Sunday, November 21, 2021

Climate Change: Alarmists and Deniers

I always strive to avoid extremists on either side of the spectrum. Some people are divided into deluded political camps referred to as Climate Alarmists and Climate Deniers. I am neither. We all know that pollution is bad. We also know that zero CO2 emissions is unrealistic. Human beings exhale CO2 and trees need CO2 to survive. That is the ecosystem in which we live.

Climate change deniers oppose the absurd agenda behind climate change alarmists that want to use Climate Change as an excuse to implement Communism under the guise of Globalism. That is bat sh*t crazy. We all know that Communism is bad and the media is compromised.

I used the boiling frog cartoon as it is totally relative to the dilemma we all now face. Climate change is a colossal concern that directly relates to our individual and collective liberty but it has nothing to do with global warming. It has to do with the media and the World Economic forum. They are the ones boiling us alive not CO2. Justin Trudeau is a perfect example of the fraud.

Drea found a clip where Justan Idiot declared that he admired the Dictatorship of China because of their ability to turn their economy around on a dime and go green. That is an insane lie.

Communist China has not gone green. They are still the biggest polluters on the planet. Industrial coal is the largest contributors to CO2 emissions there is and China is the worst offender. If they changed their industrial coal plants over to natural gas, they would be green. Now they are not.

This lie shows us how Globalists are trying to exploit climate Change to implement Communism and eliminate free will. Real climate change relates to how the UN has been hijacked by Communism. We have to face that. Agenda 21 has nothing to do with saving the environment.

When we talk about climate change honestly, we need to address the lunatics desperately trying to exploit climate change to promote an insane agenda. Greta Thunberg is mentally retarded and those who follow her are delusional. That is why we also need to examine mental health.

Hilary Clinton was straight up evil but Donald Trump was far from perfect and Qanon was a liar. They'd tell you nine truths to get you hooked on one lie. I have no doubt Bill Clinton was shagging under age prostitutes with the rest of them but I do not believe he was raping babies. Prince Charles' endorsement of the World Economic Forum's globalization is a colossal concern but the royal family reptile race claim is insane. Both extremes are crazy.

It's like 9/11. That was a controlled demolition. No conspiracy theorist made up Operation Northwoods. That declassified document is outrageous. Yet you get some in there insisting it was a nuclear explosion. That makes no sense. Controlled demolition is a common procedure. They don't use nuclear explosions, they use thermite on the load bearing beams.

A nuclear explosion would result in massive amounts of detectable radioactivity, a mushroom cloud and the tower wouldn't collapse into its own blueprint like every other controlled demolition, it would be blasted all over the place along with all the buildings beside it. Yet some insist it was a nuclear detonation. This is why I shun extremism becuase it exists on both sides of any argument

I'm a big fan of common sense. That's why I like Candace Malcom's fake new Friday over at True North. She calmly and rationally highlights some of the weeks fake news and illustrates how ridiculous it is. When Post Media News claims chairman Mao did wonderful things, that is climate change. The climate of our media has changed and its integrity has been lost.

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