Sunday, April 30, 2023

Indonesia Ditches Dollar For Local Currency

Update: Zimbabwe To Launch Gold-Backed Digital Currency

Great Game India is reporting that "The country’s central bank governor said that Indonesia is following the lead of BRICS countries in de-dollarization as it ditches the dollar in favor of its local currency. Indonesia has become the latest addition to a growing list of countries that have given up settling overseas trade in US dollar and instead have started using its local currency."

There's nothing wrong with that. It's common sense. Why are foreign countries trading in US dollars? That doesn't make sense. They are free to use their own currency. When Russia and China announced a new currency, my concern was not the currency. They are free to buy oil in whatever currency they want. My concern was the possibility of Russia and China reverting to the old style Communism of East Berlin and the Gulag. However, the Berlin Wall came down.

Russia is no longer Communist. The CIA's obsession to demonize Russia and Iran while they canonize Saudi Arabia is insane. Women have more rights in Iran than they do in Saudi Arabia. Russia and Iran have oil. The CIA and the WEF want to cut production to raise prices so their manufactured emergency will justify implementing their insane agenda.

Great Game India is reporting that "According to a report from The New Indian Express, India has signed a deal to adopt Moscow’s SPFS system for banking payments to Russia."

Great Game Idia is also reporting that "Over the course of the coming few years – as the supply chains break down and people watch their savings eroded into worthlessness; as the media spoon-feeds us more cover stories and politicians begin floating the notion of food rationing, GMOs, digital IDs and eventually carbon-based social credit systems – a sizeable segment of the population are going to find themselves confronted with the question, Who is Klaus Schwab?"

Stakeholder Capitalism is a bad brand of Communism. We can do better. Much better.

Saturday, April 29, 2023

North Delta Shooting

The Delta Police Force is reporting that "On April 28th, 2023, at approximately 7:50 pm, the Delta Police Department responded to 911 calls reporting a shooting that had just occurred in the 7800 block of 119th Street. Upon arrival, our officers located one male with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds. Emergency medical care was provided at the scene and the victim has been transported to the hospital for medical treatment. The victim of this shooting is known to police and is involved in the British Columbia Gang Conflict."

BTW Delta has it's own police force and Surrey is bigger than Delta. Just sayn.

Tucker Carlson fired from Fox News

WTF? I guess Fox News is reverting to the Republican globalists that support the World Economic Forum. Sad but not surprising. This is why we need alternate news sources. Without Tucker Carlson, Fox News has nothing to offer. The world turns to vlogs and podcasts. Why Fox Fired Tucker: Great Game India

Snowshoeing in the sunshine on Seymour

I went snowshoeing on Seymour today. It was very sunny and very warm. Completely different from 9 days ago. It was much colder then and the mountain had fresh snow. Today felt like a summer day. I took some video clips on my phone and and posted them on my vlog at Gan Jing World but I ran out of memory at First peak.
I went on to second peak but didn't have any video so I posted a couple of pictures on my other blog at Gan Jing World. That will be my back up blog in case Google keeps f*cking with me and censoring my sh*t. If fact, if Google is censoring you I'd say come on over.
When I was basking in the sun at second peak eating lunch two mature eagles and two juvenile eagles were soaring over head. I assume the two brown ones were juveniles but I'm not sure. They were huge and had white under their wings. I've seen lots of juvenile eagles perched in trees at Harrison Mills but I haven't seen under their wings when they fly. They might have been Golden Eagles. It was a pretty majestic site so it was. Yeah they were Juvenile bald eagles.

Friday, April 28, 2023

A Message for Xi Jinping: Part 1 and 2

This is my fist video blog on a new platform called Gan Jing World. Gan Jing means clean so Gan Jing World means Clean World. This is another sound alternate to YouTube's censorship and demonetization of conservatives. This platform has a very positive theme. They don't want anything hateful or criminal. No trash, just positive content. That is the kind of society I want to live in and that is the kind of social media platform I endorse.

My first two videos are a message for Xi Jinping. No two people agree on every issue but no two people disagree on every issue either. We all have common ground. Xi wants peace in the Ukraine. So do I. I also want my Falun Gong friends to be set free. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. As Abraham Lincoln said, "Stand with any man as long as they stand right and part with them when they go wrong." The CIA has gone wrong in the Ukraine.

This is Part 2 - The Dragon Awakes. Finian extends an olive branch to Xi Jinping.

Part 3 - Xi: Come walk with me. Snowshoeing on Mount Seymour.

Part 4 - The Dragon and the Bear: Clean Energy

Surrey Six Police misconduct reopened

CBC is reporting that "The Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed an appeal from Crown lawyers who were seeking to deny a hearing into claims of police misconduct and cruel in-custody treatment that allegedly tainted the convictions of the killers involved in the so-called Surrey Six murders in 2007."

"It means that Cody Haevischer and Matthew Johnston — who, in 2014, were tried together and found guilty of six counts of first degree murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder — will be granted a full evidentiary hearing in B.C. Supreme Court over the matter."

