Wednesday, April 12, 2023

BC Repeat offenders Press Conference

Public safety minister Mike Farnworth alongside attorney general Nikki Sharma and Premier David Eby will speak in Nanaimo at 12:30 p.m. today April 12th 2013. CPAC livestream.

This is a response to public safety concerns about violent crime from repeat offenders. Will the heckeler STFU. That's really irritating. Let them speak. If you dissagree with them speak after them. STFU about toxic drug supplies. Violent crime associated with illicit drugs is the problem. Harm promotion is making it worse. You can't even stop a heckler. That is pathetic. What are all the police present doing? Arrest the heckler. Arrest the drug dealers. Stop the insanity.


  1. The fact that they can't even stop a hecklet is absolutely pathetic. No wonder violent crime is running wild. Farnworth is hopeful but Eby is a idiot. He's a limp fish and a wet noodle.

  2. Heckling comes under freedom of speech. If you arrest the heckler it will attract more attention that its worth. The heckler would most likely file a Human Rights complaint and win.
    Yes, it was irritating to hear the heckler while others were speaking, but its best to usually ignore them.
    As to the violent offenders, shopping lifting and other property crimes, perhaps more police officers walking a beat might help. Of course this will cost more money but it might keep some of the offenders off the street, if they were not granted bail. If these repeat offenders were in jail even for a few weeks pending trial, it would help things along. Frequent repeat offenders and those who are violent are best kept "in doors" until their mental issues can be dealt with.
    Now some of the businesses and Kevin Falcon want the provincial government to cover some of the costs the businesses have suffered. That is a bit rich, given Falcon was part of the B.C. Lieberal government when fent. over dose deaths were declared an emergency in B.C. What did he and the B.C. Lieberals do? Nothing. Premier Christy Clark just seemed to ignore it.

    As to the reason for the press, political, heckling event

    1. No it doesn't. Hecklers come under whiney ass bitches. It's called disturbing the peace. It's robbing people of their freedom of speech. That's ANTIFA's MO. The problem is we're not enforcing the law. That means we have to elect politicians who will.


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