Saturday, April 8, 2023

Kelowna drug dealers sentenced: Update

Vancouver is Awesome is reporting that "Two B.C. men will spend two and four years, respectively, in a penitentiary on drug trafficking charges stemming from a mid-level Kelowna-based operation. In the Vancouver Law Courts April 6, Justice Michael Tammen called the trafficking operation in which Noah Didhra, 24, and Tien Roy Mai Dang, 26, were involved, extremely serious criminal activity. He said sentencing must reflect society’s condemnation of such activity." 24 and 26 aren't considered young offenders. They are adults.

"Mai Dang pleaded guilty in January to conspiracy to traffic in cocaine, fentanyl, methamphetamine, ketamine and heroin. He got four years. Didhra pleaded guilty in January to two counts of possession for the purposes of trafficking — one for cocaine, the other for fentanyl. He received sentences of two years for each to be served concurrently."

Castanet is reporting that "Both the sentences recommended to the court by counsel are penitentiary sentences,” Tammen said. “That in and of itself represents a significant sentence for any youthful offender.” Tammen said the two were subordinates of Abd'l Loubissi-Morris, 25, who ran the operation in the Okanagan and Kootenay regions. Loubissi-Morris pleaded guilty to conspiracy to traffic controlled substances and possession of a restricted firearm and was sentenced to 8.5 years in prison."

"The charges stem from a July 2018 police raid on an apartment unit on Kelowna's Academy Way, near UBC Okanagan. There, police found 1.13 kg of fentanyl, 1.552 kg of methamphetamine, 671.55 grams of cocaine and 20.51 grams of ketamine, along with six firearms." A kilo of fentanyl, 1.5 kilos of crystal meth and two thirds a kilo of cociane. However, the same three were originally charged with murder and drug trafficking in Surrey back in 2020.

The Vancouver Sun reported that the three men have links to the Brother's Keepers.

The Brother's Keepers work for the Edmonton Hells Angels.

Previously Castanet reported that "Loubissi-Morris has faced several previous criminal charges stemming from incidents in Kelowna, Vernon and Cherryville dating back to 2016."

This case reminds me of something I heard at the Joey Verma murder trial. I wasn't allowed to report on it until the trial was over because the jury wasn't present. The judge was concerned about the fact that while Joey was in prison waiting to be tried for the murder of Brittney Irving, he was caught selling drugs in prison. The judge was concerned about the magnitude of his operation. It was large scale. That meant he was still working for the Hells Angels.

It meant Joey didn't kill her because he was trying to rip her off. He killed her because he was ordered to so he could have his manufactured debt forgiven. This had nothing to do with Goldammer. This involved someone else.

During the trial it was revealed that Joey tried to get someone else to take the fall for him. He said he couldn't go to jail because he's making too much money selling drugs and started to explain to the guy how it happened so he would be able to convince the court he did it. The guy said he didn't want to know. Then the club spoke with him and Joey said its OK, you don't have to do it. I have to take the fall. That proves Joey was culpable even though he wasn't alone. Blaze was there and helped him do it. Joey served his time. Blaze didn't. Remember that.


  1. “called the trafficking operation ….. extremely serious criminal”
    2 & 4 years. IDK, call me sinister, but these terms of incarceration do not reflect society’s expectations. We do realize that we do not have true sentencing in Canada. In fact, the 2 yr criminal will be released by the end of this year and the 4 year thug will be on the streets next year! All I see in this injustice is that the evidence was indeed “extremely serious” as Crown actually pursued charges and the “guaranteed” conviction.

    1. 2 & 4 years for a kilo of fentanyl and 1.5 kilos of crystal meth less two thirds for mandatory statutory release sure isn't much but it's a start. I'm not sure what happened to the attempted murder charge.

  2. Right near UBC Okanagan, huh....

  3. That sentence is a joke.

  4. You know what gets me about the joey Verma case is that he was dating Brittany. He killed the girl he was dating. How cold can you be. I hope he gets what is coming to him

    1. He was paying her rent after the clone show got busted. In his own words he had to. Voldemort forced him.

  5. “24 and 26 aren’t considered young offenders. They’re adults” however the case is from 2017? So wouldn’t they have been 18 and 20??


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