has been taken off the streets,” Cst. Taylor Callens said in a media release. Charges are now pending against the two men and they have been released from custody."

Do you hear them? They brag about taking illegitimate cash-flow off the streets as if they have done the world a favour. Getting illegal guns off the street could in theory make communities safer but seizing cash doesn't make communities safer. Especially when no charges have been laid and they have no idea where the cash came from. Seizing that cash only helps them and once again shows the sorry state of affairs we are now in. The police are not concerned with stopping drug trafficking. They are only concerned with seizing the proceeds of crime to collect a user fee for letting it continue just like in the documentary Freeway: Crack in the System.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Suspended Hamilton cop facing more criminal charges

The Toronto Star is reporting that "A suspended Hamilton police officer awaiting trial after a 2015 Toronto police raid saw him charged with allegedly helping a drug trafficking organization is now facing 16 new criminal charges."

"On Tuesday, Craig Ruthowsky, who worked on the Hamilton police department’s gangs and weapons enforcement unit, was charged with bribery, two counts of breach of trust, two counts of obstructing justice, public mischief, two counts of weapons trafficking, fraud under $5,000, trafficking marijuana, perjury, two counts of conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, robbery and two counts of trafficking cocaine."

In 2015 CBC reported that Ruthowsky was originally arrested in a gang sweep. Now CBC is reporting that "The new charges are: Bribery, Two counts of breach of trust, Two counts of obstruct justice, Public mischief, Weapon trafficking, Fraud under $5,000, Two counts of conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, Trafficking marijuana, Perjury, Weapon trafficking, Robbery and Two counts of trafficking cocaine."

Monday, August 21, 2017

Edmonton man found dead in Surrey

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "Police have identified 19-year-old Tanner Krupa of Edmonton, AB as the man found dead in a Surrey alleyway on Sunday morning. According to police, they were called to the 6900 block of 127A Street in Newton just before 5:30 a.m. after reports of an altercation. When they arrived, Surrey RCMP found a dead man in a back alleyway, who has “suffered injuries consistent with homicide.”

Luc Leblanc charged with cocaine trafficking

Well, well, well. Remember that cocaine bust from 2013 where a Moncton couple were caught trying to smuggle 16 kilos of cocaine into Canada from Texas in their RV? Well the case is finally going to trial and low and behold it turns out they were working for Luc Leblanc who has been charged with cocaine trafficking. Big surprise.

They met Luc LeBlanc in Mexico and loaded up their RV with cocaine with the intent to drive it back to Canada but were stopped at the US border. Now the couple are crown witnesses. LOL. Karma's a b*tch yo. Jeff Gallant owns the Old Cosmo. Jeff and Luc are co conspirators.

These two clowns were busted from another drug seizure in an RV six months later where 19,0000 crystal meth pills were seized along with 3 kilos of cocaine. If these two idiots had half a brain between them they'd be dangerous. No wonder no one is afraid to testify against them.

BTW Me mother was born in Amherst, NS so she was and me father's mother was born in Woodstock,NB while me mother's mother was born in Sackville, NB. From coast to coast these low life drug dealers are toast. Get a real job ya parasites.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Common Sense Approach to Immigration - Update

I understand that there were some clashes between racist and anti racist protesters in Quebec. The whole thing is a bit toxic. The anti capitalist protesters covered their faces and looked like anarchists. I didn't think you were suposed to cover your face at a protest any more. The anti right protesters were throwing beer bottles at police. The anarchists are no better than the Nazis. We need to shun extremism from all sides.

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that "Some of the counter-protesters began throwing bricks at a man named Éric Roy, who was carrying a Patriotes and a Quebec flag." The guy was not carrying a swastika, he was carrying a Fleur de lis for God's sake. I have concerns here. Anti Capitalists with masked faces throw bricks at a guy holding the Quebec flag and an old patriot fag representing unity between the French, Irish and English. He should not have been attacked for holding those flags. The anarchists were clearly in the wrong. What does the red flag represent? Are the anti fascist really Communists? One is no better than the other. We need to shun both.

Quebec is facing a colossal amount of asylum seekers crossing the border illegally becasue of Donald's Trump's new immigration policies. Montreal's Olympic Stadium is being used to house the surge in asylum seekers. People have a right to express concerns about the amount of asylum seeks we admit. In fact that is an election issue right now in Quebec. That's why it concerns me when police rule the original protest illegal. As long as they aren't marching with swastikas or the KKK, they have a right to express their concerns.

