Thursday, October 6, 2022

Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion

The Hart Group is reporting that "A new version of events starts to become acceptable. News Uncut & Oracle Films premiered a documentary – SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: A SECOND OPINION. It is harrowing viewing with testimony from several vaccine-injured and needs to be shared widely. A new group called DoctorsForPatientsUK has started weekly online seminars and, separately, a conference in London on October 15th will try to focus on the way forward, as more and more doctors are beginning to realise the harms that are occurring."

Meanwhile back on the ranch, Canada has once again have fallen behind the rest of the world when it comes to following the real science. Giving people psychiatric drugs for refusing the vaccine opens Pandora's box. The Covid RNA vaccine is not a traditional vaccine. It doesn't stay in your arm like other vaccines. The RNA helps it bypass the immune system and enter the organs. That's why so many athletes and youth are developing heart problems.


  1. "First do no harm". WhoTF comes up with this stuff? Medicine in the tradition of Dr. Mengele. Every one of them who goes along with this needs to have their Medical License permanently yanked for cause.

    1. Yeah I think the medical doctors in Communist China who are performing organ transplants from living political prisoners are doing some harm. That is unethical.


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