Thursday, November 30, 2023

Tyrel Nguyen Quesnelle convicted of killing Randy Kang

The Abbotsford News is reporting that "A Surrey man has been convicted of the killings of a Surrey gangster and an innocent Abbotsford man and the attempted murder of two others. Tyrel Nguyen (also known by the surname Quesnelle), 24, was found guilty on Monday (Nov. 27) of the first-degree murders of Randy Kang, 27, of Surrey on Oct. 27, 2017 and Jagvir Mahli, 19, of Abbotsford on Nov. 12, 2018. Nguyen was also convicted of the attempted murders of Kang’s brother Gary and the Kangs’ associate, Camilo Alonso, also on Oct. 27, 2017."

OK so let's do the math. Tyrel was with the Brother's Keepers who work for the Edmonton Angels. The Vancouver Sun posted a picture of Tyrel at Ali's funeral with Harb Dhaliwal and his brother Shrek. Shrek was a Jamie Bacon Associate. Gary Kang led a faction of the Red Scorpions that challenged Jamie Bacon's leadership so the Hells Angels killed that faction off so Jamie Bacon could be in charge and they could tax him. Tyrel was friends with Shrek, Shrek was friends with Jamie Bacon. Tyrel shot Randy Kang to pave the way for Jamie Bacon.

Then Jamie Bacon had the audacity to claim the Hells Angels were stealing from him. They weren't stealing from him they were taxing him and if it wasn't for them, Jamie Bacon would be dead and he wouldn't have any money. So now he's in Witness Protection and IHIT continues to race down the Highway to Hell shoveling sh*t everywhere they go. God help us.

Kelowna man sentenced six years for drug trafficking

Vancouver is Awesome is reporting that "A Kelowna man who was found with a kilogram of methamphetamine and fentanyl and half a kilogram cocaine in his apartment back in December 2017 was finally sentenced to significant jail time Wednesday, just five days before he was scheduled to begin trial Jason Keehn, now 38, was arrested in December 2017 as part of a large-scale Kelowna RCMP investigation targeting the Red Scorpion gang."

The Red Scorpions in Kelowna, interesting. Gary Kang was killed by the Red and White in 2021. Jamie Bacon joined Witness Protection in 2022. I guess that means all their drug lines have been taken over by the Wolf Pack and the Edmonton Angels.

Suspicious suicides do exist

OK let's have a calm rational conversation about suspicious suicides. I simply want to make two points. They say in life, sh*t happens. I get it. Things don't always turn out they way we had hoped. Some people get discouraged and give up. I get it. We all know people who have committed suicide and we all know there's always a reason.

The other point I want to make is that some people commit murder and make it look like a suicide so they can get away with murder. It's not rocket science. Case in point, the Shermans.

In 2019 CBC reported that "When billionaire couple Barry and Honey Sherman were found dead in their Toronto home in Dec. 2017, police initially said it was a murder-suicide. But after their family rejected the idea, and a second autopsy came to a different conclusion, the investigation changed to focus on a double homicide."

I remember that. When the Shermans were first found dead, the police claimed it was a suicide and the family said no way. They were both hanged. I didn't realize the police were claiming it was a murder suicide at first. Nevertheless the family said no way. A second autopsy revealed they were strangled before they here hanged. If the family didn't push for it, a second autopsy would not have been performed and that murder wouldn't have been investigated.

Kinda like Brandy Sarionder. Members of the Hells Angels kicked Brandy out of the strip club she created. Then when she opened up a new strip club on Granville members of the HAs killed her and made it look like a suicide. Making it look like a suicide gave the police a reason not to investigate it but everyone local knows she didn't commit suicide.

Then there's Ashley Machiskinic. Ashley was killed for a drug debt. Police initially tried to brush it off as a suicide. She jumped out of a building. Only she was pushed and they threw her shoes out the winder after they pushed her. When the police tried to brush it off as a suicide the community held a protest march insisting it wasn't a suicide.

In the book Road to Hell, it claims Larry Pace (Lars) killed William Wendelborg in a contract hit ordered by Wolf Carroll’s associate Paul Wilson out in David Giles hometown of Halifax. They knocked him out with a baseball bat and injected him with a lethal dose of cocaine. Larry plead guilty to accessory to murder and served ten years less statutory release

Giving someone an intentional overdose is another way criminals get away with murder. Brittany Stinn's alleged overdose is highly suspicious. Who do you think gave her the drugs? He didn't die, she did. That's suspicious. IHIT can pat themselves on the back for that one.

Let's take a look at two other suspicious suicides that involve the police. Constable Nicole Chan and Constable Jasmine Thiara. Both those suicides are highly suspicious.

Dr Tracy Pickett's suicide doesn't make sense.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Ibrahim Ali's brutal rape and Dr Tracy Pickett's suspicious suicide

Update: Suspicious suicides do exist

The Epoch times is reporting that "The judge in the first-degree murder trial of Ibrahim Ali, who is accused of killing a Burnaby, B.C., teenager six years ago, has told the jury to completely disregard the testimony of a witness who died before the end of her cross-examination. Dr. Tracy Pickett, a sexual assault expert called by the Crown, had not finished testifying when she was found dead on Sept. 28." Wait, what? The expert witness died?

In September CBC reported that "Dr. Tracy Pickett, a Vancouver doctor who was found dead on Thursday. Pickett, 55, went missing from her home in the Dunbar area Tuesday night, according to her family. Vancouver police launched an investigation into her disappearance on Wednesday and said they found her remains in the Southlands neighbourhood Thursday."

"Pickett was an emergency physician and a specialist in emergency and clinical forensic medicine who has testified in criminal trials. She had testified at a high-profile sexual assault and murder trial the day she went missing. She was due to testify again Thursday, but did not show up." Yet some how her death is not suspicious. AYFKM?