As I previously reported, the surge in refugee applications has resulted due to Donald Trump's radical changes to their immigration policies revoking green Cards from thousands of people forcing them to leave with no place to go. Many of the asylum seekers in Quebec are from Haiti. Remember the big earthquake in Haiti we all felt compassion for? A lot of these people came to the United States after the earthquake and Donald Trump is now kicking them out. That is just plain nasty. We are talking about families with children.

Why are they going to Quebec? Because they speech French. This is a golden opportunity for Quebec. Quebec wants to preserve their language. I get it. This is their chance. Oh we dont want them because they're not white? D'accord. Mon frere, let me explain something to you. When you travel around the world and see the world population, white people are the minority. That is reality. North America has been built by immigration. Everyone here came from somewhere else.

Trudeau thinks we can handle the surge in immigration. I agree with him. Immigration is exactly what Surrey needs. A few weeks ago I was getting a new tire put on my motorcycle and took a walk around the Surrey Strip. Right now Whalley is like the Bermuda Triangle. Everyone is walking around lost because of the open drug trafficking and abuse. Most of these addicts are white trash running around stealing everything that isn't nailed down to pay for more drugs.

Since businesses are leaving the crime zone a few ethnic shops have opened up because of the cheap rent. There are a few Arabic stores selling hijabs and Halal food along with a few traditional African grocery stores. As I'm walking down King George I see a few black men taking outside the African food store and I think to myself OK finally I'm going to see a black guy selling drugs instead of just more white trash. Wrong. They had hard hats and backpacks on and had just got off work. They actually had a job unlike the vast majority of white trash in that area.

Immigration is the best thing for Surrey. The solution is simple. Give them temporary work permits and let them work. We can't put them all on welfare but if they are willing to work have at it. If they commit a crime then deport them. It's that simple.

Statistically immigrants who come here are less likely to commit crime then those born here. The world is full of problems. We can't do everything but we can do something. Like a waving flag yo. Just make sure it's not a swastika or a hammer and sickle. Peace.

Update: The only difference between the Fascists and the Communists is that the Fascists are honest while the Communists are not. They both have the same objective. The Fascists admit their objective openly while the Communists lie about it and hide it until they are in power. Everyone knows that Stalin and Chairman Mao were bad but so was Lenin.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn explained that Lenin was not the leader of the Workers revolution in Russia, Shiplov was. Lenin hijacked the party from him. When the trade unions went on strike to complain he used live ammunition on them. Their families were too scared to collect their dead.

The book None Dare Call it Conspiracy explains the similarities between Hitler and Stalin. It states: "Like Columbus, we are faced with the task of convincing you that the world is not flat, as you have been led to believe all your life, but, instead, is round. We are going to present evidence that what you call "Communism" is not run from Moscow or Peking, but is an arm of a bigger conspiracy run from New York, London and Paris."

"The men at the apex of this movement are not Communists in the traditional sense of that term. They feel no loyalty to Moscow or Peking. They are loyal only to themselves and their undertaking. And these men certainly do not believe in the clap-trap pseudo-philosophy of Communism. They have no intention of dividing their wealth. Socialism is a philosophy which conspirators exploit, but in which only the naive believe. Just how finance capitalism is used as the anvil and Communism as the hammer to conquer the world will be explained in this book."

Most of us in Canada are rightfully outraged when we see someone march with a swastika. But are we equally outraged when we see someone march with a Communist flag? We should be. Communism has murdered even more than Fascism. We tell the right to separate yourselves from those who march with a swastika because that is offensive. Likewise we tell the left to separate yourselves from those who march under the banner of Communism because that is equally offensive. In the words of Lilly Singh, let's make education great again.

You say you want a revolution? Well as long as you're holding pictures of Chairman Mao you can count me out. The Beatles were right yo.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Another shooting in Toronto - Summer of Mob Violence

Toronto Metro News is reporting that "Two men are in serious condition following a shooting in a downtown hotel early Saturday. Toronto police Const. Caroline de Kloet said two men were found with gunshot wounds in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency hotel at King St. W. and Peter St. near Spadina Ave. around 4:30 a.m. “One man had a gunshot wound to his stomach and the other man had a gunshot wound to his leg,” she said. Both were conscious and breathing when they were transported to hospital."

