Wednesday, April 19, 2023

CBC CEO, Dominion Voting and Hillary Clinton

True North is reporting that "Filings with the United States’ Federal Election Commission (FEC) show that CBC CEO Catherine Tait donated to the presidential campaign of Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016. Tait’s contribution record lists Brooklyn, New York as her residence and the production company she founded in 2002, Duopoly Inc., as her employer, raising questions about the CBC CEO’s relationship to the United States."

The CBC is supposed to be Canadian owned and operated and it's supposed to promote Canadian content. It's connection to the US is not the concern. The real concern is it's connection to an extreme political agenda that is defiantly trying to destroy the US and Canada both.

CBC is the Canadian version of CNN. It has become ridiculous. Tara Henley left the CBC because of it's brazen departure from ethical journalism and its determination to travel down the road of leftist extremism which is filled with lies promoting an insane agenda.

Bill Gates is a bad man. George Soros is a bad man. Hillary Clinton is a bad person. They are all part of the same agenda that strives to destroy the Constitution in the name of the greater good. Only there's nothing good about it. Tulsi Gabbard rightfully said Hillary Clinton is the personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic party. Hillary then launched another disinformation campaign falsely accusing Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian asset. That was absurd. Hillary Clinton is evil. So is George Soros and Bill Gates. Birds of a feather.

So CBC donated to Hillary Clinton's promotion of the George Soros agenda. You know who else donated to Hillary Clinton? Dominion Voting. Dominion Voting donated to Hillary Clinton and Justin Trudeau. That is a conflict of interest. Voting software is supposed to be impartial. Donating to any political party is a conflict of interest. Electronic voting is not secure. Buyer Beware.

Speaking of election interference, the Communist Party of China donated $400 million to Dominion Voting before the election. You won't see that on CNN or CBC. When the Rebel Yells.

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  1. Pizza Gate will make Trump president 2024. Biden caught on camera is his son's escorts.


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