Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Vancouver Province Nails it once again

Well this is rather shocking. Once again the Vancouver Province nails the real problem facing Surrey. The front page of today's Vancouver Province ran the headline A Crime Shame then went on to explain that "Businesses near the notorious Whalley Strip lost an average of nearly $100,000 to break ins and theft last year, and some have given up the fight."

Small businesses in the area are dying from theft related to the open drug trade on the Surrey strip. Not just small businesses either. Safeway was brought out by Sobeys and the employees faced serious roll backs to wages and benefits. The whalley location of Safeway deals with massive theft on a daily basis. No business can survive that.

This is what Catherine Austin Fitts describes as the Tapeworm Economy. Everyone thinks laundering drug money is a good investment but it's not. It sucks the life out of business like a parasite. So what happened? How did this story end up on the front page of the Vancouver Province? Is Wayne Moriarty covering for Harold Munro while he is on holidays?

The last time this happened was when the Vancouver Province exposed the City's refusal to arrest drug dealers selling drugs in front of businesses in Newton which lead to the murder of the Hockey mom. Police protection of the drug dealers on the Whalley strip needs to end.

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