Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Linda Hepner is a raging lunatic

Linda Hepner thinks her refusal to enforce the law that has resulted in a huge spike in gun violence can be solved with stricter gun laws. Go home you f*cking idiot. No one uses a registered gun to commit a crime. That's why they're called throw a ways. Let's make sure no law biding citizens have guns since the only ones with guns around here are the criminals. If she had half a brain she'd be dangerous. Gun control is federal jurisdiction not municipal.

Maybe if you started enforcing the laws that do exist and started arresting the drug dealers on the Surrey strip selling fentanyl in public instead of offering them police protection that might help reduce crime since the highest crime areas in Surrey are where crack is sold publicly. Ya think? Of course not. Linda Hepner doesn't think. She needs to resign and let Eileen Mohan take over. If Eileen wont do it Doug McCallum will.

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  1. now don't be too hard on Heppner. she was simply hired to replace Diane Watts and neither in my opinion have done much for Surrey. surely somewhere in surrey there is some one who can give it a try and run for council and mayor and do a better job than the current crop. Of course it might help if surrey had its own police force.

    Perhaps some of the business owners who have been impacted by the current state of affairs would consider running for council. hey if you're loosing your business anyhow, you might think about your next career move.


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