Saturday, November 13, 2021

Naseem aka lil man arrested in Seattle

CBC is reporitng that Naseem Ali Mohammed "was arrested Monday near Seattle during a robbery at a hookah lounge, according to the U.S Border Services." He is accused of trying to steal a gold ring. I guess he blew the $30,000 the Hells Angels gave him.

Dr Spin is reporting that "In February, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Seth Justesen swore an affidavit describing Mohammed as a high-ranking member of the Brothers Keepers gang in Surrey, British Columbia. Canadian authorities have advised that Mohammed is the primary suspect in multiple gang-related homicides spanning two provinces, Justesen’s affidavit also said."

OK so let's do the math. The U.S. Border Patrol Agent said Mohammed was a high-ranking member of the Brothers Keepers gang in Surrey, BC. Well that's our crib.

The Brother's Keepers were hired by the Edmonton Hells Angels to bring violence to Surrey after they killed Glen Nelson's wife and kicked Redd Alert to the curb. After the Edmonton Hells Angels killed Ali, they hired the Driftwood Crips to keep the Brother's Keepers in line.

Naseem was the connection between the Brother's Keepers and the Driftwood Crips. This ponzi scheme maintained the Hells Angels plausible deniability and kept finger puppets loyal with the promise of more money. Yet as soon as they paid Nasseem, they rolled on him.

The Hells Angels are still the root of all this violence. Follow the rich white man.

Before Naseem successfully crossed the US border in Montana, he previously tried to cross the border with three other Driftwood Crips two of whom were also wanted for murder. How do you think these guys become wanted for murder right after the Hells Angels hired them? The Hells Angels reported them to the police because that's the way they roll.

The US Cepartment of Justice lists Naseem as a Somali national and his co accused as Jamaican and Somali. The Brothers Keepers are an Indo Canadian Gang. The Hells Angels say it's not us, it's the brown guys. They are the ones that hired them. Then the Hells Angels say, it's not us it's the Somalis. They are the ones that hired them. The Hells Angels are the root of the violence and until we address that, the violence will not stop. Since the CFSEU is compromised and has these Hells Angel associates in witness protection for ratting out the people they hired to commit murder, the violence won't stop until we address the corruption in IHIT and the CFSEU.

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