Monday, October 3, 2022

Randy Kang was executed by the Edmonton Hells Angels

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "Less than three weeks before gangster Randy Kang was shot to death, his family hosted a Thanksgiving dinner attended by his accused killer, a prosecutor said in his opening statement in B.C. Supreme Court on Monday."

"Crown lawyer Joe Bellows said the anticipated evidence at the trial of Tyrel Nguyen Quesnelle will show that Nguyen and another man alleged to be involved in the Oct. 27, 2017 Kang murder but not charged, as well as a former friend-turned-Crown witness, all attended the Kang family home for the holiday feast." OK so let's do the math.

The accused, Tyrel Hieu Nguyen Quesnelle, was arrested in Edmonton. Just like the two kids who shot Ali were. Tiffany Crawford reported that "In December 2019, Keepers associate Tyrel Nguyen Quesnelle was charged with the October 2017 murder of Randy Kang, a former associate turned rival of the Keepers’ gang."

The Brother's Keepers were hired by the Edmonton Hells Angels to take over the drug trade in Surrey. Tiffany Crawford reported that Randy Kang was a former associate of the Brother's Keepers turned rival. That means he fell out of favor with the Edmonton Hells Angels so they killed him just like they killed Ali and Anees Mohamed. That's what that means.

The court was told that both shooters attended Thanksgiving dinner with Randy Kang and his family. Isn't that nice. Then we hear a former friend-turned-Crown witness. Oh really? That has Wolf Pack written all over it. The co accused turns crown witness so the shooter gets convicted while the person who ordered the hit gets off and can keep selling drugs. That is IHIT and the CFSEU's MO. Just sayn. Wolf Pack doing the MC Hammer. That's the way they roll.

I don't know which chapter in Edmonton is responsible for the Brother's Keepers in Surrey but I do know one of them is. Find out which one and the president of that chapter is the one behind all this violence. Edmonton has three chapters plus Nomads. Edmonton, Westridge and Hellside. Hellside is new so I can't see them getting Surrey. That's a lot of money. However, Hellside has ties to Haney so I can't be sure. It's possibly a senior member broke off to start Hellside.

The reason they have so many chapters is because it's like a Ponzi scheme. Not every member of the Hells Angels sell drugs and not every member of a chapter profit from the drug sales the chapter endorses. It's just one member and one associate acting under the direction of the local executive. They keep starting new chapters because more people want a piece of the pie. As opposed to Thailand where the Australian Hells Angles killed their own guy so another member could take over his drug line. No L&R there.

Dominic DiPalma Jr. was sentenced to six years for drug trafficking not long after I said he was the member in charge of the Whiteboy posse's drug sales. Alberta gang task force caught him with 1.8 kilos of cocaine after I warned him. Hells Angel Blake Christie was arrested along with Dominic DiPalma but was killed before the trial. No L&R there either.
September 2012 Two Edmonton Hells Angels were sentenced to 10 years for trafficking cocaine in Fort McMurray. Neil Cantrill was an Edmonton Hells Angel convicted of kidnapping, assaulting and extorting a guy in BC who ran a grow for him simple because the guy wanted to retire. That was a pretty sleazy thing to do but is yet another example of an Edmonton Hells Angel having jurisdiction in the BC drug trade. The guy that ran the grow for him lived in West Kelowna.
They sure obsess over their 666. Others prefer 888. It's a lot more civilized. 666 is pretty juvenile. It's also very uneducated. We all know where that road leads. Wickedness never was happiness. If you're evil, you're no friend of mine. Pedophilia is evil. I don't support that. If you support evil, you support pedophilia. Betraying a brother is evil. If you support evil, then you support betraying a brother. I do not. Testifying against a co accused so you don't have to go to jail is evil. It's also lame. Supporting evil means supporting lies and when you are surrounded by lies, nothing you have is real. You live is a world of lies, greed and misery. Good luck with that.

I really don't care if you kill your own guys. I'm just saying own it and stop lying about it.

Take a look at this recent drug bust in Alberta. Among those arrested was Talal Fouani. That's the guy who was shot in Calgary in August. He survived but his wife didn't. They killed her. They shot him because he testified against a co accused. Now he gets busted for drug trafficking. So he was drug trafficking after he testified against a co accused? That's kind of a Micheal Kramer.

Micheal Kramer brutally murdered Cynthia Garcia. He testified against the underlings who helped him and ran over a full patch co accused during a funeral. Now he's running a prostitution ring for the Hells Angels and the ATF. That is the New World Order and it's pretty f*cked up so it is.


  1. Damion Ryan's uncle is a long time Edmonton HA, I only met him a few times about 20 years ago or so at that time he looked to be early to mid twenties who knows. Damian is half Native and 1/4 Croatian and 1/4 Greek The uncle is on the Greek side. I won't name him. You can do the homework if you want.

    1. Interesting connection, thanks. Is his Uncle in the Witness Protection Program too? I guess not. Alberta isn't as compromised as BC is.

  2. Let's not over look the fact that T-savs (tyrels) uncle was just released in April 2022 and was shot Oct.10th /2022 (as youve reported already), almost a week after this trial started.

    1. That's the way the Wolf Pack roll... on the people they hire.


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