Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Police on Guard interview with Dr Peter McCullough

Police on Guard is reporitng that "In our most recent interview, we host experts who uncover the data which paints a completely different picture than the main stream media and governments portrayal of the virus and the vaccines. From vaccine injury data to first person testimonies corroborating the information, it is clear that the safe and effective narrative has crumbled."


  1. If there is to be any hope, we have a great and pressing need for Police who will not do whatever they are told by corrupt politicians, who they should be investigating and arresting.They need to be "True North" Canadians first and foremost, even more so that the citizenry. With greater power comes greater responsibility.

    Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong. "Do the right thing."

  2. Finally ... somebody in Govt. that's not afraid to do the right thing .....

    Alberta Premier Danielle Smith on the unvaccinated: "They're the most discriminated against group that I've ever witnessed in my lifetime … I find that unacceptable" .....


    1. Here's one of her denouncing the WEF:


  3. Everyone involved in the WEF knows exactly what they were doing. "Malice aforethought." Treason and Subversion.


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