Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Diverse Sexualization of Children protest in Surrey

Drea Humphrey from Rebel News attended a diverse protest in Surrey denoucing the sexualization of children. SOGI is not about transgender rights. It's about the sexualization of children and we need to address that. The protest included speaks from the Muslim Faith, the Sikh religion as well as the Gays Against Groomers chapter leader.

When we look at the Balenciaga scandal we can all see how determined they are to normalize pedophilia as well as a whole bunch of really sick things. Promoting art work of mutilated children is deranged. So is promoting pedophilia. The sexualization of children is a big part of that agenda.

Remember that whack job that wrote the book the Long Dark Shadow trying to normalize pedophilia? They were an assistant professor in university promoting that insanity in school. After the bad press they stepped down and resigned only to get rehired by the Johns Hopkins center for the prevention (or promotion) of child sexual abuse. That's how real their agenda to normalize pedophilia really is. It's called grooming and Big Tech is promoting it.

Remember this protest was covered by Rebel News. The mainstream media would not cover it. When parents objected to school books in Chilliwack that normalized incest, Global News misrepresented it and said there was nothing unlawful about it. That was Global News after it was bought out by Post Media News. Buyer Beware. The Left's obsession to sexualize young children has nothing to do with transgender rights. It's about Grooming and that's all there is to it.

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