Friday, April 28, 2023

Surrey Six Police misconduct reopened

CBC is reporting that "The Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed an appeal from Crown lawyers who were seeking to deny a hearing into claims of police misconduct and cruel in-custody treatment that allegedly tainted the convictions of the killers involved in the so-called Surrey Six murders in 2007."

"It means that Cody Haevischer and Matthew Johnston — who, in 2014, were tried together and found guilty of six counts of first degree murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder — will be granted a full evidentiary hearing in B.C. Supreme Court over the matter."

"Haevischer and Johnston, both members of a criminal organization called the Red Scorpions, tried to bring evidence at their trial alleging police misconduct and poor treatment in hopes of a stay of proceedings. The trial judge allowed some evidence, but ultimately concluded that even though the allegations were serious, the 2007 murders in a Surrey, B.C., high-rise — which included the killings of two innocent bystanders — were so shocking that a stay of proceedings would not be appropriate."

"In the judge's view, there was no reason to further consider the applications in a full hearing to hear all of the accused's evidence. Haevischer and Johnston — who received mandatory life sentences — appealed the decision. The B.C. Court of Appeal ruled in 2021 that they should be allowed to seek a stay of proceedings for abuse of process and ordered an evidentiary hearing, but it stopped short of overturning their guilty verdicts."

"Lawyers for Haevischer and Johnston argued last October before the Supreme Court of Canada that the men were wrongfully denied an opportunity to provide evidence that B.C.'s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team exploited the trust of key protected female witnesses in order to have sex with them, including girlfriends of the men they ultimately charged."

"The case has been further complicated since those arguments because Johnston died of cancer in December 2022." But did he really? Matthew Johnston was the one Jamie Bacon tried to convince to join him in Witness protection. Then he all of a sudden died of cancer with no previous symptoms. The RCMP completely screwed up this investigation in every way possible.

Derek Brassington, one of the IHIT investigators, was having threesomes with witnesses. It wasn't just one witness. This is the same RCMP Brenda Locke wants to keep in Surrey over the already formed Municipal force. The scales of justice declare that the nature of the misconduct does not warrant murderers to walk free but it does warrant a municipal police force in Surrey.

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  1. Yet another example how the SCC is a narcissistic bunch of minions.
    Why does the SCC allow such ridiculous appeals? Seriously, what is it that the misconduct of the police has ANY fallout of who the murderers were? Reminds me of the Simpson trial, totally removed from the facts and evidence of the case.
    I am appalled for Chris’ Mom. This nightmare will never come to a place of peace. Sorry Chris’ Mom & Edward Schellenberg family. We have the worst justice system in North America!


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