The Toronto Star is reporting that in last Wednesday's shooting Mark Peretz was shot and was the intended target. He was involved in that tragic shooting in Toronto where a mother was paralyzed from a stray bullet during a Hells Angels hit back in 2004.

Evidently there have been numerous shootings in Toronto. CBC reported that on July 31st a gunman entered a bar and shot one man dead while injuring four other men. The shooting took place on the patio of the Libertarian Public House and was caught on video surveillance.

CTV reported that 24-year-old Roy Khan was shot dead on July 28th in Woodbridge just outside of Toronto. Kevin Khemraj Deonath has been charged with second-degree murder.

The Toronto Star reported that on July 17th three men were shot outside a sports bar. "Organized crime investigators are looking into whether the Monday night shooting of three men outside a Woodbridge sports bar is connected to a string of violent attacks in York Region."

The Toronto Star reported that on June 29th 2017 a massive explosion knocked a wall out of the Caffé Corretto in Woodbridge. "Arson, murder, hails of gunfire - a string of attacks in Hamilton and York region has police wondering whether southern Ontario is becoming the battlefield for a summer of mob violence." Juan Eduardo Munoz was charged in the bombing of the cafe.

"Just days before the Woodbridge explosion, mobster and baker Pasquale (Pat) Musitano’s Hamilton home was sprayed with bullets. And on May 2, Musitano’s younger brother Angelo Musitano was shot to death in the driveway of his home in Waterdown, Ont., while his wife and preschool-aged children were inside. The Musitano brothers pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder in the 1997 fatal shooting death of Niagara crime boss Carmen Barillaro after their hitman, Kenny Murdock, turned against them."

Although Mark Peretz was a Hells Angels associate, the botched murder attempt he was involved with in 2004 that left the mother paralyzed was in conjunction with mobster Peter Scarcella who was a driver that killed his boss. Michele Modica was the target in the 2004 Sandwich shop shooting. He has ties to New York.

Rising above Hate and Intolerance

I didn't attend the hate rally in Vancouver today. I knew I'd get in a fight and end up in jail so I stayed home. There is nothing patriotic about marching with a swastika. Christians do not celebrate the genocide of millions of Jews. That is not something Jesus would do.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is from Austria and has a powerful message for the enemies of the constitution parading around with swastikas. His youtube message is "The country that defeated Hitler's armies is no place for Nazi flags. I have a message to the neo-Nazis, the white nationalists and the neo-Confederates. Let me be as blunt as possible. Your heros are losers."

"You're supporting a lost cause. Believe me, I know the original Nazis. I was born in Austria in 1947, shortly after the second world war. Growing up I was surrounded by broken men, men who came home from the war filled with shrapnel and guilt. Men who were misled into a losing ideology and I can tell you these ghosts that you idolize spent the rest of their lives living in shame and right now they are resting in Hell."

"I know that you weren't born with these hateful views. No one is. But the truth is it's never too late to make the choices to learn to evolve and to understand that all human beings have equal value. Don't hang around people that carry Nazi flags. Go home. Or better yet, tell them that they are wrong to celebrate an ideology that murdered millions of people and then go home."

Wear a poppy instead of a swastika. Lest we forget. "Take up our quarrel with the foe to you from failing hands we throw the torch. Be yours to hold on high. If ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep though poppies grow in Flanders' Field." Peace.

Turns out it was an anti racism rally in Vancouver not a hate rally. That's more like it.

The Canadian Press is reporting that "A handful of individuals opposing the anti-racism protesters showed up and were quickly ushered away by police when verbal confrontations appeared as though they could become physical. There were reports earlier this week that an extreme right wing protest was planned, but it never materialized."

Lilly Singh is a popular Canadian vlogger mentioned in Forbes magazine. In June she put out a funny youtube video addressing racism and says let's make eduction great again. Indeed.

All Lives Matter.

