Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Police escorted Q Nut through the halls on January 6th

OK here's the deal. Tucker Carlson from Fox News posted surveillance videos from inside the Capital building on January 6th showing the police escort the Q Plant with the face paint and horns throughout the building. This confirms what we already knew, that guy was a plant and the whole January 6th fiasco was a complete set up. Don't squeeze the charmin.

The Hodge Twins commented on the surveillance videos and so did Candace Owens. The Hodge Twins commented on is and so did Candace Owens. Only they took the bait. This guy was a CIA pant. If the FBI are corrupt it's because the CIA infiltrated them. Q is CIA. That's why QAnon are trying to blame the FBI not the CIA. The point is police waved protesters past the barricades and let them into the Capital building. One video showed a protester skeptical about being let into the building say they're going to lock us in now. It was a set up. The CIA wouldn't hesitate to incarcerate one of their plants so he can infiltrate the other prisoners and lead them astray. The guy is paid to sit in prison. It's a pretty good gig. The police escorting the CIA plant and waving protesters past barricades into the Capital building were not Trump supporters. They were CIA supporters setting up the Trump supporters. The should let all the January 6th prisoners free. What they did to Brandon Straka and Dr Simone Gold was obscene.

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