"Haevischer and Johnston, both members of a criminal organization called the Red Scorpions, tried to bring evidence at their trial alleging police misconduct and poor treatment in hopes of a stay of proceedings. The trial judge allowed some evidence, but ultimately concluded that even though the allegations were serious, the 2007 murders in a Surrey, B.C., high-rise — which included the killings of two innocent bystanders — were so shocking that a stay of proceedings would not be appropriate."

"In the judge's view, there was no reason to further consider the applications in a full hearing to hear all of the accused's evidence. Haevischer and Johnston — who received mandatory life sentences — appealed the decision. The B.C. Court of Appeal ruled in 2021 that they should be allowed to seek a stay of proceedings for abuse of process and ordered an evidentiary hearing, but it stopped short of overturning their guilty verdicts."

"Lawyers for Haevischer and Johnston argued last October before the Supreme Court of Canada that the men were wrongfully denied an opportunity to provide evidence that B.C.'s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team exploited the trust of key protected female witnesses in order to have sex with them, including girlfriends of the men they ultimately charged."

"The case has been further complicated since those arguments because Johnston died of cancer in December 2022." But did he really? Matthew Johnston was the one Jamie Bacon tried to convince to join him in Witness protection. Then he all of a sudden died of cancer with no previous symptoms. The RCMP completely screwed up this investigation in every way possible.

Derek Brassington, one of the IHIT investigators, was having threesomes with witnesses. It wasn't just one witness. This is the same RCMP Brenda Locke wants to keep in Surrey over the already formed Municipal force. The scales of justice declare that the nature of the misconduct does not warrant murderers to walk free but it does warrant a municipal police force in Surrey.

Rise above it all like the Lotus

In my second video blog that I posted on my new Gan Jing Wolrd Channel I mentioned the Lotus and how a blooming lotus is symbolic of enlightenment. I find it a metaphorical representation of the transformation of my personal understanding of global affairs and how it applies to the many prophecies yet to be fulfilled. Abraham Lincoln said Stand with any man as long as he stands right and part with them when they go wrong. So mote it be.

BC NDP strongly recommends Surrey continues transition

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "The B.C. government has strongly recommended the City of Surrey continue its transition to a municipal police force and has offered to discuss financial support to protect Surrey taxpayers."

Hey guys, you might want to audit the last civic election in Surrey. Electronic voting can be audited right? I'm mean it would be pretty foolish to create a system that can be hacked without creating a mechanism to audit the results and validate it's authenticity in case it was ever hacked.

I guess if they defiantly reject the government's strong recommendation the government can simply create a provincial police force like Ontario. Surrey is the largest City in the country without it's own police force. Understanding why they want to prevent Surrey from progressing explains why it's so important to do so.

Oficial Statement from Wake Up Surrey which is a huge grass roots movement in Surrey.

"We appreciate the provincial government's commitment to supporting the transition with financial resources. Some people have created a false narrative that the transition will be a financial burden, but we firmly believe that the benefits of the transition far outweigh any costs."

"We urge Mayor Brenda Locke to support the provincial government's recommendations and continue the transition to the Surrey Police Service (SPS) with a new approach that seeks to reconcile differences among residents."

"We understand that there have been some divisive issues in the past, but it is essential to move forward together and work towards a safer and more united community. We appreciate the support of all residents who have joined us in advocating for improved policing in Surrey, and we remain committed to working towards a safer and better future for all. Thank you."


for Wake Up Surrey

Thursday, April 27, 2023

The Misrepresentation of Pride Flags

CIA rejects Xi Jinping's Ukraine Peace Plan

The CIA driven fake news is reporting that "China and Ukraine's leaders speaking this week raises the unflattering prospect of Kyiv and the West having to reject a Chinese proposal to end the Ukraine war, analysts say." Wow, I never thought I'd see the day when Xi Jinping and I agree on something. I support Peace in the Ukraine. The CIA does not. This ties in with my new Vlog.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Justin Trudeau wants to becomes a cocaine dealer in BC

Update: After the initial controversy last month Adastra issued a retraction and clarification. However, Slater Vecchio LLP announced a proposed class action lawsuit against Adastra which was reported two weeks after the announcement and retraction.

2nd Update: There seems to be a great deal of backpedaling. The intent of Justin Trudeau to sell cocaine in BC is clear. Now the company is back peddling and saying they're just allowed to manufacture it. Common sense asks what they intend on doling with it after they manufacture it? The intent is to sell it. The intent is not to stock pile it forever.

There has been a whirlwind of events, both good and evil, that I need to catch up on. The first announcement is that Justin Trudeau has officially become a cocaine dealer in Langley to the astonishment of the BC NDP. Previously I reported that "BC Premier David Eby said he’s astonished that the federal Health Department gave the green light to a Langley cannabis company to produce, sell, and distribute cocaine."

When that controversial announcement was made it was met with denial and misdirection. Now we discover the denial and misdirection were simply more lies. It has been brought to my attention that a pot dispensary in Langley will indeed be selling cocaine to the public as part of Justin Trudeau's trial run at being a cocaine dealer while he tests BC's decriminalization laws.