Medical doctors don't randomly commit suicide in the middle of a high profile case.

She testified that the little girl was brutally raped. She's going to want to finish that testimony. "Crown witness and RCMP forensic biologist Christine Crossman testified last week that only the DNA of Ali and the girl was detected from swabs of her vaginal area, where sperm cells matched Ali's DNA." The POS raped her. He brutally raped a little girl.

He's a Syrian refugee only he doesn't speak Arabic, he speaks Kurdish that means he's from the CIA backed rebels in the north who are the terrorists Syrians complained to Tulsi Gabbard that were raping and torturing people in Syria. Now all of a sudden the expert witness is dead.
He brutally raped her but he didn't kill her. That fails the test of believability. The defense claims there is no evidence now that the expert witness is dead. The DNA evidence is indisputable.

I think the family wants justice. Nothing will bring their daughter back but letting this CIA asset off for a brutal rape and horrific murder would be an abomination. People are rioting in Dublin over this. There's good and bad in every society. I'm all for legal immigration but we need to screen out the criminals and predators because people like this reoffend.

I knew about the DNA evidence from the rape kit on day one. I couldn't publish it until the jury heard that evidence on court. I was waiting for Drea to announce it since she was covering the trial but I must have missed it since other media outlets finally picked up on it. Here's her report on it. The DNA evidence from the rape kit is indisputable.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Alberta seize 6 kilos of fentanyl and 6 kilos of crystal meth

The Alberta Law Enforcement Team is reporting that " More than $2 million worth of drugs and cash has been seized in Red Deer. The seizure is believed to be the city’s largest with large amounts of fentanyl and methamphetamine seized along with nine firearms. ALERT Red Deer’s organized crime team made the seizure on October 19, 2023 after a home on the city’s north side was searched. Red Deer RCMP helped with the execution of the search warrant. The drugs seized have an estimated street value of $2.2 million and included: 6.8 kilograms of fentanyl; 6.5 kilograms of methamphetamine; 0.4 kilograms of cocaine; 1.9 litres of GHB; $17,286 cash.

Red Deer is Red and White. It falls under the jurisdiction of the Alberta Nomads. Trafficking in crystal meth charges against Delmond Kroetsch were stayed in 2017. He was 30. Now he's 43.

South Surrey shooting

There was a shooting in south Surrey this morning. Victim survived and is known to the police. Burnt out car was discovered shortly after the shooting. "Police said the shooting appears to be targeted, adding that the victim is known to be associated with the ongoing B.C. gang conflict."

That's kind of a suspicious comment to make. The ongoing BC gang conflict. There was an ongoing gang conflict between the Bacon Brothers and the UN after the Surrey Six but that's over. A few years ago there was a gang conflict in the Townline area of Abbotsford that involved rivals. Now it's just the Wolf Pack and the Edmonton Angels capping their own guys.

The previous post I made that Google placed behind a warning was about a shooting in Surrey and one in Calgary. I also mentioned the hunter shooting at a deer on the road in Cape Breton. The idea of an armed robbery in Surrey is concerning. It raises the heat on illegal guns.

Tamara Lich still Rocking the Free World

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Vancouver Christmas Market and Fly over Iceland

We went to the Vancouver Christmas market and watched a movie at the fly Over Canada theater at Canada Place today. I haven't been to either for several years. I remember seeing some kind of 3D movie there once when my kids were young. We saved the Soar with Santa one for December and did the fly over Iceland one instead. We thought it was timely since Iceland is waiting for a volcano to erupt. It was awesome.

First we went into a room that was kind of Christmassy and I thought are you kidding me? We have to stand for this? I thought it was going to be like a movie in a theater. Then I realize it was just the preshow. Then we go into another room and I'm like AYFKM - we have to stand for this. Then I realize this is just a waiting room. They tell us to wear the seat belts and I'm like yeah whatever. I guess it's like a pretend your on an airplane kind of thing.

So we strap ourselves in and all of a sudden the wall in front of us comes down and the screen opens right up. I think the bench seat moved forward over the screen. That's what it felt like at least. Then it was like wow. This isn't a movie this is a virtual voyage. I used to take my kids to those at the Planetarium. Seat belts are necessary. You can't experience that on your phone.

The chair lilts forward and side to side so it does feel like you're flying through the air. At several points it felt like we were going to fall out of our chair or hit out feet on the mountains and glaciers as were raced over top them. It was impressive. I'm glad we ate afterwards. I did feel a bit quessey at some points. I'm glad we didn't do two back to back. It was better than I had expected. Next generation 4D with mist of water. I think we could smell grass. I think the 4D thing adds smells to the movie. It was worth seeing and I look forward to soaring with Santa next.
We got a seasons pass at the German Christmas Market. There are lots of nice booths where you can buy hand crafted decorations but there is also a ton of food booths. Today were got the all beef bratwurst and the hurricane potatoes which are a potato on a stick cut in a swirl and deep fried. They're kind of like a healthy potato chip. I'm not really a sauerkraut kind of guy but I love goulash and spaetzle. I don't normally buy those because I can make them as I did my apprenticeship at a German restaurant when I was a kid.

They serve their goulash in a bread bowl which is cool. I tried the mulled wine one year and I had to dump it in a planter. Sugary red wine. That's an oxymoron. Red wine isn't supposed to be sugary. Some people like it. That's not my thing. I did really liked the dark German beer one year but I'm back on the wagon again so I didn't have any this time.

I haven't really celebrated Christmas in a while. It's not because I'm Jehovah's Witness. I just didn't really have a reason to. This year we're going to get out and do stuff. I see they have Christmas lights up at the Capilano suspension bridge. It's a bit pricey but worth while if you get a seasons pass. Just like the gondola on Grouse or the Sea to Sky Gondola. Season's passes are worth it. We're also going to see the Winter Festival at the PNE this year.

