Monday, November 8, 2021

Daylight Savings glitch on Google

OK this is weird. Last night I Googled Daylight Savings to confirm which direction I'm supposed to change the clocks so I'm not late for work. I know the computers and cell phones do it automatically but my clock radio doesn't. So I Google Daylight Savings and click on the second link that says Does daylight savings go back an hour or forward and this is what it said:

"Each year, the majority of the United States moves their clocks back one hour in March to conserve daylight hours and then forward in November, signaling the end of daylight saving time."

Then it linked to a Newsweek article it got the quote from. I was like WTF? What happened to spring forward, fall back? I start looking at other news articles that said the exact opposite. As I was multitasking and wanted a simple answer to a simple question, I was getting frustrated and said which is it? Then I realized the time change happened Saturday night not Sunday night so the computer had already adjusted to the right time. Newsweek was wrong and Google's crawler picked it up. I thought they fixed it this morning but now it still says it and Google cache still has the cached version of the Newsweek article they originally linked to.
However, if you clicked on the first link that says Are we gaining or losing an hour, it had the right answer. I guess this is Bill Gates new definition that claims there are no right or wrong a answers in math. Actually Mr Bill, there is. They just fixed it but the screen shot contains what it said.

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