Wednesday, November 24, 2021

The Normalization of Pedophilia: Minor Attracted Persons

Campus Reform is reporting that "An assistant professor at Old Dominion University in Virginia is actively and publicly defending sexual attraction to children, and recently published a book regarding pedophiles’ ‘pursuit of dignity.’ Allyn Walker, a sociology and criminal justice assistant professor and female-to-male transgender person, said in an interview with the Prostasia Foundation that “Minor-Attracted Persons” ought to be understood and accepted by the public."

The Hodge Twins found this one and it's starting to go viral. The Toronto Sun refers to Allyn Walker as the Nutty Professor for wanting to destigmatize pedophilia. The Hodge twins eloquently referred to them as Sick F*cks. Sick as in mentally ill not sic. This is where the woke yoke leads.

This is not new and the mainstream media is scrambling to run interference. They want us to talk about it and start thinking about it so they can continue to erode our moral standards. The mainstream media responded by saying the MAP professor is now on unpaid leave after making online comments about destigmatizing pedophilia.

Then they claim Allyn has stepped down and resigned. It wasn't just one comment. He wrote a book about it and was doing interviews promoting it in his book tour. The media responded to the outrage but still wants to push this and erode both our conscience and our sanity.

The Campus Reform website did not refer to it as a bad thing. In fact, they went on to discuss the Prostasia Foundation. "Protasia is a non-profit that claims to protect children with an approach that combines [its] zero tolerance of child sexual abuse with [its] commitment to human and civil rights and sex positivity. One of Protasia's main advocacy efforts is its fight against laws that ban sex dolls designed to look like children." AYFKM?

Protasia is a non-profit organization that lobbies for the legalization of sex dolls that look like children. I think the Hodge Twins had it right. These people are sick f*cks. Are we going to call for Clifford Olsen's pardon next? I think not yet that is where they are trying to go with this.

Protasia "combines [its] zero tolerance of child sexual abuse with [its] commitment to human and civil rights and sex positivity." That mandate is the root of the problem. Their claim of zero tolerance of child sexual abuse is a lie. They are simply trying to erode our understandng of right and wrong. “A lot of people when they hear the term pedophile, they automatically assume that it means a sex offender. And that isn’t true,” Walker explained. “And it leads to a lot of misconceptions about attractions toward minors.” Also known as MAP.

We've heard this talk about MAPs before and it is outrageous. This isn't just one freak with a fetish. This is a university professor assisting the agenda. MDedge wrote an article about Minor-attracted persons: A neglected population. Medical doctors and psychiatrists eroding our perception of right and wrong. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."

It brings us back to a quote by John McKay, the former VPD ninja. He discussed the problems with InSite and the legalization of everything. He said what do we do next? Legalize Pedophilia? We have to draw the line somewhere. He is absolutely right. All laws are based on moral judgement. Murder is wrong. Stealing is wrong. Rape is wrong. Child abuse is wrong. We cannot in good conscience legalize everything nor should we. There is a reason pedophilia is illegal. It's wrong and we're allowed to say that. It exploits children who need our protection.

BTW telling a child there is no such thing as gender is child abuse. If there was no such thing as gender, people wouldn't need to get sex changes. Reproduction is a biological science. They're still trying to cram their fake science down our throats. Woke is a new overused term that is supposed to be cool and is supposed to mean an alert to injustice in society. In reality woke means wack. It means stupidity. It represents moral bankruptcy.

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