The decriminalization of small quantities of cocaine does not authorize the manufacture or sale of cocaine. The intent of the law was to help addicts get treatment. It was not to help Justin Trudeau become a cocaine dealer. Justin Trudeau is the tasmanian devil. Stop him before he destroys everything in his path. The BC NDP have the legal right and moral obligation to shut that dispensary down as soon as it starts selling cocaine to the public and arrest anyone involved. The city could simply revoke their business license and force them to close. It's their moral duty.

Toronto Police Service recovered 550 stolen vehicles

City News is reporting that "The Toronto Police Service (TPS) announced the results of Project Stallion, which has led to over 550 stolen vehicles recovered valued at more than $27 million. Demkiw said vehicle thefts in Toronto have doubled since 2019, calling it a significant issue in the city and across the GTA. TPS also noted that thieves are using highly sophisticated methods to steal vehicles and are using those vehicles to carry out other crimes or to ship them overseas."

Nobody likes a car thief. Nobody. Do the math.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Protest outside Chinese consulate in Vancouver

Update: The Epoch Times is reporting that: "On April 25, 2023, some Falun Gong practitioners held a rally in front of the Chinese Consulate in Vancouver to commemorate the 24th anniversary of the April 25 Peaceful Appeal, calling for an end to the persecution."

Sound of Hope is reporting that "International human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Freedom House all pointed out in their reports that the CCP not only persecutes Falun Gong practitioners in the mainland, but also exports the persecution to other countries. In September last year, the Spanish human rights organization Guardian released an investigation report, revealing that the CCP had set up dozens of secret police stations overseas, which became part of the CCP's growing transnational repression."
Commemorating the Historic April 25 Appeal, 24 Years On

For Immediate Release

"On Sunday April 25th, the Falun Gong spiritual community will gather in front of the Chinese consulate for a peaceful demonstration. Participants will hold banners (on both sides of Granville Street) that expose the Chinese Government’s persecution of Falun Gong, which has continued since 1999 to this day. Participants will also hold a candlelight vigil for the Falun Gong practitioners who have been persecuted to death by the Chinese Communist Party."

"They will also call on the RCMP and the Canadian government to stop the increasing Chinese Communist Interference, intimidation, harassment and assaults to the Falun Gong community and other rights groups here in Canada."

"In 2020 The Government of Canada Public Safety published a report warning of interference tactics by The United Front Work Department of the Chinese government as a primary interference tool being used in Canada."
"In March, 2020, Amnesty International released a report, that details how Tibetans, Uyghurs and Canadians who practice Falun Gong are subjected to surveillance, harassment, discrimination and threats by the CCP in an attempt to silence their human rights here in Canada. It also discusses how government officials are also targeted by CCP agents to sway their opinions on Chinese victims of human rights abuses."

"Another report shows how Chinese consulates and also so-called “Chinese community leaders” working for the communist party approach mayors, MP’s and other officials to tow the party line on Falun Gong or face intimidation and threats. They also spy on constituents who speak out and threaten their families in China. They try to manipulate all levels of our government to remain indifferent and silent to these victims of human rights abuses."

"Falun Gong is a traditional Chinese spiritual discipline of the Buddhist school. For over 30 years Falun Gong has been practiced in diverse multicultural communities across Canada."

"On April 25th 1999, 10,000 people who practice Falun Gong gathered in Beijing to peacefully ask for their right to practice their faith in peace after years of state harassment. The violent nationwide persecution of Falun Gong started shortly after."

"Today, people who practice Falun Gong are the largest contingent of prisoners of conscience in China, as the violent persecution continues unabated. Human rights and legal experts affirm that crimes against humanity and genocide is occurring."

"In June 2021, twelve United Nations Special Rapporteurs issued a statement that they were “extremely alarmed” by credible information of forced organ harvesting in China targeting Falun Gong practitioners." CONTACT: Sherry Lin -

Monday, April 24, 2023

Larry Amero's Sentencing Begins

I was in Vancouver supreme court today for Larry Amero's sentencing. Turns out it wasn't his sentencing it was the beginning of his sentencing submissions so this will continue for a few days at least. I'm not sure what the status of all his Hail Mary appeals are. I'll have to check. I also have to do the publication ban cheat to find all the new publication bans so I can figure out what the various bans actually say. As I said before they make it very difficult for people to find them all. They did have one new ban posted today and that was very helpful.

However, that ban didn't cover Larry it covered someone else. There was some interesting statements made but I have to search the bans to see what I can say. Without even looking I highly doubt I can mention what was said today until after the sentence has been rendered and all the appeals exhausted. However, all these pieces of the puzzle seem to be confirming my original suspicions when the trial was separated into two before Robby escaped prison. That means if my suspicions are correct, that publication ban will likely never expire. That means I can't publish it on my blog or podcast. It doesn't mean I can't tell my neighbor or a buddy down the street. Publication bans don't have jurisdiction over private conversations.

