Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Saudi announces surprise oil cuts: That is haram.

NPR is reporitng that "Saudi Arabia and a handful of other countries stunned the world on Sunday by announcing significant cuts in their oil production – totaling more than a million barrels of oil per day – starting in May. The decision was unexpected because it did not come as a typical, negotiated OPEC+ agreement reached at a regularly scheduled meeting. Instead it was undertaken by Saudi Arabia and other producers including the United Arab Emirates and Iraq, and announced without warning." Oil markets have responded with a price jump. Big surprise that's what happens when you cut production. That's why they did it. That is haram.

This is about greed and exploitaion. Both of which are haram. This gas fraud has become so obvious and so evil it boggles my mind. Say what you want about Donald Trump but the fact remains Donald Trump got the United States off Saudi oil and Joe Biden got them back on it. Once Saudi regained the monopoly they started cutting production to raise the price so they could make more money by screwing over everyone else in the world. That is pure evil.

Oil companies are like drug dealers. They commit murder to obtain a monopoly on the market. Once they obtain a monopoly they jack up the price to make more profit. Just like the pharmaceutical companies and their drug patents. Joe Biden recently visited Justin Trudeau in Canada and it was like a scene from the movie Dumb and Dumber. Only they're not just stupid, they are criminally insane because there is a method to their madness.

Cutting domestic oil production has nothing to do with protecting the environment any more than banning fertilizer does. Both lies reveal a sinister plot. Pipelines are green. They reduce CO2 emissions from transportation to zero. Importing oil from Saudi creates a lot more CO2 emissions then building a pipeline does. They hide their agenda with a lie. Many lies.

This gas fraud also reveals that the CIA have been lying about their motive as well as their method because Saudi is joined at the hip with the CIA. That's where the CIA does its money laundering and arms dealing out of. MI6 and the CIA erroneously claim their sole objective is to promote the financial wellbeing of England and America. They use that lie to justify their method. The end does not justify the means. So even if their objective was true, which it is not, that would not rationalize drug trafficking, torture, coups and a host of other dirty deeds done dirt cheap.


  1. The Saudi's buy a lot of weaponry from the Americans. More than they would seem to be able to use themselves, at least before that proxy war in Yemen came along. Some of it is no doubt "held in trust" for American use such as happened with the first Gulf War, but at a certain level it starts to look like "paying protection".

  2. Totally agree, the United States is the biggest Banana republic on the planet.

    1. It is under Joe Biden and AOC but that is not what it's meant to be. It has a much greater destiny than that.

  3. The first "real" intelligence agencies worked for the oldest banking families of the world.
    Nothing has changed.

    They have no allegiance to any nation state but rather only to their rulers quest for absolute power and the money that comes with that power.


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