Sunday, April 30, 2023

Indonesia Ditches Dollar For Local Currency

Update: Zimbabwe To Launch Gold-Backed Digital Currency

Great Game India is reporting that "The country’s central bank governor said that Indonesia is following the lead of BRICS countries in de-dollarization as it ditches the dollar in favor of its local currency. Indonesia has become the latest addition to a growing list of countries that have given up settling overseas trade in US dollar and instead have started using its local currency."

There's nothing wrong with that. It's common sense. Why are foreign countries trading in US dollars? That doesn't make sense. They are free to use their own currency. When Russia and China announced a new currency, my concern was not the currency. They are free to buy oil in whatever currency they want. My concern was the possibility of Russia and China reverting to the old style Communism of East Berlin and the Gulag. However, the Berlin Wall came down.

Russia is no longer Communist. The CIA's obsession to demonize Russia and Iran while they canonize Saudi Arabia is insane. Women have more rights in Iran than they do in Saudi Arabia. Russia and Iran have oil. The CIA and the WEF want to cut production to raise prices so their manufactured emergency will justify implementing their insane agenda.

Great Game India is reporting that "According to a report from The New Indian Express, India has signed a deal to adopt Moscow’s SPFS system for banking payments to Russia."

Great Game Idia is also reporting that "Over the course of the coming few years – as the supply chains break down and people watch their savings eroded into worthlessness; as the media spoon-feeds us more cover stories and politicians begin floating the notion of food rationing, GMOs, digital IDs and eventually carbon-based social credit systems – a sizeable segment of the population are going to find themselves confronted with the question, Who is Klaus Schwab?"

Stakeholder Capitalism is a bad brand of Communism. We can do better. Much better.


  1. This is extremely important.
    The hegemonic power the USA has wielded for many decades was soley a product of its petrol dollar being the reserve currency of the world.
    As the petrol dollar dies so does the empire, a global central bank digital currency will be in place in less than 5 years.

    1. Perhaps. I don't support a digital currency or a digital ID.

    2. The push towards and against a digital dollar is already happening in Europe. Subway sandwich stores have a sign that says "No cash". And their are FB groups that support cash only.
      I will never been tricked into using Bitcoin.

  2. Any currency is only worth the level of confidence people are willing to place in it.

  3. Anonymous 1;49 pm IS correct. Its why its important for countries to use their own currency. It gives the country a sense of worth and control. Indonesia has a population of 277,500,000 (approx) and the mediam age is around 29, so its not only the 4th populous country in the world, it also has a young population, Using their ownn currency is important as they most likely come into their own.

  4. So is the US dollar going to collapse?


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