Saturday, October 15, 2022

Ken Sims elected mayor of Vancouver

Ken Sims was elected by a substantial margin as mayor of Vancouver over the incumbent Kennedy Stewart. More importantly, Ken Sims' party, ABC Vancouver, won seven of the ten seats on council. Kennedy Stewart was a mayor without a party. Ken Sims is in a position to make a difference. I do not believe Brenda Locke received more votes than Jinny Sims and all the other candidates in Surrey. That ridding needs a legitimate physical recount with scrutineers. 973 votes.


  1. I agree. it seems fishy that so many people in Surrey would vote for an old fat white lady. Brenda reminds me of an ugly Jessica Kane. Who did Brenda sleep with and rob to get that many votes?

    1. I don't think she got that many votes. Dominion voting strikes again. She didn't have the support of the Indo Canadian community in Surrey.


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