Sunday, August 13, 2017

F*ck the South - Update

CBC is reporting that "The college town of Charlottesville, Va., is quiet this morning after two days worth of rallies between pro-white demonstrators and counter-protesters turned deadly, with a motorist ramming a car into a crowd."

This is so absurd I hesitate to comment. Yet the presence of the KKK and the Nazi flag is without question an act of war requiring comment. The only hesitation I have is in believing these kind of idiots can still exist in our day. I can't help but think the CIA has implanted agent provocateurs to stir the pot and create division since that is what they always do. In Canada, CSIS created a White Supremecist group calld the Heritage Front. They continued to fund it after they created it.

Yet we saw it recently in Charlottesville. People displaying a Nazi flag beside a confederate flag. That is like pissing on a good soldier's grave. It reminds me of Ricky Ciarniello posing with a Nazi flag along side his buddy David Black from the Satan's Angels who were convicted of brutally torturing hippies they kidnapped as butlers. It's all in chapter seven of my free ebook.

The presence of the KKK is shocking. There is absolutely nothing more hillbilly than that. It is a tragic sign of uneducated inbreeding. It is nothing to brag about. Seeing people display these kinds of inflammatory signs once again makes me think agent provocateur since those signs are so offensive to anyone with a brain and a heart.

Then the counter protest rightfully begins. Yet it all reminds me of a discourse posted online years ago called F*ck the South. Who on earth would want a union with a group of people that fought a war for the right to keep slaves? Not I. That is why the United States had a civl war. To cleanse itself of bigotry and adopt the principles of the US Constitution and a Free Republic.

Nazi's and Communists hate each other but they are one in the same. One is extreme left while the other is extreme right yet both extremes arrive at the same destination: Dictatorship and the destruction of civl liberty for all. Buyer Beware. Draw a line in the sand and call it democracy. The further away from that line you go to the left or the right the further away from democracy you go and the closer you get to dictatorship. It's that simple. Communism and Fascism are both evil. They are one in the same. Hitler murdered an obscene amount of people. Yet Stalin and Chairman Mao murdered even more. Lest we forget. Hillary Clinton is still evil.

Update: With regards to this ridiculous reference to white Christian males, I will say this: there is not a Christian on the face of the earth that would be seen marching with a swastika supporting the holocaust. That is not something Jesus would do. Anyone who does that and claims to be a Christian is a liar and the truth is not in him.

Right now North America is like Poland before the second world war. First the Fascists invade and we say God help us. Then the Communists arrive and say we'll save you. No thanks. I say f*ck them both. We need to shun extremism and save the Constitution. All men and women are equal regardless of race color or creed. It's that simple. We need to protect civl liberty as defined in the US Constitution, Canadian Charter of Rights and the Irish Proclamation.


  1. This post may cause a flurry of comments. Most, I imagine, you would have to block.

    I have to recommend Dinesh D'Souza's documentary, 'Hillary's America' as it gives great insight into just this topic.

    1. Yes for many it is difficult to see the forest for the trees.

      Interesting to note, Freeway Ricky claimed Hillary Clinton visited him while he was in jail. Kind of strange how after Ricky took the fall for Blandon who was working for the CIA, Hillary would visit him in jail out of appreciation.

  2. The white christian male has been pushed so fucking hard against the wall with no representation that it was a welcome sight to see the KKK and Nazi's .. how sad is that though right? Antifa, BLM and other left groups can come out in droves and local law enforcement has been told to keep hands off while they act up... white nationalist come out and its hands across the fucking world to stop them.. even Fox News ran like a bitch.. I am also getting to the point of just saying fuck it.. if the left, media and law enforcement wants to call me a 'racist' and 'evil' ill oblige them... and none can click on better in race wars than white people... we shoot the straightest.

    1. That is utterly ridiculous. The white Christian male has not been pushed anywhere. The freedom of religion protects him just like it protects the Muslim or Jew.

      There is never just cause to fly a swastika. Ever. Hitler conned the Germans. He burned the German parliament and blamed it on terrorists to get the power of a chancellor. Then the burned a German radio station and blamed it on Poland. The rest is history. Anyone who marches with a swastika now is boldly saying look everyone I support the holocaust the the genocide of millions of Jews. That is obscene

  3. Greg makes a valid point. The mass media in the West has targeted White males. You may be very shocked at what is being taught in some of the universities across Canada.