3 dead, 2 wounded in Winnipeg shooting

Update: Fourth person dies following West Broadway shooting; police identify victims

2nd Update: Man charged in Winnipeg rooming house shooting - that is fishy as f*ck

CBC is reporting that "Three people are dead and two are critically injured after a shooting on Langside Street early Sunday morning, Winnipeg police say. Police were called to the 100 block of Langside just after 4 a.m., public information officer Jason Michalyshen told reporters at a news conference outside police headquarters. A man and a woman were pronounced dead at the scene, and another three victims — two men and a woman — were taken to the hospital in critical condition, Michalyshen said. One of the men has since died."

"There appeared to be multiple suites in the building where the shooting happened." A man and a woman were pronounced dead at the scene, and another three victims — two men and a woman — were taken to the hospital in critical condition, Michalyshen said. One of the men has since died. The victims are still being identified." The winnipeg Sun is reporting that "Another local resident indicated that there were a couple of gang houses further up on Langside. Megan said she has heard yelling and fighting and gunshots often in the area." This is kind of next level.

Update: One victim of weekend double shooting dies in hospital

This was a different shooting. Winnipeg is experiencing a spike in homicides since 2022.

Update: There are a lot of unanswered questions here because this shooting is definitely abnormal. There was more than one person fatally shot but it doesn't appear they were shooting people at random. They were going through different residences looking for people. A rival gang targeting the entire gang? That's kind of next level. Justin Trudeau's legal gun freeze did not stop it because they didn't use legal guns. They use throw aways that haven't been registered. BTW Ken Hardie is a freak. I live in his riding and I did not vote for him.

Gaza ceasefire and prisoner swap

We see there has been a recent ceasefire in Gaza and a prisoner swap. This is good. Yet we need to look at the irregularities and the realities of what is really going on here.

Who are the Israeli prisoners being released? Are they terrorists? No. They're women and children. The BBC is reprting that "The detainees were chosen from a list of 300 women and minors compiled by Israel. Less than a quarter of those on the list have been convicted - the vast majority are being held on remand while awaiting trial. Most of those listed are teenage boys - 40% of them under the age of 18. There is also one teenage girl and 32 women." Holy Nebuchadnezzar. WTF is really going on here?

"Save the Children surveyed more than 470 children across the West Bank, to hear about their experience of detention and to understand its resounding impact on their lives after release. The children echoed findings by other human rights organisations and painted a similarly bleak picture of the system. A majority reported they had endured a distressing or violent arrest or detention, in most cases at night; a coercive interrogation environment; physical and emotional abuse in detention; and a denial of essential services including an adequate education – all of which constitute a breach of their rights enshrined in international law."

Save the children is also reporting that "Children in the Israeli military detention system face inhumane treatment such as beatings, strip searches, psychological abuse, weeks in solitary confinement, and being denied access to a lawyer during interrogations, new research by Save the Children found." That is the reality and it is an abomination. Times have changed.

Veterans 4 Freedom posted a disturbing video clip from a female Israeli politician. At 5051 she insists that 2 million Palestinians leave Gaza. That's twice the population of Gaza so she is obviously including West Bank in those numbers. At first the politician said letting Palestinians leave Gaza at first was problematic. That's because they were killing them. People used the term genocide. They were killing civilians and a large percentage of whom are children.

Now she's saying OK now we'll let them leave. In fact they all have to leave and we want the international community to take 20 - 50 migrants each. Holy great and abominable. AYFKM? I personally don't have any problem with taking in migrants from Gaza. I have a problem with what's really happening here and how the fake news is misrepresenting it.

Now let's revisit some of the obvious anomalies but before we do that let me restate the obvious. The October 7th Hamas attack was inexcusable. Two wrongs don't make a right. They are both wrong. What's bad for the goose is bad for the gander. The concern that I have is the anomalies surround that attack. First of all how did they get in?

Former Israeli soldiers boldly declare that there is no way anyone can cross that border undetected. When a pigeon or a stork approaches the fence, alarms go off. Yet we saw the black water operatives blow up the fence to let the Hamas terrorists in. That was allowed to happen because Benny Yahoo the globalist in waiting moved all the troops patrolling that border over to West Bank. He let them in. Then he gave the IDF a stand down order forbidding them to engage the Hamas terrorists while they killed Israelis and took hostages. He let them take hostages. That clearly demonstrates the invasion of Gaza was staged.

This whole hostage exchange is a circus side show just like the one in Iran was. This does not mean the Holocaust never happened. This does not mean the earth is flat. The Holocaust did happen and the earth is not flat. That doesn't make me a globalist. It makes me a realist.

Thousands rally in Italy over violence against women after woman's killing

CTV is reporting that "Tens of thousands took to the streets of Italy's main cities on Saturday to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, just as an Italian man suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend was extradited from Germany. The slaying of 22-year-old university student Giulia Cecchettin, allegedly at the hands of her former boyfriend, sparked outrage across Italy, where on average one woman is killed every three days."

Every three days? That's horrific. Domestic violence is an abomination. In North America yuppies exploit the me too movement but that is a valid concern which needs to be addressed.

Dublin had a riot recently after a woman and three children were stabbed by an immigrant. Once again we see a barrage of extremes. Dublin is experiencing an excess of illegal immigration. Genuine concerns have been exacerbated by racism. Remember Ireland at one time elected a fascist government just like Japan did. That was an abomination but we can see how the leftists are creating another manufactured emergency. It's the same problem, reaction solution paradigm.

First they create a problem, then they wait for the reaction before their offer their preplanned solution. BBC is reporting that "Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar said about 500 people were involved in the disorder, adding that they had "brought shame" on Ireland and promising new laws within weeks to bring those involved to justice."

