Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Edmonton police seize homemade machineguns

The Firearm Bog is reporting that "According to Edmonton police A Parkland County machine shop was being used to manufacture MAC-11 type machine pistols for the criminal underworld. The examples seized appear to be entirely handmade including the magazines and are each fitted with a silencer." Wow, who knew you could do that in metal shop.


  1. They have been making ghost guns in the Philippines jungle for a long time now, and the finished product they produce looks like a legitimate gun. These zip guns are a little more crude, but it isn't suprising that a motivated person could make them in a machine shop. If the Filipinos can make them out of scrap metal in with crude tools, it can be done anywhere

  2. an enterprising person has found a market for their product. its just another small business trying to make it in this world of large corporations. its a theory. Of course one does have to wonder why it took police so long to find out about it. On the upside they did.

  3. A firearm is actually a very easy item to make.

    As long as you have the right steel (as has been illustrated clearly in the S03E11 episode of 'The Sweeney' - one of my favourite police dramas - sadly this version is very low resolution with horrible audio...).

    Anyone with basic high school machine shop (machining) skills could do this (and the right tools, of course).