Imperial Mines renewed attack on Clayoquot Sound

The flip side to the 2017 Tofino Summer Jam is the glaring reminder that Imperial Metals still wants to blow the top off Catface mountain and turn it into an open pit mine. I kid you not. Catface Mountain is at Tofino in the middle of Clayoquot sound. They want to turn a protected biosphere into a toxic mess to make a relatively insignificant amount of money on an open pit copper mine. The insane plot just isn't worth it. The Mount Polley disaster was also Imperial Metals.

Ucluelet is right beside Tonino and is the home of the Broken Islands. The boat launch had to be closed a while ago because they found arsenic, selenium and cobalt from an old iron ore mine which effects everything in that area including all the shellfish. We need to Think Sustainability.

Keep an eye on Clayoquot Action. The reckless gluttony needs to stop.

Friday, August 18, 2017

William Majcher exposed Canadian Corruption

The 2017 Tofino Summer Jam highlights the BCIMC theft of the Pacific Rim Resort in Tofino and the malicious attempt to defraud the owner of a remaining parcel of land adjacent to the property pictured above. It's a sad tale of government corruption at the highest levels.

However, today our focus is on the affidavit of William Robert Majcher. William Majcher is a former police undercover investigator who brought down a lawyer that laundered money for the Haney Hells Angels which was tied to the murder of Ernie Ozolins.

Canada would not charge the lawyer. Like most other white collar crime, he had to be charged in the United States. In William Majcher's affidavit he states that "during the course of my employment with the RCMP while working undercover or in handling criminal informants, I became tasked with knowledge and evidence of payoffs, bribery and case fixing that included judges, lawyers and court registry staff in various parts of Canada."

He did such a good job at the RCMP that in 2005 he was removed from the task force. After his removal, David Barnes from the Vancouver Sun reported that the task force had become ineffective at its mandate. Yet the Martin Chambers bust tied to the Hells Angels when William Majcher led the task force was incredibly successful. After he left the task force became useless.

As I have reported, as soon as a police task force finds organized crime, a government body disbands that police task force or as in this case, renders the task force ineffective. That is what happened to the BC Gang task Force after the David Giles and Johnny Newcome bust in Kelowna. If the BC NDP really care about their community they need to bring back the OMGU.

Bill Majcher's affidavit is enlightening to say the least. Bill claims that Lawyers have become key players in money laundering operations because they are exempt from a federal requirement to report suspicious financial transactions. "My experience is that it's a widespread problem."

Insp. Majcher said Mr. Rosenfeld told him it was "twenty times" easier to launder money from Canada than the United States. He was also told during the investigation that five lawyers in Vancouver regularly laundered $200,000 a month through trust accounts in return for a 7-per-cent commission. Other lawyers used offshore accounts, stock market scams and foundations to hide illicit cash, Insp. Majcher testified. Who do you think they were laundering that money for?

2 MMA fighters die after bouts

In June CBC reporting that "An Edmonton MMA fighter who was left in critical condition after being knocked out during a boxing match on Friday has died, his family has confirmed."

"Hague, 34, was taken to hospital in critical condition after being knocked out by Adam Braidwood in a fight at the Shaw Conference Centre on Friday. In a video from the match, Braidwood is seen knocking Hague down multiple times. Hague, who fought out of Edmonton, also fought in the UFC. His nickname was The Thrashing Machine."

The New York Post is reporting "A 26-year-old amateur MMA fighter died three days after he was knocked out during a fight in Massachusetts. Rondel Clark was TKO’d by Ryan Dunn in the third round of their fight in Plymouth, Mass. The fight was part of Cage Titans XXXV, a regional MMA promotion. Following the fight, Clark was transported to a local hospital but then was transferred to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston where he died early Tuesday morning.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

West Vancouver woman wins settlement after her assets were seized despite being acquitted

CBC is reporting that "A West Vancouver woman who was charged and subsequently acquitted of human trafficking, and then went on to sue the RCMP, has reached a settlement and received an apology." In 2015 CBC reported that "Mumtaz Ladha, a West Vancouver woman who made international headlines when she was charged and subsequently acquitted of human trafficking, has launched a lawsuit against the police and the province for seizing her assets."

This woman was charged with a crime then acquitted but the police seized her multi-million dollar West Vancouver home anyways after she was acquitted. This ties in directly with my post about how the BC Gang Task Force has become compromised just like the EPS. They are no longer concerned with stopping drug trafficking. They are only concerned with seizing the proceeds of crime just like in Freeway Ricky's documentary.