Wednesday, October 5, 2022

OPEC debates cutting oil production

Speaking of absurd headlines coming out of Global News, today's read OPEC debates cutting oil production in response to falling oil prices. They say that as though falling oil prices is a bad thing. Well it's not. Falling oil prices is good for consumers and helps offset inflation. Everything we buy in stores gets shipped there by truckers. Jacking up the price of gas jacks up the price of everything we buy in stores. Corporate monopolies are bad for consumers.

Let's connect the dots and do the math. After creating a manufactured emergency in the Ukraine to justify a boycott of Russian oil and a halt to the twinning of the Natural gas pipeline to Germany, gas prices and heating bills skyrocketed. Iran starts to release some oil reserves to help ease the burden and the Globalists freak. What Saudi Arabia is doing is haram.

If Germany replaces industrial coal with natural gas, the air quality in Europe and the world will greatly improve. They don't want that because they don't care about the environment. They only care about Communism. When rich Capitalists fund Communism it's not to share their wealth. It's to increase their wealth by turning consumers into slaves.

The other absurd headline was gas drops to 161.9 per litre for national average. WTF? BC is sure pulling that average up so what are they paying in other provinces? Today I filled up at 235.9 per litre. The price of oil drops so they spike the price of gas. It's a fraud. They made up some bullsh*t story about refining the gas in Washington State. It comes from Alberta to Vancouver. Is sent to Washington State to be refined and sold back to us at an insane profit.

What's wrong with that picture? Yeah we need a refinery here. They don't want us to have one because they don't want us to be self reliant. They want us to be slaves. That's why they are killing domestic production. It creates a lot more greenhouse gas shipping the oil from overseas than it does through a pipeline to Alberta. We already have oil refineries in Prince George and in Burnaby. If we need another one then build another one. This fraud cannot continue forever.


  1. No lie can live forever. Unless such lie is forever proclaimed and financed by Canadian politicians through taxpayer funds. Incredibly frustrating.

  2. Great summary! Was it a former RCMP commissioner who cited a "virtual floating matrix of organized crime which has penetrated to the heart of government itself"? I forget the source.


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