Thursday, October 6, 2022

Chinese police stations in Canada

The Tornoto Sun is reporting that "It’s alarming news that the Chinese government has apparently set up police stations on Canadian soil. It’s also plain unacceptable and shouldn’t be allowed to happen. The allegations are contained within a report by a human rights watchdog called Safeguard Defenders, which takes a keen and critical eye of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) actions abroad. They claim the same problem has arisen in other major cities around the world. One of the main things the officers working at these stations do, according to the report, is keep an eye on Chinese nationals living in Canada. There are very real worries that they are bullying Chinese people who simply want to live freely in Canada."

"For example, if a Chinese national or person originally from China wishes to speak ill of the CCP they should be allowed to exercise their free speech rights. But will they receive a knock on their door from these liaison officers? Will their family back home face consequences? These are valid questions. It’s all very worrisome." CSIS is not the answer. They are part of the problem. Getting rid of Justin Trudeau is the logical solution. Chinese police training in B.C. a sovereignty risk.

In July and August 2022: 1,850 Falun Gong Practitioners Arrested or Harassed for Their Faith


  1. How is this even permitted? These stations should feel very unwelcome operating here by our Security Services. It is almost as absurd as RCMP officers protecting CI’s who sell Fentanyl.

  2. Canada has lost its moral compass. So few truly care enough to fight the greed and corruption that makes shit like this possible.
    We are the only country in the world where the words polite and stupid are interchangeable.
    What a sad state of affairs.

    1. Yes but I think a lot of people are waking up. It's just that they're being censored and misrepresented in the fake news so you don't see them unless you attend a rally and see it for yourself.

  3. Read about the Chinese government police stations in Canada in an eastern paper. Apparently there are 3 in Toronto. The Chinese governments response has been the offices are there to help Chinese nationals renew driver's licenses, etc. right.
    All the Canadian government has to do is order the people who work in these places to leave, as in not welcome, spies are not part of the diplomatic core, well they are, but they're not supposed to be. Canada has expelled other representatives of countries which weren't "friendly". Its time to send a message to China loud and clean. Your government representatives are not welcome in Canada and neither are their activities.
    China has these "police stations" in other countries also. They simply set up shop. They dont advise the host country nor do they ask for permission, they just do it.
    These police stations are contrary to Canadian sovereignty.

  4. When your debt is owned by the is the case in the USSA or your pension funds are federally and privately invested in the CCP as is the case with Chinada .....than the permission to set up shop is no longer needed.


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