First of all I don't support riots. Rioting and looting is unacceptable for any reason. Second of all I don't support excessive illegal immigration. We address this concern calmly and rationally. As soon as we give into extremists and agent provocateurs, our just cause is lost. We take the bait and fall for the trap to remove civil liberty which was their original objective all along.

Google warning on another blog post

OK this is crazy. This must have been a bot. As soon as I made the last blog post Google placed it behind a warning. WTF? It was instant so it must have been a bot. I have no idea what they could possibly consider sensitive content. The gods must be crazy.

Calgary shooting, Surrey armed robbery and deer shooting in Cape Breton

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Saturday, November 25, 2023

High speed tractor chase in Surrey

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "A police chase along Highway 1 involving a tractor ended with one person arrested and sent to hospital, police say. 'BC Highway Patrol members were dealing with a call for service when they encountered a person driving a tractor on Highway 1 possibly involved in a protest,' Staff Sgt. Duane Honeyman said. Police chased the tractor along Highway 1 until the 176th Street offramp, where it collided with a BC Highway Patrol vehicle. The police vehicle and the tractor were heavily damaged."

Last month a similar police chase occurred with a stolen tractor. Some people are claiming this tractor was involved with a SOGI protest. That is unconfirmed. If it was we need to restate the obvious. SOGI is batsh*t crazy and it has nothing to do with Gay or Trangender rights. SOGI is about the sexualization of children. Yet sideswiping a police vehicle is completely unacceptable.

Jupiter and the full moon

Tonight you can see a big moon with a bright star beside it. That star is Jupiter. It looks awesome. Last month you could see Jupiter beside the moon. Back in 2019 someone took this picture of Jupiter beside the full moon and you can see the moons around Jupiter. That's pretty cool.

GQ honours Palestinian journalist as Man of the Year

Indy 100 is reporting that "GQ Middle East's decision to redefine its prestigious Man of the Year status with purpose has been met with praise, after honouring Palestinian photojournalist Motaz Azaiza and his courageous work. Azaiza is among many brave journalists risking their lives to share the realities of living in Gaza during the war. He has become a symbol of strength, using his platform to inform and inspire others to make change in the world."

The Impact of Israeli Military Detention on Palestinian Children

Inhumane treatment in Israeli prisons

IHIT and the Surrey Six Investigation

As we discuss why BC and Alberta should move away from the RCMP towards Regional policing, let's take a look at how they completely destroyed the Surrey Six Investigation. My website and blog started because of the Surrey six murder. It was a gang hit where two innocent bystanders were executed for simply being witnesses. That atrocity created a public outrage that continues to this day. It is worth noting how the RCMP investigators completely destroyed that case and why.

Derek Brassington was a lead investigator on that case. He was a married man who had a sexual affair with one of the witnesses. The police cover up of that fact caused Jamie Bacon to be tried separately from the others and created huge delays which originally saw him get off. The crown appealed and won. Jamie Bacon was finally convicted for ordering the hit. Then IHIT let Jamie Bacon out of prison into the Witness Protection Program. That was the final nail in the coffin.

The cover up wasn't about one cop having sex with one witness. It went far beyond that. He had an ongoing sexual relationship with Jamie Bacon's girlfriend. He also had an ongoing sexual relationship with DK's girl friend. All the other RCMP investigators knew about it. In fact one of his coworkers watched while he had a threesome with Jamie Bacon's girl friend and another witnesses. It might have been DK's girlfriend or it might have been yet another witness.

The point is this wasn't one cop with one witness. It was one cop with several witnesses and the other officers not only knew about it but they also participated in it. Cody Haevischer’s former girlfriend admitted she frequently drank to excess in the company of police while under witness protection and exchanged highly sexualized banter and jokes with them. It was all consensual but it was a climate of unprofessionalism that didn't just permeate through IHIT, it permeated through the entire RCMP. It started at Depot and never stopped. E Division were the worst offenders.

Craig Callen was the head of E Division which was the RCMP's name for BC. There was a group of swingers that Craig Callen would associate with and promote who the other rank and file officers referred to as the FOCCers - Friends of Craig Callen. Bill Fordy was one of those swingers. He was more worried about getting laid than he was with doing his job.

One time one of Bill Fordy's sexual partners from his unit sent him a booty call by text. Only she sent it to the entire unit by mistake. At one after hours RCMP event Bill Fordy was hanging naked in front of female coworkers with some toilet paper stuck up his ass. They lit it on fire and he had to squirm to try and put the fire out. They called it the dance of the flaming asshole. At least they picked an appropriate name for the event.

Bill Fordy wasn't corrupt, he was just stupid. The RCMP management promoted guys like that because they knew he wouldn't do his job. They weren't concerned with stopping crime. They were concerned with politics which is why they went after Cameron Ortis and are now going after Bill Majcher and Kim Marsh. This new announcement that Ottawa is considering moving the RCMP away from policing towards national security and cybercrime is another lie.

If they were concerned about stopping cyber crime they would have kept Cameron Ortis. When they say national security they are referring to under cover operations bribing drug addicts to commit acts of terrorism in Canada so they can justify breaking their oath and violating the charter of rights. Justin Trudeau doesn't want to stop crime, he wants to promote crime for the same reason he wants to promote gun violence. So he can justify cracking down on civil liberty. That is the WEF's MO and the politicized leadership of the RCMP are a big part of that agenda.

Getting rid of the RCMP and forming Regional policing isn't going to stop cops from sleeping with witnesses. The VPD had a guy that did the same thing. It will however, stop this politicized leadership that disbands units who effectively combat organized crime and transfers competent officers to other departments. That's what I saw in Seattle and that's what I see here now.

Ottawa considers moving the RCMP away from policing

CBC is reporting that "Hours before Farnworth's news conference, the Toronto Star reported the federal government is considering its own big change for the RCMP, one that would turn it away from on-the-ground policing and towards an FBI-style model focusing on national security and cybercrime issues." Alberta and BC are considering getting rid of the RCMP and form a regional police force like Ontario and Quebec, the two largest provinces in the country.

