Saturday, April 1, 2023

Alberta electronic voting is a red flag for everyone

True North is reporitng that "Albertans concerned with Elections Alberta’s use of electronic voting machines in the upcoming provincial election have retained legal counsel, which is arguing that use of the tabulators would reduce election integrity."

With all the smoke and mirror distractions the circus freak sideshow is bombarding the fake news with, this is the single most important issue we all face. Electronic voting is not secure.

"Grey says he’s become aware that Elections Alberta intends to enable machine tabulator counting in the upcoming provincial election. The letter argues that the Alberta Election Act clearly intends for witnessed hand counting of ballots.” Elections need to be able to have disputed results clarified by witnessed hand counting of ballots. There is no question about that whatsoever.

Election fraud affects everyone because if one side can do it so can the other. George Bush used election fraud in Florida. Clint Curtis testified before a Congressional hearing that "while working for Yang Enterprises in Florida, Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL) asked him to write a program that would covertly flip the vote 51-49 to whoever you wanted…to win.”

It's like the creation of a mercenary army. If you hire a mercenary army to protect you, your enemy can hire the same mercenary army to defeat you simply because they are a mercenary army. Erik Prince is a bad man. That dirty a*s spook we had on here can go f*ck himself.

We have two concerns on the table. The first is electronic voting. The second is Dominion Voting. Both tie in to the sad state of the mainstream media and their constant barrage of misinformation.

Fox News is not perfect. It's a whole lot better than CNN or CBC and even Postmedia News but it too can be compromised. As I said before, the Devil will tell you nine truths to get you to believe one lie. Fox News has a history of endorsing Republican globalists in the past like Bush and Romney. It's support of Donald Trump now is just damage control. Donald Trump is not perfect. He too can be misled by the CIA. That's what that whole QAnon farce was about.

Everyone needs to be accountable. Everyone. We need a way to verify the validity of elections because right now our Democracy is under attack like we have never before seen and they will gladly use electronic voting to highjack elections so they can implement their agenda.
Rob Smith said the latest Donald Trump witch hunt is the perfect example of how they will punish anyone who question them and that is completely true. The fake news vilifies anyone who questions them. Hillary Clinton claimed the 2016 election was hacked and never shut up about Russian interference when that was a ridiculous lie. She went on and on and on about it. She never shut up and the media stoked and promoted that false conspiracy. Yet that same fake news vilified anyone who dare mention the obvious irregularities in the 2020 election.

The Hodge twins show a surveillance video of them pulling out a suitcase of ballots from under the table after they had kicked out all the scrutineers. Then the fake new claimed that was a false allegation because it was a box of ballots not a suitcase. It looked like a suitcase to me. Suitcase, box it doesn't matter. They started counting a sh*t load of shady ballots after they kicked out the scrutineers. That is a valid concern. They also pointed out that the delays were suspicious.

In the 2020 US presidential election, all the obvious Republican and Democrat states were called right away but there was unusual delays in the reporting of swing states. It was as though they waited to see how many ballots they needed to flip the vote. When they didn't have enough they kept saying wait a minute, we found more mail in ballots.

We saw a video with stacks of mail in ballots on the dash of a car that confirmed our concerns. The documentary 2000 mules showed video evidence of organized election fraud through the use of mail in ballots. Yet the fake new refused to run that and vilified anyone who implied it.

Then there were the electronic glitches that were repeated in the 2022 Arizona mid terms. An unusual increase in voter turnout in a swing riding is an election irregularity. An unusual flip in the affiliation of a swing riding is an election irregularity. The fake news vilified anyone who questioned these irregularities and insisted there was none. It was kind of like them saying follow the science during Covid then censoring any medical opinion that disagreed with them.

Then there as the insane misrepresentation of the January 6th set up. We saw videos of the police waving people in past the barricades. We saw them open the doors and let the protesters in to the Capitol building. One protester was suspicious and said watch them lock us in.

We know the guy walking around with the podium was BLM. We know the QAnon Shaman was planted by the CIA. Recently released surveillance videos showed the police giving him a personal escort through the Capital building into the senate. The media lied and claimed the protesters killed a Capitol hill police officer when the released video shows him alive and well waving protesters into the Senate. The media lied about that and never ran a retraction.

Just like the media lied about the truckers convoy and vilified the organizers of the largest most peaceful and inclusive protest in Canadian history. That was the wake up call for Canadians. We all saw what the media did. We were then force to ask, if the media lied about that, what else are they lying about? Well, quite frankly a lot. Their credibility has sunk.


  1. Imagine how many people could not tell you what that picture is of, and then you'll know why we are where we are at.

  2. You can't trust Faux News. "Real America's Voice" online is a better source for news from down south.

  3. I never thought Danielle Smith was stupid enough to destroy the integrity of the election/voting system ... so stupid.


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