Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Police bust a couple of drug dealers on the Surrey strip

The RCMP is reporting that they busted a couple of drug dealers on the Surrey strip. This sounds good and it looks good but I am inherently skeptical. Why send out a press release to tell the public you busted a couple of drug dealers on the Surrey Strip when you have police officers on the ground providing them police protection on a daily basis. It is suspicious to say the least.

Obviously something like this can't just be a one time publicity stunt. It has to be a consistent ongoing effort. White Rock has sent out a message claiming that they are targeting street level drug trafficking. That is a good message to send. As always actions speak louder than words. Surrey however has not sent out that message despite years of complaints from the community.

This is the reoccurring problem we keep seeing in Surrey. Residents and businesses call the police about public drug trafficking while the police and City hall refuse to do anything about it. That is not going to change until we get a new mayor or until they bring back the OMGU. Doing one undercover sting is good but not very effective when you have plain clothes officers watching the drug dealers sell drugs on the Surrey strip and refuse to do anything about it.

Update: I'd like to confirm that these guys were actually selling on the Surrey Strip and that the police haven't simply arrested Hells Angel rivals again. Fraser MacRae was a Rock Star. Bill Fordy was an idiot. How will history remember us?

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