Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Cross examination of OPP intelligence officer during Emergencies Act hearings

OPP intelligence says convoy protests presented no ‘credible’ threat of extremist violence

Ottawa Police Officer Pleads Guilty for Donation to Convoy.
From grandparents to kids, convoy protesters unlike any other: OPP chief superintendent

True North is reporting that "The chief superintendent in charge of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) response to the Freedom Convoy said the profile of demonstrators was unlike any he’d ever seen at a protest."

“The profile of the protester for this event was none like I’ve ever seen in my 36-year career,” he said. “We had everything from grandparents – you know, my first day in this assignment I was shown a picture of two officers that had worked for me in the past, who retired, who were in the crowd – we saw children, we saw a lot of crestfallen police officers in the crowd, nurses . It wasn’t your normal group of people that you’re dealing with.”

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