The courtroom was practically empty. As I sat down near the front Larry turned around and look me in the eye. I then paused before I took my seat so he could see me clearly and know who to look for at the Judgement bar of God because I'll be there. Like the Reaper says, you can pay me now or you can pay me later but you will pay me what you owe. If his sentencing goes through he can start paying his dues now. If it doesn't he'll have to pay it then.

It was somewhat fitting he was able to get a good look at me before he was sentenced just like David Giles did. My blog started because of the Surrey Six and Larry Amero was responsible for it. Unlike Skeletor's trial, Larry's courtroom today was practically empty.

Larry's new girlfriend was there. She was a bit more dressed up this time. She wore a dark business pantsuit. She looked respectable. She had an older guy with her who looked like another lawyer. Larry was present. This time he wore a tighter short sleeve polo shirt and black trousers. He had his hair in a silly man bun but he did look good. He hasn't got fat in prison and he hasn't lost much muscle mass. He's still lean with lots of mass similar to that picture he used to have on his facebook of him with Randy Naicker.

That's what I don't get about injections. A lot of guys at my gym take steroids. I can usually tell who's on injections and whose on HGH by looking at them. Injections are the most popular now because they aren't as hard on your liver. I was always afraid of steroids when I was young. I have anger issues as it is. I was afraid if I took steroids I'd lose control. Also the thought of not being able to produce my own testosterone kind of freaked me out but there is no question guys who do injections look great. You simply can't argue that. What they can do with that other then stand there and flex will depend on what else they train.

Larry's lawyer is Marc-Antoine Rock. He speaks with a French accent. He's from Montreal and is paid by the Quebec charter. He's the one responsible for the abuse of process frantically throwing out all the last minute Hail Mary appeals over and over again. Marc-Antoine Rock has represented many Hells Angels in Quebec. He also represented Larry in his drunk driving charge.

Podcast: The Beginning of Gangsters out

This two part series explains what I was doing right before I started the Gangsters out Blog and why I started it Anonymously. It also talks about the chain of events explaining why I did it.

Society of Canadians studying Medicine Abroad VS The BC College of Physicians and Surgeons

I stopped by the Vancouver courthouse today for Larry Amero's sentencing and checked in on another high profile case about lockdowns. It involves the Society of Canadians studying Medicine Abroad VS The College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbian. Drea mentioned that trial was starting this week. I think she's covering it.

There were a lot of freedom fighters attending the trial. I'm not going to hold my breath. The reason the Free North Declaration was formed is because a coalition of lawyers recognize and object to the fact that the courts have not been upholding the charter. The Canadian Charter of Rights is the highest law of the land. The Supreme Court are the guardians of the charter. If any level of government make a law that violates the Charter of Rights, that law is illegal and the courts have the jurisdiction and responsibility to uphold the law and strike that legislation down.

The Free North Declaration was framed because the court has not been fulfilling it's mandate to uphold the charter. If the supreme court fails to fulfill it's mandate to uphold the charter, they are not only complacent in lawlessness but they are also culpable aiding and abetting criminal acts. The law has made them guardians of the Dominion so to speak. If they fail to do their job and uphold the law then they are indeed like salt that has lost it's flavor - good for nothing.

Steven Bacon sentenced for Makayla Chang's murder

CTV is reporting that "Steven Bacon, the man who pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of Nanaimo teen Makayla Chang in 2017, has received a life sentence. The courtroom was emotional when his sentence was read on Friday. He will be ineligible for parole for 20 years.

Chang was last seen outside a Nanaimo Tim Hortons in March 2017. She was 16 years old at the time of her disappearance. Her body was found by police roughly two months later and her death was considered a homicide. This is the sad result of grooming.

The judge's reason for sentence isposted on the courts website.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Eid al-Fitr Marks the End of Ramadan

BTW Friday was the end of Ramadam and a month of fasting. Salam Alaikum.

Mormon Podcast on Gangsters Out

This podcast is to help my Mormon friends understand what the hell I'm doing on my blog and podcast. Although I am no longer active in the LDS Church, I was for many years and still have many friends in that church I know and respect. I just want to kind of smooth things over and put things in perspective for them. The rest of you might want to skip this episode but you're free to tune in. Lots more on the road ahead. If you login to Spotify you can see the video. Cheers.

Blair White sheds light on Mr Beast's sidekick's kink

Vaisakhi in Surrey 2023

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "Hundreds of thousands of people filled the streets of Newton Saturday for Surrey’s Vaisakhi Parade. It returned after a three-year absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The float-filled parade began at the Sikh temple (12885 85 Ave., Surrey), travelling along 124 Street to 75 Avenue, along 76 Avenue and then on 128 Street before returning to the temple. Hundreds of booths line the route as businesses and families hand out food and treats to parade-goers." The Sikh Motorcycle Club was there in support.

Saturday, April 22, 2023

New Podcast - Law and Order: The New York Model

I uploaded a new podcast on Spotify about Law and Order and the New York Model and how that relates to DeSantis in Florida and the rise in crime over in Portland. I realize if I embed the podcast in my blog only the audio appears. If you go to the link on Spotify you can see the video.