Ottawa's decision to move the RCMP away from on-the-ground policing and towards an FBI-style model focusing on national security and cybercrime may indeed force BC and Alberta to create their own police force. That certainly puts the debate into a completely new perspective.

I had always been an idealist fan of keeping the RCMP. Sadly the politicized leadership of the RCMP have convinced me that is not in Canadian's best interest. That is why I have launched a new website called Get Rid of the RCMP dot ca.

This is where I will explain why I have come to that conclusion. I support law enforcement. I support Police on Guard. I do not support the politicized leadership of the RCMP. They are the Swamp and the only way we can drain the Swamp is by getting rid of the RCMP and forming a Regional Police force that is accountable to the local regions and the people who pay their wages. Ottawa's decision to move the RCMP away from on-the-ground policing and move towards an FBI-style model directly affects BC as BC is the largest contractor of RCMP services.

Thursday, November 23, 2023

RCMP Assistant Commissioner DESTROYS Constable

This is Clinton Jaws on a police excessive force charge. He makes a lot of good points in the video but at 12:53 he shows two new clips showing what happened before the police took the suspect down. The suspect punched a cop in the head after he punched another guy in the head and kicked him in the balls. The cop used the knee on the side of the head technique and was controlling pressure with his hand and opposite foot. They used reasonable force to retrain him.

Civilians have the legal right to use reasonable force to defend themselves. Guess what reasonable force is against a lethal attack? Lethal force. Police have that same right.

It's like that First Nations chief who picked a fight with a cop in Calgary when he was drunk. He was sitting in an uninsured vehicle. He was drunk and combative and kept challenging the police to a fight. One cop tackled him to the ground. He was legally authorized to do so. On the way down the suspect scraped the side of his face. Too bad so sad. He got what he deserved. To claim that was police brutality was absurd. Compare that with how the RCMP musical ride trampled that disabled First Nations grandmother. That was obscene.

This was a civilian peacefully exercising her charter right which the police have sworn an oath to uphold. She was not drunk. She was not combative. She hadn't assaulted anyone or broken any law. The police didn't even have a court order to disband protesters. They simply had a mandate from a tiny little man. It was completely different.

Rebel News showed facebook posts from a member of the RCMP's musical ride chomping at the bit to break his oath and use physical force against peaceful protesters then mocked the fact that they trampled a disabled woman with their horses. That was not heroic. That was a cowardly act that stained all of us. It's time to disband the RCMP in BC and break Ottawa's dysfunctional grip they have on them and make law enforcement locally accountable.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Jury finds Cameron Ortis guilty

Update: Ditch RCMP, set up B.C. police force, MLAs recommend

The signs B.C.'s biggest cities are inching toward regional policing

Municipal debates renew push for regional policing in BC

CTV is reporting that "A jury has found former RCMP intelligence official Cameron Jay Ortis guilty of breaching Canada's secrets law. Prosecutor Judy Kliewer suggested the Crown would seek a prison sentence in the range of 20 or more years, and that's what we expect to see."

That is an abomination. Most people would not believe the RCMP and the CIA would go to that extent to set someone up just to destroy civilian oversight. I'm telling you right now they would and they did. "Defence lawyer Mark Ertel said he was shocked and extremely disappointed at the outcome. He said there would be an appeal. 'I think an innocent man has just been found guilty of six serious offences,' Ertel said. 'I'm really at a loss for words, I can't believe what happened.'"

That because you both believed in the system. The inherit problems is that the system is broken. When looking over the case I heard one criminal defense lawyer predict he would be convicted on the evidence but win on the appeal. There needs to be an appeal.

My conclusion is that the RCMP need to leave. Not only Surrey but BC entirely. The BC NDP need to create a Regional Police Force just like Ontario. That is clearly the only conceivable fix. A bitter tree cannot bring forth good fruit. If the roots are evil, the entire tree is evil.

I feel a bit like the Roman soldier standing at the foot of Christ after he died on the cross and said "We have just crucified a good man." Indeed we have. I salute Cameron Ortis for his flawless integrity and his naive faith in the system that betrayed him. God bless you and your family.

The Crown Prosecutor is a complete a*shole. "Prosecutor Judy Kliewer suggested the Crown would seek a prison sentence in the range of 20 or more years, and that's what we expect to see." 20 years? That's more than what someone gets for manslaughter. I've never seen a drug dealer get 20 years in Canada. They just completely destroyed a good mans life and have absolutely no remorse whatsoever. This guy has a phd in cyber security. He could he a huge asset in investigating real crime but no, the CIA and the RCMP don't want him to do that.

What we're looking at here is the swamp. And the only way we can drain that swamp is if we get rid of the RCMP in BC and form a Regional Police force. Alberta needs to do the same.

Look at how the Crown and the media has misrepresented Tamara Lich and Chris Barber.
If you know anything about Cameron Ortis you know he is very moral and very by the book. If the CIA told him there was a mole in the RCMP and not to tell anyone his mission he would have not told anyone. If the CIA told him there was a serious terrorist threat facing Canada he would have believed him. He probably didn't believe 9/11 was an outside job.

He probably wasn't aware of the Gary Webb story and the CIA's long history of drug trafficking. I am. That means when the CIA defames anyone like Edward Snowden or Julian Assange, I instinctively question it because I know what they are really up to. You really don't think they planted shit on his computer to set him up because they didn't want civilian oversight? They planted those ridiculous passwords to make him look bad. Those were not his.

Do you really think the CIA didn't plant the child porn on that whistle blowers computer? If the CIA will sell heroin and crystal meth and if the CIA will kill people like Major Charles McKee they will set up a guy like Cameron Ortis in a heart beat.

