Saturday, April 29, 2023

Tucker Carlson fired from Fox News

WTF? I guess Fox News is reverting to the Republican globalists that support the World Economic Forum. Sad but not surprising. This is why we need alternate news sources. Without Tucker Carlson, Fox News has nothing to offer. The world turns to vlogs and podcasts. Why Fox Fired Tucker: Great Game India

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  1. “LGBT group asks CRTC to ban Fox News Channel over anti-trans comments “
    This article was printed on April 12th in the Province, in a back page that unless you read the entire paper, you would miss it. It should have been front page! I wrote CRTC and told them DON’T GO THERE! I think this was indirectly related to the dismissal of Tucker, these trans-cult losers have infiltrated into the CRTC. Where does this crap stop?


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