The Gangsters Out Blog launches a new podcast

Update: New Podcast - Law and Order: The New York Model

Well here it is. Someone suggested I start a new podcast on Spotify and I thought that was a really good idea so I did. I just launched my first episode that serves as an introduction covering my background and where I want to go with this. This podcast talks about the road ahead. I have an idea who to pick for my first three guests. This will be fun. Stay tuned.

The video is now available on Spotify. Houston, the eagle has landed.

Friday, April 21, 2023

Hold The Line by Tamara Lich

Tamara' Lich's new book called Hold the Line is available at the

Kamloops drug bust targets violent crime

CTV is reporitng that "A joint investigation targeting gang activity in B.C. has resulted in the seizure of a smoke grenade, firearms, drugs and cash. The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit launched the project alongside Kamloops RCMP in an effort to disrupt and suppress violence associated with those involved in organized crime."

"Mounties said nearly two dozen investigations took place throughout Kamloops between April 5 and 9 — leading to the seizure of more than seven ounces of suspected cocaine, fentanyl, heroin and meth, two firearms, an assortment of weapons, and thousands of dollars in cash."

OK seven ounces of cocaine is not much but addressing street level drug dealing is important. CTV is also reporitng that "'The Kamloops Crime Reduction Unit, UGET, and frontline officers continue to target repeat and violent offenders through joint partnerships,' said Supt. Jeff Pelley in a news release Friday, adding that Mounties will continue their comprehensive enforcement strategies to keep the public safe." That is a good thing.

The uniformed branch of the CFSEU showing off in nightclubs is pretty useless, but this kind of ongoing law enforcement isn't. It's important. Crime never sleeps and it never goes away all by itself. It's something we always have to address. That requires persistent effort.

Portland crime is killing their economy

Zero Hedge is reporting that "Add outdoor retail giant REI to the growing list of companies planning to close stores in Portland, Oregon, because of rampant lawlessness in the Democrat-controlled city. Oregon Live said REI notified customers on Monday about plans to close its store in Portland's Pearl District early next year. The retailer said its store in Portland "had its highest number of break-ins and thefts in two decades, despite actions to provide extra security."

Why is this significant? Because Portland is a liberal sh*t hole like Chicago and Cali. Leftist extremism has created a surge in crime and lawlessness that is killing their economy. That insanity has an agenda behind it. Defund the police, create a manufactured emergency, then roll in with your insane solution that nobody wants or needs.

The real solution is not create the manufactured emergency in the first place. Half of Oregon wants to break off and join Idaho because they do not share the same values as the leftist extremists that are promoting the crime and lawlessness.

REI Blames Costly Crime Wave for Pulling Out of Portland

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Deep snow on Mount Seymour past Brockton Point

I went snowshoeing on Seymour today. A week and two days after surgery. The snow was awesome. Usually the trail on Seymour is well packed and you just need crampons but today there was a bit of fresh snow and after Brockton point it was very deep. People with crampons were sinking up to their waste after Brockton point. Snowshoes or backcountry skis were better after that point today. It might rain on the weekend which will help to pack it down.
I made it 3/4 the way up to the base of the bowl on First peak but it got a bit steep and slippery from all the snow blowing in the wind so I turned back. I don't want to blow out my hernia again. I want it to heal properly before I hit it hard. This snowpack will last several months.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Ethics Commissioner resigns over conflict of interest

The Toronto Star is reporting that "The sister-in-law of a Liberal cabinet minister has stepped down as the interim ethics commissioner a day after a House of Commons committee agreed to investigate her appointment. Martine Richard, who has worked in the commissioner’s office as a lawyer since 2013, took over the top job last month for a six-month stint."

"Richard is the sister-in-law of Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc, who was found to have breached conflict-of-interest rules in 2018 for approving a lucrative fishing licence for a family member while he was fisheries minister. A statement from the office of the conflict of interest and ethics commissioner says Richard will stay on as a lawyer while the search for a new leader continues. A spokeswoman says neither the office nor Richard will respond to further questions on the subject." OMG the Gong show just never ends. How will CBC spin this?

All of these public inquiries are a farce. They hire their own people to investigate themselves.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announces bid for president

The New york Post is reporting that "Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the anti-vaccine advocate and environmental lawyer, formally launched his bid for the Democratic 2024 presidential nomination on Wednesday. The 69-year-old nephew of late President John F. Kennedy and son of former US attorney general and assassinated 1968 presidential candidate Robert Kennedy made the announcement at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston." Nice. That would be a lot better than Biden.

The BC NDP take a step in the wrong direction

I've always said blind endorsement of any person or any political party is simply that, blind. It's not just a matter of left and right. It's a matter of right and wrong. Moral integrity. In BC we didn't do as bad as Ontario did under Doug Ford in the beginning of the pandemic overreach. Doug Ford was supposed to be Conservative. He was not. Globalists activity strive to infiltrate the left and the right. It's just that they've already conquered the left. The right is still split on the globalist lie.