Israel cuts power and drives further south

Update: Journalists being targeted in Gaza

Ben Shapiro's candid criticisms of Candace Owens reveals just how extreme and cult like blind obedience to a globalist has finally come. Everyone can see the anomalies within the Hamas attack and the brutal agenda behind Benny Yahoo's brutal repose.

If Benny Yahoo didn't remove all the IDF watching the border during the attack, there would have been no breach of the Gaza border. If the IDF wasn't given a stand down order, there would have been no hostages. That makes the whole operation suspect.

That statement is not antisemitic. That statement is anti globalist. Benjamin Netanyahu is a globalist tied directly to the WEF. Blind obedience to him is suspicious and foolish.

Candace Owen's crime was to say she objected to the murder of Israeli children just like she objected to the murder if Palestinian children. For that crime Ben Shapiro lost it and said she was completely irrepressible. In reality that statement is completely insane and reveals an agenda.

Ordering the civilian inhabitants to Gaza city to evacuate their homes without letting them have access to electricity, food or water is inhumane. It also reveals their agenda. They are pushing south with tanks and bulldozers in an unprecedented land grab.

I am fully aware the original picture for the Ben Gurion Canal Project shows the canal going around Gaza. It's pretty obvious the shortest route between two pins is a straighten land and that Israel is bulldozing over civilian homes to facilitate that canal. This is corporate communism in full effect. As we speak, IDF forces are driving south well past the city of Gaza deep into the "safe zone" with tanks and drones terrorizing the civilians there just like they did in Gaza city. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is obscene. Hospitals need electricity to function.

Israel ran a few photo ops brings a few suplies to a hospital they raided and shipping incubators for babies. They have incubators. They need the electricity turned on for their incubators to function. Their fake photo ops are simply evil. All these hospitals can;t function without water and electricity. They are performing surgeries without anesthetic for f*cks sake. This brutal invasion following a false flag attack is shameful disgrace. Saying anyone who expresses that concern is complete irresponsible is completely out of touch with reality. It's an offensive lie with an agenda. Blood for oil is evil. Greg kills. Have a heart. Stop the Greed.

Monday, November 20, 2023

Voldemort is Dead

Obviously I'm referring to the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows which was fiction. However, I personally find some of the metaphors in that move timely and comical. Many others don't share my sense of humour. In the movie, someone other than Harry Potter cut the head off the snake. After that happened, Voldemort was weakened and Harry Potter was finally able to kill him. Figuratively of course. After all this is just fiction.

Yet the term cutting the head off the snake is somewhat allegorical. Quite often when dealing with organized crime people use that saying and say we need to cut off the head of the snake. Which means you need to go after the people in charge because if you just go after the minions, nothing will change. When IHIT became compromised after the success of the Kelowna Summer Jam they started charging people the Wolf Pack hired without charging the Wolf Pack for ordering the hit. They even gave people like Damion Ryan free reign to sell drugs simply because his peeps ratted out the people he hired to do a hit. That way IHIT got a bust and the Wolf Pack got a free pass. Just like that helicopter pilot who ratted out rivals to the DEA many years ago.

So in this context, cutting the head off the snake would mean charging Damion Ryan for ordering the hit not the guy who he contracted to do the hit. The reason being if you don't cut off the head of the snake, the snake will simply hire a new hitter and nothing will change.

In this context, cutting the head off the snake would also mean cleansing the inner vessel of corruption. Exactly what the three musketeers were doing before the snake came after all three with bogus charges. In this context the three musketeers are Cameron Ortis, Wild Bill Majcher and Kim Marsh. As we all know, over the years I've had a lot of legal threats and several court challenges. Yet I am still here. Without going into past history, lets review how the gang climate in Metro Vancouver has changed over the years. We all remember Skeletor.

David Giles was the vice president of the Kelowna Hells Angels. He was a drug kingpin that seemed untouchable. That's why I referred to his as Skeletor. When I launched the Kelowna Summer Jam, unbeknown to me the OMGU simultaneous launched an under cover operation in Kelowna targeting David Giles and successfully brought him down. He was convicted of a huge cocaine ring out of Panama and later died of cancer in a Canadian prison.

After that there were two sets of major changes. The BC Liberals disbanded the OMGU and the leadership of the Kelowna chapter changed. I have no problem with the new leadership. In fact, I have no problem with Doc in Whiterock or Jesse in Haney. I don't even have a problem with Bryce in East Van. When Bryce was beefing with Giles I was Team Bryce. Who wouldn't be? Bryce used to race nitrous Harleys. Ya gotta respect that. Giles rode, well, let's not get nasty again. You get my drift. I can't stand Rainbow Ricky but that's neither here nor there.

My point is, since I started my blog the climate of the club has completely changed. That's why I changed directions on my blog. The Hells Angels business is none of my business. What the corrupt politicians are doing is. There's been a couple of other local changes that are noteworthy.

We all know Whiterock cut Larry Amero the heat bag loose and he became part of the Surrey girl chapter who called themselves Westpoint. Which was a complete joke because the closet Larry Amero has ever come to valor is on Xbox. Having said that, I don't have a problem with Randy Jones. He is the Walrus. The only concern I had with him was his ties to Larry after Whiterock cut him lose. However, that might have changed as well.

We know that the Ontario Nomads are back. I heard someone claim Larry Amero is now part of the Ontario Nomads. That is unconfirmed but it is quite possible. Damion Ryan was from the Ontario Nomads before they were disbanded. After the Ontario Nomads were shut down, Damion Ryan was farmed out to Greece which is where Robby was hiding out before he was arrested.

It is therefore quite feasible that if the Ontario Nomads were allowed to reopen, Damion Ryan would have been brought back to that chapter and if he was in that chapter, it would make sense that Larry Amero would be farmed out to the Ontario Nomads since they are both tied to the Wolf pack and are both such heat bags. If that's true then I can honestly say I have no beef with ANY BC chapter. Just Edmonton and the Wolf Pack because they are f*cking things up here royally.

