Monday, April 17, 2023

The Hells Angels witch hunt continues

Obviously this blog is not a support site for the Hells Angels. I support the freedom of association. The right to commit crime is not a charter right but the freedom of association is. It's important we don't use one to abolish the other. As always I strive to find a balance between the extremes. Not all cops are corrupt and not all Hells Angels are criminals. That's a fact.

Today in BC is reporting that Wayne Williams, a senior staff member of Fraser Valley school district agreed to step away from his veteran motorcycle club after he was seen in a photograph on a ride with members of the Hells Angels. That is outrageous. Post Media News and the compromised CFSEU strike again. This is no different than when they went after the firefighters.

In fact Wayne Williams statement about Veterans riding motorcycles for PTSD are very similar to the firefighters claims. They both have merit. Now you don't need a patch to ride a motorcycle but my concern is unequal protection of the law and the blatant disregard for the law within the CFSEU. For 10 years the CFSEU has been dirty. 10 f*cking years. Instead of going after Hells Angel associates for selling drugs they gave them police protection to sell drugs and went after non drug dealing members for going on rides. That was outrageous.

They know I have a witness that can testify to that fact. She witnessed my signature on my settlement which you have in your possession. After 10 years of being dirty, the CFSEU has finally started doing their job. That is a good thing but going after Veterans and Firefighters is not.

Now I've got no love for Voldemort. As far as I'm concerned he's a worthless POS but my business with him is done until the judgement bar of God and he has nothing to do with the Veterans. You want to talk about criminals and worthless bags of sh*t, then let's talk about Jamie Bacon and Donnie Mcwhirter who you have on your payroll. If you can't understand what's wrong with that, I can't explain it to you but the rest of the world can.

Having said that I will also point out that this ride they were on, the Screwy ride, is in memory of a drug dealer. He was in charge of selling drugs in the Dell. Just like that Nanaimo run. That one is in memory of another drug dealer. Zeke tried to tax the Vietnamese grow ops. They said no and beheaded him. All the locals know that. If you want to go on a ride, go on a ride but don't honour drug dealers. As Stephenwolf declared. God Damn the Pusher.

This is why I have nothing to do with the club or the CFSEU. I am independent. I ride alone. Just me against the wind. I was born a free man and as God lives I will die one.


  1. I think society could do without the HA, and their ilk....

    1. Everyone has a right to their opinion. Everyone. I'm just asking people to take a look at the big picture and avoid sweeping stereotypes. There is good and bad in every group on the planet including law enforcement.

    2. I grew up around them, I don't like them. It's not respect that's given to them, it's fear that they project on everyone.

    3. I'm sure some people fear them and some people respect them and I have no doubt some people have been bullied by them.


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