The same with Alberta in the beginning. Jason Kenny was worse than the BC NDP at the start of the pandemic. It wasn't until we started to come out of the pandemic that they finally saw the light. Now Alberta and Ontario have surged ahead while BC has slipped behind.
True North is reporting that "All but one of the MLAs present at the BC Legislature on Monday evening voted to condemn the Freedom Convoy and applaud lockdowns and vaccine mandates."

That is disgusting. It is a slap in the face of all the people who love and cherish freedom and everything it means to be Canadian. That offensive resolution was a punitive dig at anyone who dares challenge the globalist agenda to destroy civil liberty in the name of the greater good. It is a prideful boast of a lie that has outlived its life. Shame on you. All of you.

CBC CEO, Dominion Voting and Hillary Clinton

True North is reporting that "Filings with the United States’ Federal Election Commission (FEC) show that CBC CEO Catherine Tait donated to the presidential campaign of Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016. Tait’s contribution record lists Brooklyn, New York as her residence and the production company she founded in 2002, Duopoly Inc., as her employer, raising questions about the CBC CEO’s relationship to the United States."

The CBC is supposed to be Canadian owned and operated and it's supposed to promote Canadian content. It's connection to the US is not the concern. The real concern is it's connection to an extreme political agenda that is defiantly trying to destroy the US and Canada both.

CBC is the Canadian version of CNN. It has become ridiculous. Tara Henley left the CBC because of it's brazen departure from ethical journalism and its determination to travel down the road of leftist extremism which is filled with lies promoting an insane agenda.

Bill Gates is a bad man. George Soros is a bad man. Hillary Clinton is a bad person. They are all part of the same agenda that strives to destroy the Constitution in the name of the greater good. Only there's nothing good about it. Tulsi Gabbard rightfully said Hillary Clinton is the personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic party. Hillary then launched another disinformation campaign falsely accusing Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian asset. That was absurd. Hillary Clinton is evil. So is George Soros and Bill Gates. Birds of a feather.

So CBC donated to Hillary Clinton's promotion of the George Soros agenda. You know who else donated to Hillary Clinton? Dominion Voting. Dominion Voting donated to Hillary Clinton and Justin Trudeau. That is a conflict of interest. Voting software is supposed to be impartial. Donating to any political party is a conflict of interest. Electronic voting is not secure. Buyer Beware.

Speaking of election interference, the Communist Party of China donated $400 million to Dominion Voting before the election. You won't see that on CNN or CBC. When the Rebel Yells.

Monday, April 17, 2023

Body found under Golden Ears Bridge

CTV is reporting that "In a news release, Ridge Meadows RCMP said they located a man's body in a wooded area west of the Golden Ears Bridge around noon. The death is considered suspicious, and the Lower Mainland's Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has been called to the scene, police said. Images from the scene show a black evidence tent set up under an overpass near one of the entrances to Meadowtown."

Justin Trudeau's family benefited from Beijing donations

Justin Trudeau bans independent media from his state run press conference.

Trudeau Foundation CEO and board resign over money laundering for the CCP

It was a million dollar donation not $140,000.00 and his brother benefited from it.

CBC Twitter: Justin Trudeau does not support independent media. Neither does Rachel Notley.

Surrey shooting

Rock 101 is reporting that "A man is in the hospital with what police believe are non-life-threatening injuries after a reported shooting in Surrey, B.C. Mounties found the victim around 4:10 p.m. on Monday after calls came in about shots fired at a vehicle near 76th Avenue and 148th Street in the Newton neighbourhood. In a brief statement, Surrey RCMP said a white van is believed to have fled the scene. Investigators are still determining whether a vehicle fire found nearby at 69th Avenue and 147th Street is connected to the shooting." lol I wonder.

The Hells Angels witch hunt continues

Obviously this blog is not a support site for the Hells Angels. I support the freedom of association. The right to commit crime is not a charter right but the freedom of association is. It's important we don't use one to abolish the other. As always I strive to find a balance between the extremes. Not all cops are corrupt and not all Hells Angels are criminals. That's a fact.

Today in BC is reporting that Wayne Williams, a senior staff member of Fraser Valley school district agreed to step away from his veteran motorcycle club after he was seen in a photograph on a ride with members of the Hells Angels. That is outrageous. Post Media News and the compromised CFSEU strike again. This is no different than when they went after the firefighters.

In fact Wayne Williams statement about Veterans riding motorcycles for PTSD are very similar to the firefighters claims. They both have merit. Now you don't need a patch to ride a motorcycle but my concern is unequal protection of the law and the blatant disregard for the law within the CFSEU. For 10 years the CFSEU has been dirty. 10 f*cking years. Instead of going after Hells Angel associates for selling drugs they gave them police protection to sell drugs and went after non drug dealing members for going on rides. That was outrageous.

They know I have a witness that can testify to that fact. She witnessed my signature on my settlement which you have in your possession. After 10 years of being dirty, the CFSEU has finally started doing their job. That is a good thing but going after Veterans and Firefighters is not.