    I can assure you it is the agenda of the left to target White males, Christian values and European history (including and maybe especially philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, Aquinas, etc - if you target the founders of rational thought and critical thinking, you have targeted rational thought and critical thinking itself).

    There is a reason it takes an immigrant from India like Dinesh D'Souza to be able to stand up and say what he is saying and not get called a "racist" more often.

    You just need to take a few moments and watch some of his videos to show the frustration and anger that Greg is, rightfully, feeling.

    However, the media itself is to blame for the nazi and kkk agitators at the North Carolina event. They are the few lunatics that the media wants to show up to discredit everyone else. If you had been there, you would have seen a complete lack of these types at the evening march on campus (which is why it was not shown very often on the media - but swastika flags and kkk pajamas certainly were front and centre!).

    The organizers, if they were serious, would have ensured these few reactionaries (and they are reactionaries) would not have been allowed to attend. Yet, they were part and parcel of the whole plan: parade these reactionaries, of whom not merely a few are police agents and informants.

    Quite often the organizers of these groups are, in fact, police agents provocateur (just look at the Heritage Front in Canada). This is really no different from what another hand in the system is doing with things like 'Operation Fast and Furious'.

    When people think the only ones who are standing up for them are reactionary groups like this they may be attracted, unfortunately, to them. This either puts them under police control/observation or makes them into such radicals that no one will listen to them.

    It is just like the false flag actions you have noted about that couple in Vancouver who were given pressure cookers.

    That is exactly what this is. Look how much it has shown that historical figures, whether politically correct or not, can be revisioned and essentially removed from thought.

    Saul Alinsky trained radicals are allowed to show up, en masse, to ensure families and elderly and all those normal thinking individuals who do not want to be assaulted do not show up.

    So, the two pronged approach, one of making supporters seem like nut cases keeps people away and the other of the very real physical threat keeps others away.

    Then, when the false flag plants do show up and are convinced to do something outrageous, such as drive a car into a crowd during broad daylight with hordes of media around to ensure the action is not only captured for posterity but is broadcast to the world to influence public opinion and masses of police are around to immediately capture the assailant.

    All that has done is literally ensure the censorship of the politically incorrect, alienated sympathetic individuals, fostered misconceptions, reinforced stereotypes and given credence to various actions - which is really no different from the burning of the German parliament and radio station to justify Hitler's actions.

    In fact, Dinesh D'Souza has a new book out entitled 'The Big Lie' where he exposed the Democratic Party's ties to nazis. The link above also includes exposure on the White nationalists used to stage these events. It is well worth taking a look at. You certainly will not find that on CBC. It also stands that proof of credibility, as you mentioned in your newest post.

    Another long comment, but it is complex subject that goes all the way back to the likes of George Lincoln Rockwell and the American Nazi Party, Saul Alinsky, Grant Bristow and countless others!

    1. Blaming the media for Hitler's holocaust is absurd. At some point in life we all have to accept responsibility for our own actions.

      I agree that agitators are sent in to protests to cause violence and make one side look bad. However, the KKK and the American Nazis are bad. That's all there is to it.

      I hate Hilary Clinton. She is an arms dealer and a drug trafficker. That doesn't make Fascism right any more than Fascism makes Communism right. Both are wrong.

      Historically the Democratic Party were indeed tied to the KKK. After thy elected Obama they certainly rose above that past. Yet there is no excuse for marching with the clan or with a Swastika. None whatsoever.

  4. Okay, one more quick comment. This is the video/podcast you need to see/listen to:

    It is D'Souza and it is directly about the White nationalist organizer whom it turns out was one of Obama's guys and part of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

    D'Souza also correctly points out the Robert E. Lee was against slavery.

    Take the 11 minutes and listen/watch, it is WELL worth your time and it is a DEFINITE eye opener!!!

    1. I think most of the inbred hillbillies parading around Charlottesville with swastikas and the KKK didn't vote for Hillary. Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were generals in the confederate army who fought a war for the right to keep slaves. D'Souza does however make a good point about Robert Byrd.


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