Saturday, November 20, 2021

Snowshoeing on Seymour

Today I rode up to Seymour and the snow was awesome.
There was a lot more than 10 cm.
Seymour's not open for skiing and snowboarding yet but it will be soon. Today they were training staff on the chair lifts. Search and rescue were training new recruits in the backcountry showing them how to make snow caves and look for people buried in avalanches.
I went up to Brockton Point again. What a difference from October 30th.
The nice thing about winter is that all the roots and rocks are covered in snow and it's smooth sailing. Most people use crampons on Seymour because the trail is so well travelled.
This is the gateway from Brockton Point to the trail to First Peak. I could have easily continued on because the trail was awesome but I'm breaking in gradually as I'm still recovering from my hip replacement. One step at a time. The season has just begun. It's better than sitting in a gym.
I always used to say coming down into the rainy city after spending a day in the snow on the mountains was like waking up from a pleasant dream. When I got home I thought was that real? Then I remembered and said yeah it was. I have pictures so dream on soulja. Dream on.

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