Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Blood red sun rises over Metro Vancouver

This morning on the ride into work, I noticed the sun rise above the horizon. It was bright red. I thought holy apocalypse Batman what does a red sun represent. U2 release an album Under a Blood Red Sky. The Bible talks about the moon turning blood red but not the sun. They say red sky at morning sailor take warning. A sign for ships at sea that a storm is coming. After I saw the headline in today's paper a blood red sun was a fitting warning of the calamities about to come.

I recall a couple of summers ago when the forest fires were big the smoke from the fires made the sun look red on the horizon. That was the case today. Somewhat prophetic nonetheless.

Update: every day this week the sun on the horizon in the morning and at night has been red. Tonight the full moon on the horizon was red as well. Now that's biblical.

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