Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Linda Hepner plans to build a road through an elementary school soccer field

We've talked about the City of Surrey's obsession to build a road through the best playground and water park in Surrey. We also need to mention the fact they they also plan on putting that same stupid road right through an elementary school soccer field. People need to see what is actually happening here. Take a look at Hjorth Road elementary school on 104th avenue and 148th Street. Some schools have several playing fields. This school does not. It has one small grass field beside a small all weather field. The proposed road goes right through both.

If you live in Metro Vancouver you need to drive down to the location and see it for yourself. 105th Avenue can't go straight because it would run right into an apartment complex on the other side of the school. So they start in the middle of the field and cut across both fields right beside the new playground volunteers made. This proposal is insane, There is no logic in it.

We need a court injunction protecting the school from Linda Hepner's insanity and we need to elect a new mayor. It's as simple as that. Save Hawthorn Park and Hjorth Road elementary.

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  1. What else did people expect from Heppner. She is from the same political team as Diane Watts. This road will go through and the kids, families be dammed. There is money to be made here for Linda's financial supporters and that is all that matters, just ask her. this is progress, well progress of some one's bank account, but not for the children.

    Guess Linda Heppner hasn't seen the floods in Texas which are in part created by a lack of land for the water to soak into. Keep paving Surrey over and there will be the same problem in a big storm, no where for the water to go because Linda and her friends needed to make money


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