Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Peel police seize $10M worth of stolen cars

CP 24 is reporting that "Peel police recovered 78 vehicles allegedly en route to the Middle East after a months-long investigation into an auto theft ring in the Greater Toronto Area.

“'In the first two months of 2023 here in Peel Region alone, our officers have seized and recovered over 500 stolen autos, and for frame of reference, in 2022 alone, 2,400 stolen autos were recovered.' Project R&R, a months-long multi-jurisdictional investigation, which commenced in October 2022, focused on auto theft across the GTA, Quebec, and overseas."

"Alongside Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), Port of Montreal, and Equite Association, police said they recovered 78 vehicles worth more than $10 million. They said they also seized a quantity of Canadian and U.S. dollars, a quantity of cocaine, and a stolen ramp to load the vehicles. During the announcement, police confirmed the stolen vehicles were recovered at various locations and ports, including Brampton, Montreal, Germany, and Spain."

That is organized crime. Guess what organized crime group it was.

Nobody likes a car thief. In fact, nobody likes any kind of thief. They're all rats.


  1. Driving 15 yr old vehicles does have an upside.
    We really do need to keep a better check on those containers leaving Canada for parts known and unknown.

  2. If they self-admittedly have time/ability to check only one out of ten containers coming into the country, how many do you think they have time to check going out? Perhaps someone should ask.


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