Saturday, April 29, 2023

Snowshoeing in the sunshine on Seymour

I went snowshoeing on Seymour today. It was very sunny and very warm. Completely different from 9 days ago. It was much colder then and the mountain had fresh snow. Today felt like a summer day. I took some video clips on my phone and and posted them on my vlog at Gan Jing World but I ran out of memory at First peak.
I went on to second peak but didn't have any video so I posted a couple of pictures on my other blog at Gan Jing World. That will be my back up blog in case Google keeps f*cking with me and censoring my sh*t. If fact, if Google is censoring you I'd say come on over.
When I was basking in the sun at second peak eating lunch two mature eagles and two juvenile eagles were soaring over head. I assume the two brown ones were juveniles but I'm not sure. They were huge and had white under their wings. I've seen lots of juvenile eagles perched in trees at Harrison Mills but I haven't seen under their wings when they fly. They might have been Golden Eagles. It was a pretty majestic site so it was. Yeah they were Juvenile bald eagles.


  1. When is your next vlog coming. Really enjoyed your last one. Hopefully comes out of your plea to Xi.

    1. I'm working on some suspicious technical difficulties. Soon if all goes well.

    2. Here it is:

    3. Here's another:


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