Friday, November 5, 2021

The CFSEU hire a new Spin doctor

Since Kim Bolan is phasing herself out before retirement, the CFSEU has hired a new spin doctor to represent them in the media. It reminds me of how they used Catherine Gallagher in the media to cover up their misdeeds during the Pickton Investigation.

The compromised CFSEU held a press conference yesterday about a Brother’s Keepers bust. I am suspicious. A year-long investigation yielded a large drug bust. But they don’t make Hells Angel drug busts any more and the Brother’s Keepers work for the Hells Angels.

Long before Suminder Grewal’s murder, the CFSEU launched a rat out your rivals program and paid Hells Angel associates to rat out their rivals. Ever since then they stopped makeing Hells Angel drug busts in BC. This new drug bust was the result of a year long investigation.

The Hells Angels killed Suminder two and a half years ago. Now that's it's obvious the Edmonton Hells Angels contracted Suminder's murder, I'm wondering if these Brothers Keepers became disgruntled Hells Angel rivals. If these Brother's Keepers were still working for the Hells Angels and the CFSEU arested them then i say good on ya. Unfortuantely I find that hard to beleive because a bitter tree cannot bring forth good fruit. Manny Mann runs interference for the Hells Angels in the press just like Pat Fogarty did. Nothing has changed.

Blaze is the root of the problem. He is the head of the rat pack and is a compulsive liar. The fact that they hired him shows they have no integrity and no desire to stop crime. They just want to throw out a few press releases so they don't get privatized.

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