Monday, April 17, 2023

Navigating through the darkness

OK so we've talked about following the stars and following light as we navigate the darkness that surrounds us. For the most part, darkness isn't good or bad, it's the absence of light. However, darkness can be bad. Very bad. For the most part the world has completely lost its mind. Television has always been a source of moral decay but the absurdity of it all has has finally become extreme. The war in heaven clearly continues here on earth.

Part of that war is driven under the Q + banner. It's not just an attack on the family, it's an attack on morals. We all understand why they attack the family. The family is the core unit of society. If you can destroy the family, you can destroy that society. Not to mention the depopulation agenda.

However, the attack on morality takes it to a new level. I have been very clear that I have no problem with LGBT. It's simple and concise. It's the Q + alphabet soup that I have a problem with. It is anything but simple and concise. It represents confusion and chaos. Not only that, it also represents the sexualization of children and the normalization of pedophilia and that is not acceptable. Everyone has to draw a line somewhere and it's about time we all did.

The drag queen story time isn't about building acceptance for drag queens, it's about grooming children and raising them to be drag queens. Likewise, the transexual obsession isn't about building acceptance for adults who have chosen to become transexuals, it's about grooming children and raising them to become transexuals. As I said when I quoted the song Another Brick in the Wall, Hey teacher, leave those kids alone. We don't need your re education. We don't need your thought control. We see where you're trying to go with this and we choose not to go there.

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