Saturday, March 25, 2023

Suspect charged in connection to Nanaimo shooting

Global Fake News is reporting that "A suspect connected to a Nanaimo, B.C., shooting that left a business owner in serious condition in hospital has been charged. According to online court records, Craig Edward Truckle has been charged with one count of pointing a firearm at another person." Pointing a firearm at another person? AYFKM?

The victim was shot several times and was in a coma. Why was he not charged with attempted murder? Why was he not charged with unauthorised possession of an illegal firearm? This watered down charge is obscenely offensive. In 2015 he tried to steal thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and was given a four month sentence. This is why the public is protesting.


  1. When the justice system is so broken it is a clear reflection that the whole of Canada is broken. What a bunch of BS is right!

  2. Out of the ashes of society the New World Order will commence.

    Been in the works for a long, long time people.

    Most just awakening to the agenda now.

    Continue to remain a bystander? Than watch your way of life flushed down the toilet.

    Get involved and demand action.


  3. There's more to this story...
    Clint Smith was shot while trying to illegally retrieve tools stolen from his shop..

    1. "illegally retrieve tools stolen from his shop?" AYFKM? That pretty much sums up everything that's wrong with this country. Stealing sh*t is illegal. Taking it back is not.

    2. Why would you say a small business owner trying to retrieve his stolen tools is illegal? Because he asked to search the tent and recovered some of his possessions? Give me a break! How about don’t take what isn’t yours, don’t break into homes and businesses.

      The guy was frustrated, as are many of us law abiding citizens. He may have “technically” been out of line but at some point when the police fail to stop the thefts and fail to return stolen property it gets to be too much. Don’t steal and they wouldn’t have any problem with him.

    3. Wow just wow. This hivemind of dillusions is amazing. Hey how dare you stand up to the criminals that just walk all over you. Such a bad citizen you are. Get a life hope that guy rots in prison

  4. Yes there do seem to be a lot of people who think they are entitled to other people's belongings. One can understand some one, with their friends going to look for their belongings and wanting them back. If the alleged thief then shoots the agrieved person, in my book that is a big no no. Most of us learn as children it is not nice to take things which don't belong to you.

    Now the alleged shooter is out on bail, with no fixed address, with a reduced charge. it boggles the mind. On the upside, we now know if you shoot some one and don't kill them, you're good to go. You get out of jail, no bail money required. My question would be, can we now go and shoot those who want their possession back and just walk away. If so there might be some of us in the province who might want to take advantage of the new game rule, shoot to injure not to kill and no problem. Of course if this is going to be the new trend I'm sure those who have items stolen from them may want the same priviledge, shoot to get their possessions back. It is an interesting concept, thieves shooting the original owners of items, they have taken from them. Guess the thieves now think it belongs to them and they are defending their new property.
    The news reported a man stabbed another on a bus in Surrey, Saturday morning. Does make one wonder what will happen with the stabber. Will they also be released?


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