Thursday, March 23, 2023

CSIS and the Liberal Leak

True North is reporting that "The latest CSIS leak published by Global (Fake) News is the most explosive and damaging scandal to Trudeau’s Liberals yet. MP Han Dong allegedly advised two Chinese consulate staff to withhold the release the Two Michaels because it would benefit the Conservative Party. Immediately upon the release of the bombshell allegations, Han Dong resigned from Liberal caucus." This is CSIS' damage control.

CSIS supports the WEF. They had this information all along. They released it now to find a scapegoat and to distract us from Justin Trudeau. They used former finance minister Bill Morneau as a scapegoat for the WE Scandal. It wasn't Bill Morneau's charity it was Justin Trudeau's charity. CSIS are not our friends. They will tell you some truths to get you hooked on more lies.

Richard Fadden was the director of CSIS during Air India. CSIS provided the explosives for Air India and had a handler that helped plan the attack. Now he's telling us about China's election interference. Whatever he tells us is to distract us from their hidden truth. Buyer Beware.

CSIS gave Dave Pickton an free pass for his involvement in the murders despite the fact that he knew were the bodies were buried. CSIS created the Heritage Front. Stop quoting CSIS.


  1. The People's Party of Canada is the best choice. Maybe they need a rebrand.


    Very long as most of Shawn's interviews are but worth a watch.
    In the end he tells Canada’s woke government to pound sand.


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