Now I've got no love for Voldemort. As far as I'm concerned he's a worthless POS but my business with him is done until the judgement bar of God and he has nothing to do with the Veterans. You want to talk about criminals and worthless bags of sh*t, then let's talk about Jamie Bacon and Donnie Mcwhirter who you have on your payroll. If you can't understand what's wrong with that, I can't explain it to you but the rest of the world can.

Having said that I will also point out that this ride they were on, the Screwy ride, is in memory of a drug dealer. He was in charge of selling drugs in the Dell. Just like that Nanaimo run. That one is in memory of another drug dealer. Zeke tried to tax the Vietnamese grow ops. They said no and beheaded him. All the locals know that. If you want to go on a ride, go on a ride but don't honour drug dealers. As Stephenwolf declared. God Damn the Pusher.

This is why I have nothing to do with the club or the CFSEU. I am independent. I ride alone. Just me against the wind. I was born a free man and as God lives I will die one.

LOLA: Ladies of Liberty Alliance

True North interviews the president of the Canadian chapter of LOLA: Ladies of Liberty Alliance. This is their international web site. Ladies of Liberty. That's classy. This isn't a song by the Kinks.

VPD seize 27 kilos of fentanyl

CTV is reporting that "A fentanyl-producing lab at a home in a residential neighbourhood in Richmond was recently dismantled as part of a drug trafficking investigation, according to authorities. In a statement Tuesday, the Vancouver Police Department announced the outcome of an operation dubbed Project Toluene, including the seizure of 27.7 kilograms of fentanyl that was destined for distribution in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island."

2 kilos of cocaine was also seized. Fentanyl is so bad because drug dealers mix it with everything without telling their buyers. That's why so many people are dying. They buy what they think is one drug then find out it's laced with something else and OD. We don't need to give warnings about tainted drugs. We need to arrest the drug dealers who sell tainted drugs. It's that simple.

CBC's Twitter War: Justin Trudeau is a liar.

Twitter finally added a brand to CBC's twitter account stating that it was government funded media. It is. There is no question about that. Yet Rebel News is reporting that "Despite getting $1.4 billion in government funding, Canada's state broadcaster is taking issue with Twitter's decision to brand it government-funded." CBC claims that “Our journalism is impartial and independent.” That is a ridiculpous lie. The CBC is anything but independent.

It gets a massive amount of funding from the government. Tara Henley left the CBC because of it's ridiculous leftist agenda. The CBC has a very biased agenda that is absolutely absurd. The problem is they aren't the only ones. All the mainstream media does.

True North is reporting that "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has come to the defense of the CBC after Twitter labeled the public broadcaster government-funded media.” Justan whiney a*s little b*tch Trudeau said "They’re choosing to constantly attack independent media organizations, journalists who are working hard to keep Canadians informed and support our democracy.”

That is delusional. Everyone knows that. He's lying. Everyone knoes that. How do we know when Justin Trudeau is lying? His lips are moving. Just ask anyone who has served with him.

This ridiculous facade that the CBC is independent is absurd. Rebel News and True North are independent and all Justin Trudeau does is slam them, sue them and refuse to recognize their media credentials. That's because he most certainly does not support independent media. He only supports state run media just like his pal Winnie the Pooh over in Communist China. Propaganda is their name and lying is their game. Thankfully no lie can live forever.

Peter Leask represents Michael Bolton in money laundering disciplinary hearing

The Vancouver Sun is reporing that "The Law Society of B.C. has accused one of the province’s most senior and respected lawyers, Michael Bolton, of permitting his trust account to be used in a manner that he ought to have known would assist in or encourage dishonesty, crime or fraud."

"Bolton denies the charges but now faces a disciplinary panel hearing." He is represented by Peter Leask. Things that make ya go hmmm. Peter Leask was the most incompetent judge in Canadian history. Choosing him to represent you is a bad precident.

Michael Bolton on the other hand "is considered one of the most experienced and one of the top criminal lawyers in Canada." Peter Leask was also a criminal defense lawyer before he became a controversial court judge. Just because someone is a criminal defense lawyer doesn't make them dirty. Everyone has the right to legal counsel. Even Clifford Olson.

However, crime does exist and so does money laundering. In fact, Money laundering through Vancouver lawyers is a huge problem. That's exactly what Michael Bolton is accused of doing and he isn't even facing a criminal trial just a disciplinary hearing. That kind of says it all.

"The society alleged that between October 2011 and November 2018, on behalf of one or more clients and related parties — identified only by the letters K, F, V, E, and Z — Bolton engaged in activities that assisted in or encouraged dishonesty, crime or fraud by allegedly permitting his trust account to receive and disburse $4,866,976.72 Cdn and $6,508,949.78 US when he ought to have known various particulars. The Law Society says those particulars were that some of his clients were being investigated in the United States, and some or all of the funds were the proceeds of certain business operations by some of the clients that U.S. authorities had determined amounted to money laundering under U.S. law."

