Saturday, April 29, 2023

North Delta Shooting

The Delta Police Force is reporting that "On April 28th, 2023, at approximately 7:50 pm, the Delta Police Department responded to 911 calls reporting a shooting that had just occurred in the 7800 block of 119th Street. Upon arrival, our officers located one male with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds. Emergency medical care was provided at the scene and the victim has been transported to the hospital for medical treatment. The victim of this shooting is known to police and is involved in the British Columbia Gang Conflict."

BTW Delta has it's own police force and Surrey is bigger than Delta. Just sayn.

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  1. Can remember as a teenager Delta having their own police force, back in the 1960s. Never could figure out why Surrey and Richmond didnt' have their own and were using the RCMP. During that time Surrey was the largest municipality (land size) in Canada.

    Its hard to figure out why the Mayor of surrey is sticking to the RCMP with such vigor. Farnsworth gave her an easy out. She could have said, the provincial government "made me do it" and if it doesn't work out, she can say, told you so. If it works out she could also take the credit. Yes its cheaper to use the RCMP but the provincial govt. was also going to help out in that area if Surrey went with their own police force.

    The population of Surrey is about that of Vancouver's and its going to keep on growing. It does NOT make sense from a civic position to have such a large city to have a police force which really is attached to Ottawa. Some may say that isn't so but really Ottawa is where their pay cheques and promotions come from. The RCMP's agenda may not be the right agenda for Surrey in the future. Its not going to get any cheaper to make the shift.
    The RCMP requires recruits to go to "The Depot" for training, which isn't the ideal situation. They need to be trained in B.C. with a B.C./Surrey agenda


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