Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Project Zorro: Ontario drug and gun bust

The Toronto Police Service is reporitng that "The Toronto Police Service was joined by other Ontario police services and Canadian and American law enforcement agencies to announce the results of a major firearm trafficking investigation." Project Moneypenny was combined with Project Zorro which saw 42 arrests as well as the seizure of 1.5 kilos of fentanyl/carfentanil and 1.8 kilos of cocaine. Police seized 86 firearms (75 handguns/11 long guns) in the GTA and 87 firearms (all handguns) in Illinois, United States.

"The majority of the firearms were being smuggled into Canada from the United States and then sold illegally. Eighty-seven handguns were seized in Chicago, Illinois, in a vehicle driven by a resident from Arizona, which were destined for Canada The seized firearms originated in Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, and Texas." Well done. That saves lives.

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  1. Awesome work. This is what we need, "The Musical Ride" where the police are used to suppress dissent to the likes of Justin Trudeau, we can do without those guys. No one stops you from calling in sick.


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