"The citation also claims he knew or should have known freezing orders were in the offing and Z, K, F, and V had entered guilty pleas in the U.S. to money laundering and conspiracy to distribute wholesale quantities of misbranded prescription drugs for the foreign market." That is significant. That's a criminal case not a disciplinary hearing. I'd sure like to know who Z, K, F, and V are.

However, "misbranded prescription drugs for the foreign market" doesn't sound like they were accused of slinging oxies. Yet that's an awful lot of money for generic drugs.

Update: In Eastern Canada, the Hells Angels are knows for contraband cigarettes. No one cares about contraband cigarettes. Cigarettes are not illegal nor should they be. Contraband cigarettes aren't destroying society like crack, crystal meth or fentanyl is. Skimming the profits off of HIV, diabetes, dementia, and high blood pressure meds is a crime but it doesn't harm society. Why aren't we going after the people that are harming society? We need to get our priorities straight.

Navigating through the darkness

OK so we've talked about following the stars and following light as we navigate the darkness that surrounds us. For the most part, darkness isn't good or bad, it's the absence of light. However, darkness can be bad. Very bad. For the most part the world has completely lost its mind. Television has always been a source of moral decay but the absurdity of it all has has finally become extreme. The war in heaven clearly continues here on earth.

Part of that war is driven under the Q + banner. It's not just an attack on the family, it's an attack on morals. We all understand why they attack the family. The family is the core unit of society. If you can destroy the family, you can destroy that society. Not to mention the depopulation agenda.

However, the attack on morality takes it to a new level. I have been very clear that I have no problem with LGBT. It's simple and concise. It's the Q + alphabet soup that I have a problem with. It is anything but simple and concise. It represents confusion and chaos. Not only that, it also represents the sexualization of children and the normalization of pedophilia and that is not acceptable. Everyone has to draw a line somewhere and it's about time we all did.

The drag queen story time isn't about building acceptance for drag queens, it's about grooming children and raising them to be drag queens. Likewise, the transexual obsession isn't about building acceptance for adults who have chosen to become transexuals, it's about grooming children and raising them to become transexuals. As I said when I quoted the song Another Brick in the Wall, Hey teacher, leave those kids alone. We don't need your re education. We don't need your thought control. We see where you're trying to go with this and we choose not to go there.

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Follow the Stars. Truth will guide us through.

I remixed my Finian's Inferno web site. I've been doing a bit of house cleaning while I recover from surgery and have been condensing websites. I took a page from Rebel News and started redirecting domain names to subfolders on my site to save money on web storage. Today I've been reflecting on light and darkness. The light which is in all things, which giveth life to all things, which is the law by which all things are governed. The light of truth. Stars shine in the darkness so they do and the stars lead us home. Just follow the light.

Truth leads to light, lies lead to darkness. Darkness leads to misery, light leads to peace. We're free to go wherever we want in life. What we will find on the path we choose is obvious.
Speaking of being lost in the darkness, I just had a rather bizarre experience. I'm bored to tears so I go for a walk in the rain. This guy comes up to me and asks me where he can buy some drugs. He says he's at a bad place right now. It's his first day in Canada and he needs a little help to get him through. I roll my eyes and say AYFKM? Do I look like a drug dealer?

He tells me his story and I ask him what kind of drug. Heroin he says. I'm like Heroin?! That is nasty. I tell him he can get a prescription for methadone. That's supposed to help you get off the heroin. I ask him if he has family here and he tells me he's staying with his brother. Says he has some bad friends where he's from and his family is trying to get him away from the bad influence. He admits he has family that cares for him. Says his mind is willing but his body is weak.

I feel ya. It's not my place to judge. I've never done hard drugs but I realize it's really hard to get clean. Harmful drugs are very addictive. That's why they call them harmful. Think about it this way, what if your friend, your brother or your kid was trying to get off drugs. What would you tell them? Sometimes when we lose faith we don't care about what happens to us but when we look outside the box it can be easier to care about someone else.

I remember when I was with the Guardian Angels and we started to bring the team back to Surrey Central. One of the crack dealers admitted that he used to be an addict. That's how he got hooked on selling. I just looked at him and said what do you think about BC Bud? He smiles and says he loves it. Then I say don't you think you'd be doing society a far better service if you were selling BC Bud instead of crack?

I don't smoke weed but I support using weed like methadone to help people get off the more harmful drugs. I have a friend whose son struggles with addiction. He's in and out of rehab and it's really hard on her. He knows he has someone that cares about him. The mind is willing but the body is weak. All I can say is that if you are struggling with addition and want to get clean then change your circle of friends because they are not your friends.

I realize I'm no expert because I've never done hard drugs but I have seen a lot of lives ruined with drugs. I saw that misery and that was good enough for me. I knew I didn't want to go down that road so I didn't. I realize it's really hard to get off that road once you're on it. That's why it's far easier not to start. Yet when you're lost in the darkness, follow the light. The light will lead us to safety. The lies will not. The lies will lead us to misery but the light will lead us to peace. Word.