Saturday, October 22, 2022

Three people charged in BC University Golf Club killing

City News is reporitng that "Three people have been charged with first degree murder after the death of 38-year-old Vishal Walia. Walia was killed in the targeted shooting at the University Golf Club on the UBC Endowment Lands on Monday. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team identified the suspects as 18-year old Deandre Baptiste, 22-year-old Balraj Basra, and 21-year-old Iqbal Kang. All three were arrested on Oct. 17 and are currently in custody."

Evidently they crashed into the police after they torched the car.


  1. Only goofs, would shoot in daylight outside a westside golf course, in additional burning a car in Dunbar is pretty stupid. These criminals are getting dumber every day.

  2. Unfortunately it doesn't make them any less dangerous.


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