Friday, August 11, 2017

Hells Angels associates in court from Langford bust

May 11th the Times Colonist reported that "Ten members of the Hells Angels were arrested in Langford after a limousine in which they were riding was stopped by West Shore RCMP when the driver was seen using his cellphone. A loaded gun and suspected drugs were found in the vehicle, RCMP said."

"The 10 people, four associate members and six full-patch members of the motorcycle club, were taken into custody but later released. Three have been ordered to appear in court on Aug. 10. 'Without being able to mention who are facing charges, I can say the full-patch Hells Angels were from the Nanaimo and Kelowna chapters,' Bérubé said."

However, CSO names the three who were ordered to appear in court yesterday as Tyler Halkyard, Tobin Lagarde and Bruce Warwick. They call me Bruce didn't show up so now there is a warrant out on him. The bulk of the charges appear to be falling on Tobin. It doesn't say whether these three are associates or full patch but one would assume the associates are the ones taking the fall. That's usually how it works. They're all due back in court August 31.

I have their pictures but I'm not positing them because they all have kids and its a pretty minor bust. It appears the drugs they were in possession of were for personal use at the gathering although they were charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking.

If someone wants to smoke a joint that is none of my business. No one cares. It's in the process of being legalized. Likewise if someone wants to do a line of coke that's none of my business either. I have always said drugs in clubs or for those who want it and can afford it is none of my business. My beef is with crack. That is so 1980's.

When they take all that cocaine and cook it into crack they are doing it for one reason, to exploit the poor. Aside from Rob Ford, you dont see too many doctors or lawyers addicted to crack. Crack is highly addictive, highly damaging and is designed to target the poor because its so cheap. Yet the addiction consumes the addict and drives them insane. You don't see someone taking an axe to a senor citizen for another five dollars to buy pot but we have seen that in Surrey for crack. That is why letting people smoke crack in safe consumption sites is so insane. It eats the addict alive and creates a huge amount of spin off crime to pay for the drug.

We are still seeing crack cocaine being seized in drug busts and we are still handing out free crack pipes. That is insane. Crystal meth is even worse. We are still seeing crystal meth being used on the Surrey strip and now in the safe consumption site. This is a huge step backwards not forwards and just goes to show you that in Surrey the Future Dies Here.

With this new safe consumption site the Whalley srip has become the Bermuda Triangle. Everyone is walking around lost groping around in the darkness. Take a look at Laila Yuile's experience riding a bus home from skytrain after dark. This is the real Surrey the spin doctors don't want you to see. This is the real Surrey we have to live in. That's why we want it to change. We know we can do better. We want a better future for our kids. This is not it.

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