Having said all that, let me throw out a hypothetical situation. We all remember David Giles. He was a drug kingpin empowered by the patch. Imagine what would have happened if he was kicked out of the club and was out in bad standing. That would mean he would have to remove any and all pictures of him wearing colors from his Instagram and have his gang tattoos covered.

In that sense, if David Giles was placed out in bad, that would be another meaning of cutting the head off the snake because it would cripple his criminal enterprise. It would also mean anyone he's ripped off or pissed off over the years would be free to cap him because he would no longer have the protection of the patch.

If he kept doing business in the name of the club after being put out in bad the club would cap him themselves. So needless to say if David Giles was ever kicked out of the club that would indeed put him in a very precarious situation. Thankfully for him that never happened.

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Palestinian Authority claims Israel, not Hamas, committed Re'im massacre

The Jerusalem Post is reporitng that "The Palestinian Authority's Finance Ministry put out a statement on Sunday, denying terror group Hamas was responsible for at least 350 partygoers slain at the Re'im music festival massacre. The statement says that preliminary Israeli police investigations showed that Israeli claims in the media were false, followed up by saying that this was then used by the occupation to justify its aggression against Gaza."

US says Palestinians should govern Gaza after war

Reuters is reporting that " Palestinians should govern Gaza once Israel ends its war against Hamas, the United States said on Wednesday, pushing back against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's idea that Israel would be responsible for security indefinitely."

I agree. Gaza neds local represenation. Hamas shoud be replaced by Fatah not Israel.

Connecting the dots in the Cameron Ortis case

Update: Undercover sting to lure suspects to 'honeypot' encrypted email service

Before I jump to any conclusions in the Cameron Ortis case lets examine the facts that have been revealed and connect the dots so everyone can come their own conclusions after they analyze the data the fake news isn't reporting. Before we do that let's set the stage so we can clearly see the players on the field and see that history often repeats itself until we learn from it.

William J. S. Elliott was the first civilian Commissioner of the RCMP. He was appointed by Stephen Harper. Needless to say the RCMP did not like that. They harassed him until he resigned. The RCMP do not like civilian oversight and public accountability. They are the epitome of an old boys club. I once heard a local officer state that the RCMP are so arrogant they think their sh*t doesn't stink. We also know the RCMP are very territorial. That's why they sabotaged Operation Phoenix. To get the Regional jurisdiction they lost back.

The RCMP had three class action sexual harassment law suits and numerous abusive management complaints and law suits. The abuse started at Depot and never stopped. That's why the allegations that William Elliott the first civilian commissioner was verbally abusive didn't make sense. The existing management was abusive. He wasn't raised with that Depot mentality and they resented it because they felt Depot made them superior to other police agencies. When trainers are having sex with trainees, that's a Gong Show. It's not a superior form of training.

One minute they're claiming he was verbally abusive and the next minute they are deriding him for wearing a police uniform. Who was really abusing who?

Cameron Otis was hired shortly after William Elliott became Commissioner. Bob Paulson and Todd Sheen wanted to bring RCMP Intelligence up to snuff so they created the OR short for Operations Research to coincide with the NIC which was short for the National Intelligence Coordination Centre. They put Ortis in charge of the OR because Ortis had a phd in Cyber security. He definitely raised the bar as far as improving RCMP competence.

The court transcripts described the rivalry between the OR and the NIC. When Ortis was put in charge of the NIC, that department lost their sh*t. They didn't want a civilian in charge of their department just like they didn't want a civilian for a commissioner. So they started to do to Cameron what they were already doing to William Elliott. They started a paper trail of bogus verbal abuse complaints. Ortis was a civilian. He wasn't raised with the Depot abusive mentality. Bob Paulson and Todd Sheen knew it was BS. That's why they didn't pursue it.

The NIC even filed a lawsuit. Kinda like the Keep the RCMP in Surrey crew. Marie-Claude Arsenault, the woman who missed the promotion because of Ortis, joined that lawsuit. According to Todd Sheen's testimony her husband lead the bogus investigation into Ortis. That was a huge conflict of interest and the fake news omitted that fact in their coverage of the trial. So we see a pattern of how the RCMP derided and harassed the two civilians who tried to make a difference.

Here's how far it went. Todd Sheen groomed Cameron Ortis to take over for him when he retired which he did. Bob Paulson was grooming Cameron to take over for him as Commissioner when he retired. Bob Paulson wanted to give Ortis a badge and the old boys club had an aneurysm. That's when they called for outside assistance. Here's how the set up went down.

A foreign intelligence agency contacts Ortis directly and tell him three things. First they tell him the RCMP has a mole. Second they tell him Canada is facing a serious terrorist attack. Third they give him a list of ten names and states they have access to confidential RCMP information because of moles within the RCMP just like Edmonton did for years. They tell him to contact these people and try and convince them to use a German encryption called tutanota so they can monitor them. Three of the four people they accuse him of contacting were names on the list that the foreign intelligence agency told him to contact to try and convince them to use tutanota. The fourth person was the son of one of the names on the list. Since the father wasn't residing in Canada he was out of Ortis' jurisdiction and since Ortis is so meticulously by the book he contacted his son who was residing in Canada instead.

This shows us two things. It shows us that Ortis was completely by the book and he was completely set up. The foreign intelligence agency tells him to contact these people because they know moles so they can track them and the RCMP charges Ortis for doing what the foreign intelligence agency asked him to do. It was a set up from within and from without. I called this from day one when the CIA held a press conference making false allegations against him that didn't make sense. Now they are going after two other expert money laundering investigators because the CIA are the money launderers. They're also the terrorists. I rest my case.

