Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Kim Jong-un is a terrorist supported by China

The New York Times is reporting that North Korea launched a missile over Japan today. That is an act of terrorism. Here we have a crazed dictator threatening nuclear war launching over 80 test missiles in open defiance of world peace. He threatened to nuke Guam and sent them into panic releasing public bulletins about what to do in a nuclear attack.

Japan needs an Iron Dome Missile Defense system. So dies Guam and Canada. That is the most logical and peaceful solution to the bold defiance of a raging terrorist. Economic sanctions are also in order. China's objections is evidence of their criminal culpability.

Update: North Korea earthquake suggests 6th nuclear test. Canada needs to cease and desist selling Communist China Canadian reactors. We are the ones arming North Korea with nuclear weapons.


  1. "Kim Jong-un is a terrorist supported by China".

    Agreed. The amazing thing about that statement is how many politicians, talking heads etc. could have said that over how many years and yet none of them managed to phrase it exactly that way......the conventional wisdom is still trying to act like China just can't rein him in....

    1. We all know China could rein in North Korea in a heartbeat. They choose not to. They choose to encourage him by making ridiculous statements that oppose sanctions and oppose the Iron dome. That is proof they have vested interest in him.

      The sad reality is the more he misbehaves the more money he gets. Every parent knows you do not reward bad behaviour. That just encourages the bad behaviour:


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