One other thing. The fake news reported that Cameron Ortis had some strange passwords for the material they mysteriously found on his computer years after he was alleged to have done something wrong. Passwords used from Nov 6 morning testimony pages 34 to 37: Ontario sucks 57, Montreal is slightly 58, eastern toadies gat trash 59, bodum eastern Canada blows 63, awful terrible Ottawa crap 62. Aside from being completely out of character, on the stand he stated that he did not remember ever having those passwords. They don't really meet the criteria of a high level security password. Their claim he had those passwords fails the test of believability. It was a ridiculous add on to their false narrative.

Notice how Cameron keeps taking the high road in his testimony. He never comes right out and says they planted false information on my computer. He simply says I don't recall ever making those specific passwords. They ask him how did it get on your computer. He simply says I don't know and leaves it up to everyone else to do the math. He also gives a legitimate reason why those claims don't make sense.

Marie-Claude Arsenault, the woman from the NIC who missed the promotion because of Ortis, testified that it seemed as though he had an axe to grind and that he was trying to destroy the RCMP. Aside from being highly unlikely and completely false, it showed that they were trying to profile him. They were building a case and were trying to portray him as a disgruntled lone wolf. They planted those fake passwords on his computer to defame him. As a result, after Ortis' arrest, the OR has been disbanded. Civilian oversight has disappeared. Mission Accomplished.

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Brandon Straka and Lara Trump #WalkAway

Hodge Twins discuss Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro

This is kind of sad but I was wondering where this was going to go over the Gaza coverage at the Daily Wire. Ben Shapiro is Jewish. He's going to have a biased opinion just like Ezra Levant and Avi over at Rebel News. So evidently Ben Shapiro was recorded trashing Candice Owens over her position on the Gaza invasion and she was interviewed by Tucker Carlson about it. The Hodge Twins of course threw in their comical commentary on the matter.

It kind of shows the problematic nature of putting all your eggs into one basket. Rebel News and the Daily Wire do great work. One has to wonder why they are both supporting a Globalist in Israel who is tied to the World Economic Forum's twisted brand of Communism.

If the World Economic Forum is bad, how can Benny Yahoo be good?

Alberta Covid emergency inquiry with Preston Manning

Update: CDC Reports Largest Infant Mortality Rate Increase in 20 Years

True North is reporitng that "Former Reform Party leader Preston Manning was tapped by the Alberta government to lead an inquiry into Alberta’s legislative response to Covid. The panel found that Albertans need better protection against infringements on their rights and freedoms and that Alberta’s emergency management agency – not public health officials – should take the lead on emergency response. The panel also recommends against school closures, which it found should only be a last resort and for as short a time as possible. Manning joins True North’s Andrew Lawton to discuss the panel’s report and recommendations."

OK so let's navigate the political climate of Covid overreach. Preston Manning is well respected. He was the leader of the Reform party that swept the West and gained a vast majority of the seats in parliament out here. It was a common sense movement based on fiscal responsibility stating that leaving our children unnecessary debt is unwise.

It was created in response to Brain Mulroney's abandonment of Conservative values and his adoption of pork barrel politics. The right became just as bad as the left in balancing the budget so the Reform party was born. Unfortunately the East saw it as a separatist party and couldn't see the forest through the trees. Separatism had nothing to do with it. It was about common sense.

Sadly, Preston Manning merged back with the same pork barrel conservatives that they had rebelled against just to get a conservative elected. Only Stephen Harper wasn't a conservative. He was another Brian Mulroney who hated the Charter of Rights and was not fiscally responsible. He'd rob from Peter to pay Paul. He had just as much pork barrel rewards and insider trading as Lyin Brian did. That's how Justan Idiot got elected.

The Covid pandemic taught us a lot about government over reach, political opportunists, witnessing the fake news explosion and the complete meltdown of the mainstream media's credibility. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

As I have consistently said right from the begging, blind obedience to anyone or anything is blind. Bonnie Henry and David Eby are raging lunatics but they didn't start out that way.

When the BC NDP had a minority government they weren't quite as extreme with their Covid over reach as Jason Kenny and Doug Ford were. In the beginning of the pandemic Jason Kenny and Doug Ford embraced the globalist model just like Benny Yahoo did over in Israel. Those aren't conservative values. Those are corporate communist values and thus we see leftist extremists meet right wing extremists at the other end of the scale in the form of dictatorship. That is why we need to balance the extremes and protect civil liberty at all costs.

As time moved on the tables turned. Jason Kenney saw the writing on the wall and started to back peddle before he was finally removed from office as did Doug Ford. Sadly in BC the NDP took the other route. As soon as the BC NDP broke out of a minority government they showed their true colors and their government over reach became extreme.

When even the WHO declared the pandemic over and everyone started treating Covid like the seasonal flu, Bonnie Henry and David Eby's punitive measures became shockingly absurd.

1) The pandemic is over. We can debate whether or not it was real but we cannot debate whether or not it is over. When viruses mutate they get weaker not stronger. Omicron was less severe than the seasonal flu. Everyone now treats Covid like the seasonal flu as they should.

2) Concerns with Covid Rna vaccines are valid. Traditional vaccines stay in your arm. The body sends anti bodies to the arm to fight off the virus and the body develops immunity. Rna vaccines are different. The Rna causes the virus to bypass the immune system and enter the organs. That is why so many young healthy men and kids develop myocarditis from the Covid Rna vaccines. The data shows that the rise in miscarriages and all cause mortality after the Covid Rna vaccine roll out means people have a right to be concerned and a right to make their own decision about that kind of invasive vaccination. Especially when they spike vaccines with fertility drugs.

3) Knowing that, Bonnie Henry and David Eby's demand that nurses and Health Care practitioners still get the Rna vaccine is punitive and Bill 36 is insanely ridiculous.

This isn't about left versus right. RFK would come to the same conclusions Preston Manning has. This is about extremists adopting the UN's New World Order that seeks to enslave everyone.